Friday, May 25 of 2012



The group gathered at 5:30pm in the city of Fatima to wait in prayer for the Divine Mother, Today was an intense journey of prayer since in the morning there was an Apparition in the Sacred Heart Nucleus and afterwards, by request of the Divine Mother, the group went to Aljustrel to pray a Mystery of Holy Rosary.

After an hour of intense prayer we noticed Our Mother approaching.

During one of the canticles, Friar Elias, Mother Shimani and all the brothers and sisters that have the task of following the process of the Apparitions stood up at the place where the Divine Mother manifested.

There was a deep silence and after 14 bell rings Friar Elias started to transmit the words of the Divine Mother.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Come with Me to the meeting with Christ, He is calling you. He calls His servers because it is time.

Stay with Me, dear children, to witness the Lord.

I need you to prepare your hearts for the Good News that will come in aid of every one, without exception.

If you answer My call you will be answering the call of God who sends His Servant to penetrate your hearts with peace and bring salvation to all My little children who are in this world. I have already announced Myself for a long time, but I go on, contemplating your hearts, making this call so that you may hear Me in prayer and in contemplation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Relieve that which the world is living, in this way and in deep prayer you will be with Me, inside My Heart, hearing My words of Peace which will strengthen you for the times that will come. If you answer the Father’s call through My Maternal presence you will be in God and you will correspond to the great need of Light, Love and Peace that lacks in many hearts.

I want to have you all inside My Celestial Kingdom, to prepare you hearts, strengthen your lives and guide you in the steps to a true consecration to the Heart of My Son. He is suffering for all the pain in the world because the world still does not want to hear that which comes from God to save so many souls that must be elevated to My Maternal Kingdom, to My Kingdom of Peace.

But if you correspond daily to My call, I promise you that through the prayer of the heart and the daily persistence in all I ask you, you will be close to Me, you will be following the pilgrim who wants to bring you to a new life in the conversion of the heart to find Peace.

Today I have come here for the second time to ask you something else. The Lord needs from you the total surrender to prayer so that My devotion may awaken in your hearts in these times of emergency.

If you pray, pray and pray with the flame of the heart you will be little sparks of Christ in the world.

What I ask is so simple that many no not want to hear. But My Voice must reverberate deeply in your hearts so that you follow My steps. Steps that in this last hour My Heart of Light and Peace are indicating to you and all My children in the world.

The true redemption promised by Christ must take place again on this new humanity that must reach reconciliation with God and total forgiveness of the offenses made in these last times.

Trust My Mercy because I will take you to the Original Fountain that is in My Son’s Heart. In this way you may be under His merciful rays so that through your prayers you illuminate all those who do not have Peace, especially those who suffer and cannot relieve their pain for lack of real trust in the Will of God.

For you to accept this Will, unknown in your lives, you must pray with the heart. In this way the promises of Christ will be a reality in each of your consciousnesses and, most importantly, they will be a reality for your hearts.

Your hearts must always search the path the Heaven through prayer, prayer with Me. Dear children, I Am the Mother of every one and I need to take by the hand to lead you to God, to His deep Love, which you must know.


Friar Elias: The Lady is saying She will bless every intention placed in the basket and that all those who placed them need to pray a lot so that She can intercede before the Father, as She does for the entire world.

For this blessing She asked us to sing “Mary of Nazareth” and place our hands in sing of prayer.


In deep unity, the canticle was sang.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


You must always know that the Lord hears you when your prayer to My Immaculate Heart is sincere.

I thank you for complying with My requests.

Keep praying for humanity until the next meeting with Me.

I thank you for all those who join My Heart of Love.

Go in Peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


- End of the Apparition -


Mother Shimani: The Divine Mother asked us to sing a canticle we learned in Aurora when She manifested in this process of the Apparitions for the first time.


At this moment the song “The woman who guides us” (La Mujer que nos guia) is sung.


Mother Shimani: And with this feeling of gratitude in the heart, of an immense gratitude for everything our Divine Mother gives us, we will commit to deepening Her words in everything She told us today.

And now as in every Apparition, we will make a report on what happened while the coming of the Mother was being prepared and also what happened during the Apparition in the planes where She manifests.

