Wednesday, May 6 of 2020

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, for the 81st Marathon of the Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

There is no evil that can prevail where I am present, because the triumph of My Heart is a reality in the hearts that open themselves to receive and adore Me. It is there where I place all the Codes and Principles of God for the souls, living in transformation, to reach redemption.

It is in the moment when this happens, when all the souls on Earth, regardless of where they find themselves, by means of this meeting with Me, receive the codes and merits of My Passion and, even more, receive the merits achieved by your Master in the universe, after the Ascension.

Today I come to speak to you from this place of the universe where I find Myself, a revelation that has not yet reached the human race because it is not written in the sacred book of the Bible.

You are in this time, as My servants and apostles, those who should continue with the history of your Master and Lord within the universe so that My Heavenly Church may be closer to the souls thirsty of God, and mainly to those that have not yet found the way out.

Just as you live here, upon the surface of Earth, under governments that are purely human, within the universe there exists a true spiritual Government that leads a great Confederation of consciousnesses that, in pure states of ascension and evolution, live as you do, in the material universe, but on other planes of consciousness, a reality and especially an existence with which this human civilization has very but very slowly made contact.

What is it that I want to tell you by saying this? That life does not end here nor does life starts here. The original life rises from the Universe, from the Source, and as the Source generated life through the Divine Will of the Father, the Eternal Father also decided that there would exist a Universal Government of which you are part, as well as many other consciousnesses that today you cannot see or perceive.

The spiritual Universe is more real than the material universe. Matter is corrupt and it dies, but it is a fundamental vehicle for science and the life of beings to experience that which each soul needs in order to learn and evolve.

This Spiritual Government that exists in the Universe is eternal, powerful and emblematic, because its main and primordial axis is love, which in other peripheries of the system of universal life fulfills all consciousnesses with wisdom and unity.

This Government was taken over by your Master and Lord after the Ascension, and it is from there where I will come to the world, it is from there where I will return to show My true Face, this Face that My apostles came to know, as I told you yesterday.

Through this Universal Government, not only the Laws can be experienced and fulfilled, but everything that is life and vibration is guided and conducted by this spiritual Government.

From this Government, Moses received the Commandments; by this Government, Abraham was inspired to protect his people; from this government, John the Baptist spoke, preached and taught men and women on Earth. And from this same spiritual Government of the Universe, I brought you the Gospel, the parables, for you to understand in a simpler form that which really exists in the universe and is latent. 

Although this government still exists in the Universe, and while humanity still takes much time to enter the real system of the universal life to fulfill the laws and all that comes from this Government, I am preparing, in these final times, for all beings who say they live in Christ and for Christ to become conscious and knowledgeable of this powerful emanation of the Spiritual Government, which your Master and Lord leads and follows closely.

What I want to tell you is that this spiritual Government is the one that sent Me to the world, not only two thousand years ago, but it has also sent Me in this final time so that, through the Divinity and the Spirit of Christ, souls would have the Grace and the opportunity to find the path that many lost throughout recent times.

All consciousnesses of the Universe depend on this spiritual Government and you also depend on this spiritual Government. By not being under this government, humanity is suffering, because it loses the essence of what it really has to do and fulfill.

This spiritual Government inspired the appearance of this race. From the beginning of everything and until recently, this aspiration of the spiritual Government is latent. Now, at this time and at this moment, I call all hearts to enter with their consciousnesses into this spiritual Government that, from the beginning, has been following you and that recently, after 1950, has intervened in the humanity for it to not destroy itself once more as in Atlantis or in Lemuria. This way, the souls have the opportunity to free themselves from their debts and from the chain of addiction, of human errors.

Whoever has their consciousness in the spiritual Government, even without knowing it deeply, but if they enter in tune with It through their hearts and by means of prayer, this is considered by this spiritual Government, in this final moment, in all that this Government will do in the world, especially in the most difficult moment of humanity, a moment that has just begun.

I do not come to speak to you about something abstract, companions, today I come as the spokesman of this spiritual Government that leads this and other universes. It is a special space of the Consciousness of God, where Love is primordial to make big evolutionary decisions and important projects of life, throughout the whole universe.

As Abraham and Moses, this spiritual Government has been revealed to you and has come closer to you, to strengthen the Sacred Project of the people of Israel. Today, through your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ, through His Merciful and Glorified Heart, the souls have the essential and spiritual opportunity of being contemplated and considered by this Greater Government, so that not only each one of you may fulfill the mission that God has entrusted to you from the beginning of Creation, but also for you to unite yourselves, at that moment when the spiritual Government of the universe approaches Earth, to be able to assist and help it, at that crucial moment.

This is also one of the last impulses that I bring to you today.

