Monday, March 12 of 2012

Vigil of Prayer


The group gathered at 6:30PM to start the procession to the House of Adoration (the House of Prayer in the House of Redemption – Aurora, Uruguay).

Prayer started upon arriving, waiting for the Divine Mother.

A little after 7:40 there was a deep silence and the bell rang three times; the voice of Mother Shimani announced: “Moment of Apparition, let’s contemplate with the heart.”  The message started being transmitted.

As in the last apparitions, there was a simultaneous translation to Portuguese.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Those who don’t listen to My Voice are not converted because of the lack of love in their hearts.

Dear children, do not fear, I come here to bring you My Peace. But today My face cries because of the great pride of the world. For centuries I have been following souls, because of this I need you secure in Me through prayer, united to Me permanently.

Dear children, if you do not convert your hearts first, the others will not be converted.

We are already in a final cycle for this time, I need you to heal My Heart with your prayers so that the Father allows Me to shed more Graces on the world.

Dear children, I need from you strength, your certainty in My Heart, so that you may see the light on the path. Because I am the one who will lead you; that’s the Grace My Son is giving you.

Today I came a little late, because I was with a special soul, soon you will know who it is.

Dear children, I ask you to pray for this soul, so that My Mantel and My Light envelop it. I will do the same with each of you when you choose the path of conversion.  I will protect you and go on loving you from Heaven, because at this time the Lord is calling Me.  It is necessary to offer prayer from the heart, so that you may receive the signs from the Heavens.

Dear children, each one of your hearts will receive a sign, one that you have been searching for a long time.

This sign is in My Heart, in the trust you have in following My path.  I will take you by the hand to My Son.  Before He comes I will be with you, as I am now. For this, feel My Presence in your hearts.

Beloved children, it is time to forgive, dissolve all pain, because I come from Heaven to give you this Grace. Many will see My Presence when they are with Me in this Kingdom. I am here, however, with you, and in this moment many souls in the world are being lost.

Do you understand now, dear children, how important it is to live in prayer?

Beyond the words and calling Me with your Hearts, you must bring Heaven to Earth; this Grace is allowed for this end of times and then many hearts will be converted overnight, every new dawn.

You know I have revealed secrets; they still are mysteries to many souls.  I only need prayer, the strength of your conversion so that you may understand them and find them in your hearts.  Each mystery and each secret is a sign for the world, a sign of conversion, a time for changes, a moment for transformations, so that all may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Because that is where I will be, dear children, to open the doors and welcome you with love. But if the souls resist and your hearts don’t live prayer in strength, how can I intercede for you before the Father?

Even so, I have been doing it for this humanity for a long time; a humanity that at each moment lives a new pain and this afflicts My Heart.

Because of this I invite you, dear children, to transform your hearts into absolute faith in My Son, because then I may help and your  lives, starting tomorrow, will be different, they will consecrated to My Heart.

This is what I want to tell you, little children; many souls are deaf, they do not hear God’s outcry.  My Voice reverberates only in a few hearts. You know, dear children, that humanity is very big, and beyond this reality, all need Mercy to be able to live in this hour of redemption. This is the promise I bring you.

Live My words with trust, spread My message of Peace. Peace used to be necessary for the whole world, now it is also necessary for each inner heart. That is why I search for you in prayer, so that you may find Me in each moment, in each step you take as children.  Because remember, dear children, what My Son said: “After this world, the smallest ones come first into the Kingdom, a Kingdom that is for everybody.”

My hands do not grow tired of irradiating Peace, My prayers are deep for all the souls. Today I invite you, dear children, to consecrate yourselves to My army of prayer and I also invite you, once more, to keep vigil with Me in prayer.  Many souls in the world, which suffers much in many areas of this globe, need light; for this I invite you, tonight and until tomorrow morning’s meeting, to live with Me from heart to heart, from Mother to children and from children to Mother, in prayer, prayer, only prayer.

Sing and rejoice your hearts, this is necessary for My Peace to be established.  Do not fear the changes, dear children, trust the Father’s Will; if you stay with Me, united to My Immaculate Heart, I will protect you, I will guide you and I will lead you to the Father. I may place all of you under My Mantel and cure you of those deep pains, which I know.

Today I shed My Light to the ones who still haven’t received aid. You, dear children, live inside My Grace even if you still don’t believe it. For this, you must open your hearts not only to find My call, but also My Inner Voice. There you may see Me and feel Me, dear children, because we will be One with God.

Thank you for answering My call.

Remember to sing once more, not only to Glorify the Father, but also to relieve My Heart of the burden of the world, of many souls that have been suffering for a long time. For this I bring you My Peace; only peace will convert you when it finds all of you in prayer, only in prayer.

When I ask you to sing for Me, it is so My Grace may come from the Heavens and so it may invade the depths of the souls.  For this I ask you, dear children, that tomorrow in the second pilgrimage you also sing with Me, not only to welcome My Heart of Light, but also to live daily in My Son.

This will be a renovation for your lives, because My Son is not only everybody’s Brother, but He is also the Great Shepherd to each heart. Joy and hope for the world.

For the powerful intercession of the Holy Ghost, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.



Mother Shimani: Now let’s all sing “Madre del Sol” (Mother of the Sun).


Everybody sings the song.


Mother Shimani: Thank you Mother for all you give us.


Everybody repeats.


- End of the Apparition -