Thursday, August 23 of 2012

Special Apparition

At 7.30 pm, a group of around a thousand people gathered together in the Nucleus of Figueira in Sao Paulo to welcome the Divine Mother.

To begin the work of prayer Mother Shimani spoke a few words to explain why the apparition was delayed, which at first had been for 4.00 pm.


Mother Shimani: Good evening.

First we would like to apologize for the delay of the Apparition of the Divine Mother.

Actually, it was Her who changed the scheduled time, because we had a difficulty to come. We could not take the flight that was scheduled due to great conflicts in the airports, and for this reason we had to travel by land, which took much longer. But here we are, and well protected by our Mother.

We are going to begin with our work of prayer, and as we always do, we’ll begin reading the Daily Message.

First, it will be read in Spanish, then in Portuguese, and on the internet broadcast it will be read in English.


The message was read and then the work of prayer began.

After an hour and a half of prayer the energy of the Divine Mother, was so intense and to receive Her we sang the canticle “Immaculate Heart of Mary”.

Some minutes later the Celestial Mother appeared inside the room. Friar Elias and Mother Shimani, standing up, moved close to Her.

After a few minutes, Friar Elias, Mother Shimani, and the group that support the Apparitions and the Monastery were requested by the Divine Mother to move to a place in the yard of the Nucleus, where there were lots of people.

Silence was asked for, and 14 rings were heard. Afterwards, began the transmission of Her message.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:

Dear children, from My maternal Heart I thank you for waiting for Me during this hour, for waiting the coming of the Heaven of God.

I want to give you especially a blessing to all of your hearts and to the heart of all your families.

Truly My children, I want to thank you for the answer of all.

This means, dear children that I can come for a while more because My eyes of mercy read in truth the prayer of your hearts.

I want to thank you also for the answer of all the groups of prayer.

Today I dedicate My message especially giving thanks for, giving thanks for all that had happened in My home in Aurora.

Giving thanks for the answer of all the hearts and all the souls.

My Son today is a little more happy for the answer from this side of the world.

This means My children that My mercy can reach more souls, including those that today deny God and do not listen to My voice.

Today I want to ask you dear children for more prayer, especially for many little souls of this city, that live various grades of desperation and of pain for the lack of Peace, and the lack of Love for My Son.

Still the Love of My Son is present in the world and your hearts must preserve it in the depth of your souls, because it is a Love that will allow you to strengthen yourselves during the difficult hours that will come.

Dear children, My maternal task is to tell you the truth although it seems to be opposite to your consciousness.

But if you keep in your hands the living prayer, My Son will use your prayers in order to help the world more and My Heart may intercede for this world a while longer.



We prayed three times Our Father in Portuguese.

After, in silence, we heard an airplane that was passing very close to the place of the Apparition.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:

While the world moves around in a way that is inappropriate to the Law of the Lord, My maternal Heart will intercede before God without rest and without delay, working perpetually for the reparation of the Heart of the Lord and for salvation of all souls.

You must know My dear children, that in the simple prayer of Our Father you will find the light and peace that will need your hearts for the path that I invite you to go through by prayer, in this hour and in this moment.

It will bring more light to the hearts that are darken and in this way, dear children, all angels of the Father will help without conditions the consciousness of all nations.

They need at this time, much mercy, so that Grace may descend through My special intercession, which My duty task realizes daily.

While I am not here among you, I watch you from Heaven so that the rays of My mercy, through each one of your prayers, may permeate the life of all beings, the life of each spirit of the Lord that lives upon this Earth.

Dear children, the normal times have finished, you must live inside of the new time, the time that calls you to prayer from the heart, so that your lives can be sincere before the Father, before this task that My Heart announces to you without tiredness and waiting for the best from you.

I want to thank you in this hour for how much you did during the last months accompanying the call of the Lady of Peace.

This call is the call of God, the call to conversion, to the reparation of the Heart, to forgiveness of life in order to be born again to the new, the promise that My Son is establishing by means of the return of His Light to this world.

While My Son does not arrive, He contemplates with His heart of Light and says to you that He needs you at any moment to help souls by means of prayer.