In this spiritual Government there is also My Heavenly Mother and all the consciousnesses that follow Her, for Her to be able to go forward with her planetary task with each one of Her children, with each of the nations, with each of the peoples, with each heart that suffers for not being able to meet God.

It will be this spiritual Government that will intervene once more, on the planet and within humanity, as it has in other times, to try to correct and warn it about that which humanity really needs to fulfill and accomplish, in the name of God; and this goes beyond any religion or belief. It is a spiritual and cosmic situation that directly unites each one of you with the major Source of this spiritual Government.

On the inner planes of the planetary consciousness, in a place not very accessible for any human being, on the top of the Himalayas, the spiritual Government that I lead and conduct has a spiritual base on the planet, to closely lead humanity.

Consciousnesses of wisdom, love and of profound brotherhood gather together in this space, time and again, since 1950 to the present, to guide humanity in the inner planes, for humanity to recognize that it has not only lost its guide through the Law of God, but that it has also lost its inner contact with the Source.

Through the spiritual Government of the universe, today your Master and Lord once more reintegrates, into the depths of the essences, this necessary connection with the Eternal Father. This is not a Grace nor a merit, it is part of a great planetary need so that at least the majority of humanity can be saved and redeemed.

The pillars of knowledge of the truth and loyalty are the fundamental bases for the action of My spiritual Government, and circling these pillars are the great principles of love, wisdom and faith.

At this culminating time, this is possible for the souls who pray to the Source of My Divine Mercy, because most important, companions, is that which the souls need to receive within in order to be able to take forward their commitments with Me.

This spiritual Government will reveal itself to humanity in a form that nobody has ever seen, and the awakening will give an impulse to the human race once more, for it to recognize that which it still needs to experience and accomplish, at this time, for the new Christs to be able to awaken.

Today, under this Consciousness and Wisdom that guides you, you will once more offer Me your spiritual Communion so that I can work once again in humanity, in the place that needs assistance the most, not only spiritually, but also materially, and so, once more they will receive from me the codes of Light that they need to make their lives examples of My Work on Earth.

Before this Spiritual Government that is present through Christ, we are going to empty our beings completely, for the Christic impulses to fill our hearts and to renew the planetary life at this culminating moment of humanity.

Brothers, please, the table.

Through this Eucharistic celebration and through the spiritual Communion that at this moment the souls of the world will be able to experience, I will return to bring to Earth, through My Heart, the pillars of knowledge, wisdom and loyalty.

 We invite you to stand up or to kneel at this moment.

"Father, You have sent Your Son for the souls to learn once more about love and forgiveness. Through the sacrifice lived by Your Son, give this planet and humanity the extraordinary Grace to again recover the meaning and the path of evolution so that, through knowledge, wisdom and loyalty, the souls may awaken to their mission and meaning and reason for having come here, to Earth, in Thy Name. Amen."

When I celebrated the Last Supper, the apostles came to know the spiritual Government through the Communion with Me. This evening was definitely not only for your Master, but also for all humanity through the presence of the apostles.

Today I come to perform the same exercise, with a more expansive consciousness present within everyone, for you not only to remember that I am present in the Body and in the Blood, by means of the bread and wine, but also that I am present in the universe, awaiting the great moment of My Return to humanity.

In this way, I took the bread, offered it to the Father for it to be transubstantiated and sanctified. Then I divided it and gave it to My apostles saying: "Take and eat, this is My Body that will be given to men and women for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.

And the Light of knowledge, wisdom and loyalty entered the apostles, for them to be My representatives on the planet, up to today.

Afterward, I took the Chalice, the one that after My Ascension would then be taken to some other locations of the planet, for the triumph and victory of the Sacred Chalice of the Lord to be shed upon all humanity and on the generations to follow, with the objective and the purpose that, through the Chalice, the first religious order would be born in humanity, and from it many other orders would arise, which I would use to fulfill My Work upon the planet.

I elevated the Holy Chalice for it to be transubstantiated and sanctified. Then I offered it to the Apostles, saying: "Take and drink all of it, because this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, that will be shed by your Lord for the forgiveness of the faults. Do this in My memory.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.


The Body and living Blood of Christ.

In union with the Spiritual Government of Our Lord Jesus Christ, let us pray the prayer that He taught us.

Our Father.

Our Father (let us repeat in English).

May the Peace, Love and Wisdom of Christ descend upon Earth.

Lord, I am not worthy of You entering under my roof, but only say the word and I shall be healed.

At this moment, united to all our brothers and sisters of the world, in their homes, nations and groups, let us receive the Sacrament of spiritual Communion and so, repair the Heart of God.

Let us hear three sounds of the bell.

The form of Light of Christ has entered the souls that opened themselves to commune with the Lord. Amen.

I leave you the Light of My spiritual Government for you to also commune with it, for more souls in the world to learn to experience the powerful love of the Law.

