Friday, July 17 of 2020

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May peace be within you in these times of great setbacks, in which serenity and meekness are the principal keys for going through them.

Today I come from a place that some already know and that others will come to know today.

My voice echoes within a distant place of the Earth, where nothingness is present and the void fills the whole being.

My voice is heard in the inner planes, where the melody of peace and rescue for humanity resounds.

Today I come from Shambhala, in the Gobi Desert. Focus your attention upon this place; there, in the desert, lies the Voice of the Master, Who prepares His Return to humanity.

The instructions and teachings continue to be given; knowledge descends to bring more wisdom and discernment in this time.

The great decisions are carried forward and all gather in confraternity.

Shambhala brings the feeling of the sacred and the devotional to all. Its harmony and attunement awakens in the human heart the sacred melody that causes Shambhala to resound.

But Shambhala is remote, its origin unknown. Many want to access its portals, but few find them, because to reach Shambhala, the heart and the intention must be pure; in this way, you will enter the Kingdom of Shambhala.

My Message is being emitted from there, on this day of preparation for the month of August, when I will come to the world to give the last impulses and treasures to humanity.

The light of Shambhala brings peace to the contrary currents and stabilizes the forms; the human mind cannot understand what this is about. Because Shambhala is not of this world, even though it is within it. Its existence is very ancient, its legacy is very profound.

Those who draw close to Shambhala will know the sacred and the blessed; they will feel a call toward ascension and toward the elevation of consciousness, even in these critical and difficult times.

In the Kingdom of Shambhala, you will find many brothers and sisters who are not in material life, but rather in the spiritual life, who intone their songs and mantras to sustain the planet and humanity in equilibrium and harmony.

Join this chain of love and solidarity with the Confraternity of Shambhala; may its sacred spaces fill you and lead you to understand, beyond the material, the whole Plan of God.

It is thus that today Shambhala resonates as a sacred note, a primary key for this end time in which souls are called, on the inner planes, to the Sacred Chambers to meet with the Hierarchy and accompany it in fidelity and obedience.

It is thus that My Voice is emitted from the heart of Shambhala; the doors of Its Kingdom are open before the presence of the Master of Love and Humility.

May its disciples come to Shambhala to also recognize the legacy that is within each being and that for the first time was given impulse in the origins of Shambhala for this planet. Thus, the surface will be permeated with new principles that will dissolve the corrupt and transgressing forms.

The minds will be set free from the chain of bad thoughts, from destruction and cynicism, because Shambhala will be able to awaken within everyone.

In the same way that the monastics of this region of the planet perpetually intone their mantras, may the voices of prayer, supplication and pleas resound within you, because the door of My Mercy is still open to the world and to all souls, beyond their conditions or situations.

The light of Shambhala emerges on the surface of the planet. Some manage to perceive it, others are still too asleep to realize this great happening.

Shambhala emanates its silent message within souls so that they may recognize the moment of Shambhala in this time of humanity.

I want your beings to submerge in Shambhala to understand life and existence from another point within the consciousness; in this way, you will not feel blocked or imprisoned by your own human condition.

Shambhala forges the warrior; Shambhala forges the guardian; Shambhala forges the devotional soul, and constantly gives an impulse to the elevation of the consciousness toward the Sublime Universes.

The Earth is not just chaos. Shambhala, like other places, is a Sacred Chamber where you will be able to make the inner pilgrimage within yourselves, toward your origins, toward the truth. Thus, appearances will disappear, the incomprehension will dissolve; but only the pure and humble hearts enter Shambhala, one that knows, beyond itself, how to recognize the Power of God and Creation.

Shambhala opens like a fount of inexhaustible love. Souls are bathed by the light of Shambhala at this moment to again find the meaning for their existence and their missions on Earth.

Shambhala is here. This is the light of Shambhala. In reverence, be thankful and prepare your hearts for that which will come.

If Shambhala is here today, it is because of a universal, not just world importance. It reveals itself again, after its long withdrawal. Its rays and lights show the next cycle, in which everything will come to an end.

Go and seek what you need in the fount of Shambhala. The Father will always give you everything, always. And when you are in His Law, drink of this fount and your talents will awaken.

Shambhala is unchangeable. Shambhala is eternal. Shambhala is a history of great origins. That is why so many monastics come there, to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, to seek Shambhala where it seemingly does not exist.

May the light of Shambhala stabilize the spaces and consciousnesses so that harmony and peace may reign.

Shambhala is preparing for its great task and its great moment. Accompany it.

Shambhala summons you in spirit and in soul for the inner union and attunement with the Greater.

But when you walk toward Shambhala, empty yourselves completely. May your feet be washed clean of the dust, the worldwide chaos, before entering the portal so that, purified, your souls may receive what Shambhala has to give you. Accompany Me in this inner pilgrimage.

Shambhala is the essence of Truth; follow its light. It is like a great star in the firmament. Shambhala is like a great sun in the Universe. Its Kingdom is there to be recognized and loved.

Shambhala is the voice of the wisdom of the heart.

Shambhala, Shambhala, Shambhala, come to those who seek immortality and the overcoming of self. Come to those who love the Plan of God and seek It.

Before saying goodbye, and so that you remain in the light of Shambhala, I want to ask you for something special to Me, that, in this Sacred meeting with Shambhala, you close this work by singing "Solar Christ."

In this way, souls will ignite through the impulse that Shambhala will give you with its wisdom and love.

Follow in My footsteps along this pilgrimage, towards a meeting with the sacred and the devotional.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Sacred Light of Shambhala
that emerges in the spaces, 
sacred Light of Shambhala 
that permeates all forms and archetypes, 
sacred Light of Shambhala 
that transmutes the concrete and terrestrial mind, 
elevate all principles, 
transmute all currents, 
dispel all adversity, 
so that the Love that comes from you 
may triumph in Creation.