Souls that need light and that are suffocated by attacks of the enemy.

And so you My dear children will be My faithful collaborators so that My maternal Heart elevate all your prayers to the feet of the Creator.

Also so that much of Grace and much Compassion may arrive to all My children during this hour of transition, where many of them do not perceive the danger that exist for these times.

If you are in prayer with Me you will be inside the Heart of the Lord, and if prayer is inside your homes I will be with My maternal Heart present in your lives, guiding you from the heart as Mother of all.

Today I make a special blessing to you through the Holy Spirit, so that any inner situation can be resolved through My intercession and through your daily prayers.

Praised be My Son and that My Son may be in your lives.

Today I leave you a special mission for this city and for this world: to help them through silence so that the Echo of My Heart may reach all. I thank you for this effort.

In the blessing of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, may My maternal Heart be upon you.


Friar Elias: The Lady is asking at this moment that we pray for the souls in purgatory.

For this we will make the prayer that She asks for, the prayer named “In God”, which will do in Portuguese.


Who is in God, nothing fears
 Who is in God, does not go back
        Who is in God, lives in the Love of God.
 This is the strength for today.
 In God, in God, in God.


The prayer is said a number of times.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:

Always remember, dear children, to put in your prayers all those that who must be elevated to the Kingdom of the Lord and that still remain suffering on this Earth without realizing that they have to go back to the Dwelling of God.

I will thank you for putting your intentions on all of these souls, in this way My Immaculate Heart will also be able to intercede for the great necessity that exists in each of them.

I offer for your lives My twelve roses of light, those that I carry in each of My hands, the ones which bring you the Peace and Beauty of the Lord to this world. Beauty that is called love and that you recover in this final hour.

The love is here, the love is in your lives, only call for it.

I leave and I thank you always.

Let us pray for Peace.

Thank you for answering to My call.

And as good pilgrims, as pilgrim souls to the Lord, I wait for you on the Hill of My Son (Hill of the Redeemer Christ in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais) and in the dwelling of My Heart (The Hill of the Apparitions) in Figueira.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Mother Shimani: The Lady is asking us to sing “Revelations of Aurora”


The canticle is sung and it a very special atmosphere is created.


Mother Shimani: Thank you Mother for all you give us.


*  End of the Apparition *


The group returns to inside of the meeting room and the closing of the Apparition with the reflections of Mother Shimani, and the accounting of Friar Elias takes place.


Mother Shimani: We will make a brief explanation about what the Mother wanted to say with silence.

Everyone is in agreement that our planet emits much noise and that this unbalances the energies and over-stimulates the mental and emotional level of our planet and its humanity. This is why the Mother asked us to collaborate with silence.

How to collaborate with this silence?

Something very important, first, is to try to maintain inner silence, therefore we must talk only when it is necessary and useful.

Only with this will we silence the eighty percent of what we say.

If we could say only what it is good and useful for everyone, we would be more silent.

If we could think before speaking, if what we are going to say is necessary, this also would help, because we would talk much less.

This also relates with these elements that produce noise in our planet, such as having electronic devices turned on without necessity this includes radio computer and television.

You know that there are people who turn on the television so that they have company, this produces a great distortion in the internal level of the person and of the environment.

But one of the most important silences is our mental silence.

We all know that we have many thoughts throughout the day, sometimes it is as if we have the radio, the computer and the television turned on permanently, and concomitantly, all together at one time.

This is how our mind looks.

If we would turn off from our mind, from our inner world all these unnecessary voices, not only would we collaborate with the harmony of the planet, but we would also hear the Immaculate Heart of our Mother.

One of the proposals that we make for our own selves, is that while we do our tasks we pray mentally. 

It may be short prayers that do not involve much attention, or one of the canticles that we sing frequently, because this will collaborate much with our personal process and with the environment which we are in.

It is like a spiritual practice, an exercise that we do at the request of our Mother.

When we started the Apparition today our Mother requested something of us: that from now on, every 11th and 24th of each month, we will have a vigil during the whole day, as we did in Aurora this last week when the Mother was with us.

