Prayer for the New Life

Prayer for the New Life


Prayer for the New Life

May the awakening take place in the hearts     
and the consciousnesses
of those who committed themselves
to the renewal of the Love of God.

May prayer be the Living Water
that keeps the hearts clean,
the minds at peace and the spirits pure
to respond to the Celestial Call.

May service be the torch
taken to ignite the hearts
that have lost hope,
and may it renew them in love, in faith
and in the joy of being alive.

May knowledge be the motive
for the constancy of beings
in the Plan of God
because Wisdom vivifies and strengthens them
with true foundations to reach the Father.

May fraternal life be the sustenance and the strength 
of those who aspire to participate in the New World,
for they know that anything can only be built by 
loving the other, in unity.

May the love for the Kingdoms of Nature
be a sign
that Redemption was fulfilled
and that the One Thousand Years of Peace
begin to manifest on Earth
which, worthy of a new name,
returns to the Heart of God.

So be it.

Prayer transmitted by Saint Joseph on December 13, 2018.

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