Wednesday, November 30 of 2011

Special Apparition


We met at 8 pm to walk with candles in procession to the Casa de Oración de la Madre Divina (the House of Prayer to the Divine Mother built in Aurora). It has been a few days since the construction of the House has ended and a sculpture of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity was placed there.

Upon arrival, and after a short introduction led by Mother Shimani, we began to lift our voices through the prayer of the Universal Mother. Around the 30th bead, there were thirty-three bell rings and then Mother Shimani announced: “Moment of the apparition, let us contemplate with the heart.”


Friar Elías: Today the Divine Mother appears wearing a white gown and irradiates a luminous white light.

Today she appears as she appeared in Medjugorje in the 12th and 13th, and in Fátima in the 25th, and 26th of this month of November.


The Divine Mother says:


May the Peace of My Angels be in your hearts.

Today I come to bring you the Reign of My Peace.

We lift the Peace up to our Lord, so that He may hear us.

We shall contemplate!

We pray today for the souls that cry out, for the hearts that are lost. Today I am here among you, but ´where are my sons and daughters, living without the light, and that do not have peace?´

We pray for them.


The group prayed a few times the prayer of the Luminous Bird.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


Those that do not pray with my light, will walk within lost paths.

Men and women greatly offend God, due to this we should convert ourselves with the fire of My merciful and blessed prayer. Lift your hearts up to the Lord, so that He will contemplate us and surround us with His Mercy.

The world has very little time if we do not pray; the third war will occur, many beings will lose themselves, and that will be the beginning of the tribulations.

Therefore, My children, hear My Voice; despite not being able to see Me, open your hearts to My call, hear the last bell that I am ringing in this side of the world.

I come to you from Medjugorje, bringing the Reign of My Peace for this nation and its sister nations.

I have followed with compassion all of My children that lived through the accident (the accident that occurred a few days ago to a group of collaborators of the Casa Redención House of Redemption). I have been among you sheltering your hearts and contemplating your souls. Because of this, this is a call of vigilance and prayer; everything is permitted, however nothing will happen to you if you are beneath My Mantle.

Look at My face of light with compassion and love. I want to hear your hearts in your prayerful pleas. Open your arms so that I may enter and bring the Reign of My Peace to your hearts and to the hearts of all of My children. Receive My Grace, especially that of the power to hear me, here, in this day, among your hearts and that of your brothers. All shall be in fraternity and whoever is not within this Law cannot prevail. My eyes of light will contemplate you, and I will not be able to follow you in the path, if you are not with Me.


Friar Elías: And opening Her hands, the Divine Mother shows us a cross that is among Her prayer beads. She is surrounded by guardian angels.


The Divine Mother says:


I bring you My Voice from the Skies so that you may hear me. It is time to redeem the world, to redeem it in prayer and to trust My Calling. You are being summoned by My Light, that is the Light of the Lord, that comes from The Higher to permeate your lives and so that you may be born as beings and as hearts.

Today I consecrate this immaculate image (the sculpture that She asked to be placed in the Casa de Oración , a house of prayer), the one that you should look at with humility and with love, because My Heart will be there with it, and this—My Immaculate Heart—will go to your hearts when you trust in Me, as you should trust in Christ.

Today I come to intercede for you all and for many more souls that do not see My path, do not hear My Voice, and do not pray. The angels will arrive before time, before the coming of the Lord in His Glory and in His Immensity, in His Love and in His Mercy. This is why I am here, to announce you My final calling in this final cycle and in this part of America. 

My apparition will be constant in many parts of the world, because I have to gather the largest number of children, as I have done in Fátima, so that the war cannot prevail and that many hearts can be lit within the tribulation that will be lived within the world. Hear My Celestial Voice and contemplate My Immaculate Heart, that awakened and strengthened itself with God, once here in the Earth in my life as Mary, the mother of the Messiah. 

My Heart is offended by many spears that come from humans, those that do not want to open themselves to My Voice and to My Peace. This is why we pray, My children, so that evil cannot settle but that the Heavens reign here on Earth, through My Maternal Presence in your hearts and that of all My children.

I repeat the words because you should hear them time and time again, day after day, while the world ends itself without seeing the light. This is why I bring the Skies here, to Medjugorje (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and to Salta1 (Argentina), to awaken My children, so that they hear My Voice, so that all can see me and feel me as the only Mother in their lives. 

Much time has passed that I repeat My messages, it has already been thirty years; but I am here because one more soul can awaken with only hearing and responding to My Celestial Voice.

eave your offences and miseries at My feet, I will pick them up like flowers are picked, to offer them to God and so that He may forgives us of everything.

Let us pray with devotion for the hearts that open in this end of times. A larger darkness will come; because of this My dear, you should be prepared for what will come to happen, and there I am the only one that will be in your hearts.

Feel My Peace, hear My Peace, hug My Peace and love My Peace as your own lives. Come to My arms, I will receive you, I will take you, like my Child Jesus so that you follow me and feel me. For this I bring a new calling, in an unusual place where many do not believe, where light once came, but their eyes were blind and could not find it. This is why I come here for a second time, to awaken the souls and the hearts to My Faith. 


We prayed Hail Mary a couple of times.


Friar Elias: The Divine Mother says:


In this prayer, My little ones, when you say “sinners”, pray for your brothers and sisters, the ones that offend God. Now your hearts are lighter, filled with My Light and contemplating My Peace, in this way awakening the announcement of the Archangel Gabriel within your lives. 

Thank you for answering My call, and hear My Voice daily in the Daily Messages (the daily messages that She is sending us can be found in the website

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Friar Elías: The Divine Mother bid goodbye to us all, smiling.


We sang “Luminous Bird” and “La Mujer que nos guía” (The Woman who guides us)

This reunion ended with an explanation by Mother Shimani with respect to the request made by the Divine Mother about the “Voice and Echo of the Divine Mother” and about the new task of the Vida Orante (the website ´Praying Life´ Fraternity Prayer Network).