Especially during these days, will be done at a specific time the “Vigil of the Hail Mary”, praying the Hail Mary, transmitted on the Internet in different languages.

With this, our Mother will make a task of intercession for our planet.

For the Communities of Light, this will be permanent, always on these days we will make a permanent vigil to collaborate with the sustaining of our planet.

You are all invited to participate.

For those who cannot participate within the Communities of Light, we tell you that in all the Nuclei of work, the work of the same vigil will be done, and in all that homes that are open to realize this vigil, and also this exercise will be done in collaboration with our Mother.

For this we are inviting you to intensify our task, the one that will help us to organize and strengthen our being, so that when difficult things occur our consciousnesses may be able to pray for a long time, because will need to.

For this we have to practice and to strengthen ourselves, in order to fulfill this task and so that in the future our beings may be able to pray for many hours without losing concentration and without getting tired.

There will come a crucial moment when we will only breath and pray.


Friar Elias: Let’s recount very briefly something that happened today.

In order for everyone to comprehend better, the Lady came as the Queen of Peace. With a white veil, a pink robe and a blue mantle, a bright, cheerful and smiling face.

The most important thing She left for us today was an inner instruction that we perceived while She communicated Her words.

This instruction that we discovered was gratitude through love.

Because while She talked, not only did She transmit love, but also gratitude.

And everything that She pronounced was manifested in light. This gratitude that Her Heart emanated, was melted with love in the words.

This added to Her manifestation that today was very forceful.

When She arrived, she came accompanied by the Angel of Peace, the Angel of Portugal.

This angel did not come alone, it came with other companions.

They came guarding our Lady, and bringing in their hands some flags of light that were moving as if there was wind.

They stayed with Our Lady all of the time.

After that She communicated to us the first words, She said: “For Grace, I will come close to My Children”.

Today, in a moment of the Apparition, She gave Her blessing by making the Sign of the Cross, especially when She addressed to the Holy Spirit. The movement that She made doing the Sign of the Cross generated a great light.

Despite the movement of airplanes from the nearby airport, our Mother still stayed present, firm, neutral, because She knows that movement is also part of humanity, of Her children.

It was then when She communicate the guidelines of silence.

We would like to add something to what Mother Shimani said, that Our Lady indicated to us.

She said that silence was also important when praying.

Let us generate little moments of silence between prayers, because She said that the silence is also a form of inner prayer.

At this moment She showed us what a conscious consciousness generates when it produces silence while praying.

While silence was made She showed us that the soul generates a light to the planet.

The last thing that we would like to comment is that She made a final movement when we were singing the canticle “Revelations of Aurora”.

She went over the two trees of the Nucleus trees and placed Her hands in the form of radiating. 

Inside of Her appeared clearly the image of the planet Earth – not only was there light from the inside to the outside of the planet – but also beyond the planet.

She was radiating this light with much potency towards the world.


Mother Shimani: I thank you very much for being here with us and we reaffirm the invitation that our Mother made to follow Her to Figueira.



Saturday, August 18 of 2012

Special Apparition

A group of four hundred people met at 3:30 pm to pray and to receive the Divine mother.

After an hour and a half of prayer, Fray Elias and Mother Shimani stood up and approached the side of the altar, where the Divine Mother appeared.

After a few minutes, and while all sing "Mercy, Oh, Maria!" and then "Hail, Hail Mary", the Divine Mother transmitted to Fray Elias some orientations that Mother Shimani communicated afterwards to all present.


Mother Shimani: Our Mother told us that she will give to us Her message today by writing and then it will be read, so that everyone can hear it properly.

Therefore, while it is being received, let us all pray the "Hail Mary", so that Her message is well grasped, and so that it will be heard well by all.


Everyone got ready to continue praying to assist in the reception of the message.

The prayer lasted roughly half an hour and finally we sang "Blessed You are” to say farewell to the Divine Mother.


Mother Shimani:  Now, Fray Elias will read what the Mother transmitted, and phrase-by-phrase the translation to Portuguese will be made.