During each Apparition when we start to pray and afterwards, during the Apparition, a series of actions happen which take place in the planes where our Mother manifests. In general, those are actions performed by angelic hosts. All these actions always have a reason. As we get to know these actions we understand the task of our Divine Mother a little better.

When we started the cycle of public Apparitions, in the beginning we did not report what happened in the other planes. Further on She asked us to make a synthesis of what took place so that everybody could understand what happens when the Divine Mother comes to us and then understand how Her task develops.

Now, Friar Elias will make a small synthesis of what he could see and hear and we will give explanations at any moment if needed.

Friar Elias: Before the Apparition something special happened. On both sides of this picture (the picture of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity) there were little angels who were in ecstasy because of what was generated with prayer.

We asked them what this state meant. They were very relaxed and joyful because of what happened and because of the answer given to the Divine Mother.

At a certain moment, during a canticle, on the left side of the stage I saw a very special image that I felt was a reminder for all of us: it was the Holy Family, Saint Joseph, Mary and little Jesus.

Joseph and Mary held the arms of this little child who tried to walk. This little child’s will to walk was very strong. At one moment the child started walking alone and ended up holding something round, it was the planet.

Today the Divine Mother came as one morning in the Sacred Heart Nucleus, She had a white veil, a white tunic and She manifested Her Immaculate Heart.

At a moment in the Apparition She made us an invitation for tomorrow, apart from praying, to make a procession of candles in the Sanctuary of Fatima after the Apparition.

We asked why this group should make the procession to the Sanctuary of Fatima and She answered She had two reasons for asking: the first, for Peace, and the second, for the conversion of all those who do not hear the Father.

Mother Shimani: One of the things when would like to explain is that this small gesture on our part when we do it sincerely and for love of the Divine Mother, when we overcome our prejudices and offer ourselves for this service, this has a repercussion in Heaven that we can’t even imagine, especially if we are conscious that we are doing this for love of others. We don’t do this to go ask the Virgin for something we need, we do it because She asked and for others besides ourselves. Since this is so rare in humanity, it has a great value in Heaven.

So tomorrow, after the Apparition, we will meet in the chapel at the center of the Sanctuary at 9 PM and we will do what Our Mother has asked us. Know this, we will feel different after this experience because we will have left our personal ideas behind and united something for other people and for the Divine Mother. This will leave a different sensation in our hearts. This little action will mark our lives forever. And in some time you will remember this day.

Friar Elias: We would like to point out something that happened during the Apparition. If you remember, at one moment I repeated three times what the Divine Mother was saying (to the person who was translating). It important that everyone understands that not only the Lady is a Master in prayer, but also in languages and She asked in that moment for a correction of what was translated.

Because of the task we have of the Apparitions with the Divine Mother, the correct pronunciation of what She transmits is something that keeps us learning constantly. The Lady’s effort in transmitting Her words in a precise way is very loving and delicate and we must not only have an open ear but also an open heart to hear them. This is accomplished with everyone’s effort, so we are learning and who better than Our Lady to teach us well.

Mother Shimani: It is very important to know that, concerning the process of the Apparitions, what She transmits, reveals and the depth with which She approaches each theme depends not only on those who are here in the front, but on all who are here. If you do not collaborate in the attunement, the condition for Her to come closer is not achieved. If we are distracted or indifferent this means that, as representatives of humanity, we don’t have any interest in what is happening.

The Divine Mother has a permission from the Creator to manifest herself. The more we are attuned and interested, it is as if we are saying to God and the Universe that we are thankful for what is happening. Thus, the permission to manifest intensely will be bigger each time. So the approaching and the task She performs on us, the Graces She may pour depend on us because we know the love of our Divine Mother is already here.

Thus we all participate actively in the process of the Apparitions and this is the most important thing we need to know. It doesn’t depend only on the angels, the Divine Mother, Friar Elias or on the monks who are here. It is a task we realize together.

To all people who have shared with us this experience around the planet, we send them our love, and tomorrow attune yourselves and join us again in this moment of the Apparition.

Thank you all and let’s stay in the heart of our Divine Mother.