Friday, May 25 of 2012


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón transmitted the words of the Divine Mother:

Message for May 25, 2012

When you accept My call you will live eternity, but first you must live it here on the Earth so that it may later reach the Heavens.

Today I come to ask you that you continue praying, as you have been doing all these days, because the most hardened souls are being rescued by the Light of My Immaculate Heart and by the victorious prayers of the hearts that, with humility and love, open themselves to My call and respond to it by means of prayer.

I also come to ask all those who are here present and all My children who listen to Me, that when you meet today in Aljustrel, you pray in front of My image of the Most Holy Rosary. Pray to repair My Heart and the Heart of My Son, which are strongly assaulted by all offenses that do not stop and that spring from the hearts that do not want to listen to God and that close themselves to the Primordial Heart of the Father.

I also come to tell you to continue along this path of transformation that your hearts are living, because in this way, through the prayer and humility of heart, you will be able to help other children who are in need of peace and conversion in this time.

I want to invite you to raise the souls to Heaven with the exercise of permanent prayer by means of My Mantle of Protection so that My Maternal Heart may be daily and totally with you.

Contemplate the Face of My Son, the face of His Mercy, before His return. Your prayers prepare the arrival of He who promised to come back to this Earth to finish converting it according to the Purpose of God, according to the Will of God, in the Great Kingdom of Peace that is lived in the Heavens, and which must descend to the sorrowful Earth.

If you persist in doing everything that I ask you, you will reach the Grace of Forgiveness of all faults, those that are hidden and that My Immaculate Heart knows deeply. Know, dear children, that each fault towards God can be forgiven when your hearts open themselves to the reconciliation that My Heart is announcing in this final time. If you are in the merciful arms of My Son Jesus, you will be saved from all temptation, persecution and pain.

You must convert that which still has not been converted. Know, My children, that you, as humanity, are observed by the eyes of God, His eyes of Compassion and Mercy that, in this moment, contemplate your hearts in need of redemption and the total forgiveness of the past.

Accept My call, because just as in Medjugorje, these are My last warnings for those who want to hear the profound sign of conversion that comes from My Maternal Heart for all My children and for those who still do not want to be My children.

This is all that I want to tell you today, especially during this morning. It is necessary, My children, to listen to My words again, because it has been six months that My voice has been proclaiming itself daily for each of your hearts.

Receive this Special Grace of Reconciliation so that tomorrow, in the arms of My Son and together with My steps of Pilgrim, you may be able to follow the path of the redemption of the heart. In this way you will be able to live in the heart the Grace of Mercy that My Heart and My Rays of Peace have been announcing to the world for so long.

Therefore it is necessary, My children, that My voice be heard from century to century, because in this way My Maternal Consciousness accompanies you in prayer, in adoration and in the silence that elevates each one of you to the Kingdom of My Father

Reconcile your heart, forgive and with joy begin to live in My Immaculate Heart.

Thank you for responding to My call.

May the Light of God spring up in your hearts as a flame of redemption and peace.

I thank you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


– End of the Apparition –

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón: Before the apparition something important happened: two guardian angels of the Virgin appeared and placed, over the top of the tree that is in front of us in this garden, a large number of golden roses that opened up during the prayer and gradually became more vivid and brighter.

The angels also placed a six-pointed golden star over the crown of the tree and, in front of this star, a chalice. It seemed to be an offering from the angels to humanity.

While this image was shown, a door opened in Heaven through which Our Lady entered.

She arrived dressed in white and radiating to us the Light of Her Immaculate Heart, which had some thorns. But in spite of this She was very joyful for the response to Her call.

At one point, raising Her left hand, She said: “Look to the side,” and a little higher, to Her left, Jesus appeared. He made a blessing with the sign of the cross and after a few moments of silence, He disappeared carrying an uncountable number of souls, which were withdrawn from the planet, ascending to higher levels.

Today, as in a previous apparition, the Lady transmitted Her message in silence, which penetrated into the depths of our hearts. It was a silence that contained a call, an alert to become aware of the reality of this moment of the planet, of this time that is not normal. This alert that She was transmitting was to strengthen us in prayer and for us to trust that, in this way, we will allow that many brothers and sisters whom we do not know, may be helped.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat: From August 2011 until today, for ten months therefore, She has appeared two or three times a month in public and private apparitions, in which She made many revelations and gave precise instructions for this planetary moment.

One of the last revelations that She made and that She confirms in each apparition is that of the return of Christ. She affirms and confirms that the promise that Christ made is about to be fulfilled, and She has given us some clues of how it will be.

She also explains to us, in great detail, that which each one of us must do in order to overcome the transition, a planetary purifi- cation that we are all going to live, known as the great judgment of humanity. It will be a physical, mental and spiritual event for all of humanity, in which the scale of the Law will manifest itself for each one of us.

She teaches us, in each apparition and in each transmission, how to be within Her Heart and the Heart of Her Son to be able to overcome and bear in harmony and balance all the tests that we will face. But if we do not place our heart in Her Heart, we will find ourselves involved in everything that humanity is going to live. We can go through this transition either in a harmonious way or in a desperate way. This is one of the offers She makes to us.

She has also been explaining to us during all this time, that now is the time of Mercy, which means that we can place our miseries in the Heart of God, placing ourselves first in the Heart of the Divine Mother and in the Heart of Christ so that these miseries can be forgiven and we can be rehabilitated before the eyes of God.

When the purification becomes difficult, then we will begin to understand what the Divine Mother wanted to tell us. For this reason, from now on we need to prepare our hearts and our inner beings in order to pass through this purification. We are being lovingly warned by Her; we all hope that we can return this love that She gives us.

For this reason we insist that you try to read and study the material that is on the website,(*) because it is the opportunity that we have to continue in peace or to let ourselves be carried away instead by the current of dissociation that some consciousnesses will live. Later we will not be able to say that no one told us, that we were not warned by our Divine Mother.

We know that for many of us it is a little difficult to leave the normal world in order to enter into a deeper spiritual world. We know that the material life takes all our attention and our energy, but we need to be more aware of what is truly happening.


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