Beginning of the reading of the message.


Friar Elias:  Special message given by Mary, Queen of Peace, during the Apparition of August 18, 2012 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Dear children:

With immense bliss today I invite you to pilgrim into the depths of My Immaculate Heart. Opening My merciful arms, I ask that you enter within Me, so that My Heart can heal you of all pain and of all suffering.

Dear children, also for this special reason and for this meeting with you, I want to announce to you that my Immaculate Heart will be among you and with all of this nation in the month of September in the Marian city of Luján.

My children, if you accept this spiritual invitation, I ask you that during the day of September 8, to pray the Rosary there, especially for the souls in purgatory and for all My children of the nation of Argentina.  So that My Heart will be amongst you for a while longer, I say that before the Throne of God, you must pray sincerely for God to grant the Grace of having My presence as mediator of all souls.

My little ones: the Lord needs to reverse the pain in many hearts and above all in this world that barely listens to My call. All the prayers offered with the heart open the doors of the universe of God, so that the Angels may come and may cleanse the evil on Earth.

You, My children, are the lights of the Father on the Earth, therefore with courage, love and devotion, open your lips and utter only prayers of light for the entire world. I will be very grateful, because in this way you will be participating in the new path that My Son will announce upon His return and for all eternity.

Dear children: be consistent with the life of prayer, I invite you to persevere, since many of My children need peace and forgiveness.  May your life be not be disturbed by anymore by anything, accept My maternal presence in them. I am only here in the name of the Praised and Beloved Jesus, and I come to you to bring you Peace, so that you can recognize it.

Still the world needs much prayer, needs immense fountains of Mercy. You, My dear children, are you open to receive from the universe great fountains of Grace?

Know that I am leading you towards My Son, as the Mother of all the hearts that suffer and that at the end of this cycle need light.

Dear children, I call you to remedy and restore the immense number of faults that are generated every day by humanity. You, My dear children, must make the major part of the path towards peace, because still many of My children do not courage to build it through prayer.

I want for the next month, where My heart will again emanate love for all Argentina, that you respond to My request to pray for the great need of light and of love in the hearts of many of My children.

My promise is to let them know Heaven, at least while you are here on Earth. My children, I am the Heaven and you are the stars that must dazzle the dark path of many children. God wants to lead you to peace, towards a true peace of heart because the peace of the Lord will relieve the world and all its aching humanity.

God calls you to become servants for His Plan of Love, a Plan that day by day is hurt by the hands of those who do not pray.  I invite you to be a source of Mercy so that all humanity may enter into the Plan of salvation.

As mother I hear your pleas; I hear your little hearts.

I want you to permeate all of the life in the heavens, so that your hearts may recognize the redemptive love of My Son.

My children today you have been cleansed by the fountain of My compassion; go in peace and start your life within the absolute Heart of God. He waits for you, because He loves you.

I wait for you in Luján next month, for the salvation of many more hearts. 

I thank  you for waiting in prayer for My words.

Thanks for answering to My call.

Peace and Divine Love.

Mary, Queen of Peace.


Mother Shimani: The Mother asked us that on September 8 we gather in Luján.  That we participate in a mass in the Basilica, and then go into the "Haras Las Mañanitas" where She will transmit Her words for everyone.

We will make a pilgrimage from Buenos Aires to Luján. We will organize it so that we can all go in the same transport and go pilgrimage together as She requested.

Through the webpage of the Divine Mother  and through the people who normally organize these events here in Buenos Aires we will give you all the information. We will do it  on time so that everyone may take this Saturday, September 8 for this task, which will surely take us all day.

Today, the Mother asked that there be no report, to place Her words in our hearts.  All of us have felt that starting today we will need to intensify our syntony so that everything can happen as expected.  The need that She has to choose a place that is open and sheltered, motivates Her to go to Luján so that in addition, we can make a broader service to souls.

If we respond to this request of Our Mother, we may pass through  a very intense day, very fraternal, and we will be able to realize a truly  good service.

All those who are in other provinces and want to participate, will be very welcome.

Thank you all.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.