I deeply and internally thank all those who summoned themselves spontaneously to pray for My Divine Mercy, knowing that it is urgent and necessary to pray for the healing of humanity. But remember that, in the days to come and through the Powerful Novena to Saint Raphael the Archangel, the Creator Father will once again enter the planet and the consciousness of humanity in order to take forward the second phase of His spiritual mission.

Unite with Archangel Raphael in this sacred mission.

I bless you under the Light and Wisdom of the Spiritual Government of your Lord.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.



Tuesday, May 5 of 2020

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús for the 81st Marathon of the Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I have come in a moment when humanity is still hurt. I have come in a moment when everything seems to be lost, when the faith of many of my companions in the world weakens, in a moment when nothing makes sense. I have come at this important moment for humanity, although it is difficult for millions of souls in the world.

Through My Heart, I bring you the presence of the Heavens and the Universe so that you may notice and feel that I am here with you, even though the moment of My Return to the world has not come yet.

I bring you everything that each one of you needs at this moment. This is not material or even spiritual, it is something profoundly internal that is deposited in each one of your essences so that you learn, as I have said, to go through the end of these times. The peak has not yet come and you can see that.

It is time to follow, with much obedience, the divine Law, so that each one of your souls may be protected under the Love of God. It is time to multiply the love in the hearts that suffer the most because this is the scene of the end of times, humanity does not know how it will conduct itself. 

Because of this, I offer you, at this moment, the divine Laws of God, from the known Commandments of Moses to the new Commandments that I have brought to you through the years, which I call Beatitudes.

I need you to apply these rules in your lives because this way the essence of humanity will be protected, even if the majority do not do so and do not comply with this. In a small proportion of the human race, these rules and Commandments will be fulfilled and will push other hearts and lives to not only reach the beatitudes but to also persevere in faith and in trust in God.

If God were not with His eyes upon this planetary moment, he would not have sent His Son this afternoon. What sense would it make for this humanity?

The Love of God is above all things and all situations, the souls must turn to God at this time and this can not take long. Because it will be in this Love of the Father that your lives will be renewed and thus you will renew everyone around you.

What are you waiting for to do so? The door of the great summoning is still open so that the souls may be driven to live the apostolate of Christ at the end of these times, through the impulses and the gifts that the Holy Spirit brings.

Attention, companions, listen to what I am saying because they are not just a few more words. I need you to be aware that My task with you is coming to an end. And when this happens, you should give testimony and lead by example that I have been here, just as I am in each one of your hearts every time you allow Me to be so. Because that is where the truth will prevail, and the wisdom and the understanding that you need in these times.

Even if the planetary situation seems difficult or impossible to reverse, do not lose faith, renew your vows and commitments with the Eternal Father. He also has the Fountain of His Divine Mercy open, His Ocean of Love and Mercy is empty. Everyone is invited to submerge in this Ocean of Love, an immaterial and eternal Love.

Today I am at peace because of your response to this meeting of prayer, because you realized, by yourselves, that it is necessary to pray, pray and pray so that a new opportunity may descend to the world, beyond what the Earth and humanity must purify.

With everything you have learned from Me, companions, live your apostolate consciously, may it not be a theory, but a practice. May you be able to go beyond yourselves for humanity and the planet, may you make the Love of My Heart triumph in the world and upon those who suffer the most, in the great solitude of these times.  

I will always come to fill you with everything you need. My Love has no end or shape. Therefore, I am here, as a response to your commitment with Me, knowing that this is the time of the great decision.

Jesus has just opened the Book of the Wisdom of God and a very strong Light came out of this Book, where the Wills of God are written. Let us contemplate it and recognize it, to understand and comprehend why Jesus has brought it. 

The prophets and the great patriarchs knew something about this book which is in My Hands today, the Book of the Wisdom of God, that which humanity must achieve to realize that not only must it be redeemed, but also, it must reconcile with the Original Project that has created it. As long as this does not happen, there will be hard times. But they will not be times that last forever, because I will come, I will return and, within My Hands, I will bring this Sacred Book of God, just as the angels will bring the Ark of the Holy Covenant. 

The Great Revelation has not come to the world yet. My true Face was only known by a few of My Apostles and you know this. When My Face soon reveals itself to humanity, everything will happen. I do not speak of chaos, catastrophes or even of suffering, I speak of the great moment that each one of your lives will have before My Eternal and Cosmic Presence. 

Because at this moment and at this time, when each one of you will be before the Gaze of God, to give Him a definitive answer. And for a few seconds, the entire world will be aware of what they have done during their lives; the whole story of their incarnation will pass through their minds, they will recognize each one of the scenes, and they will be before their judgment. 

But at this moment, the Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, will already be praying, not only for the whole world but for each one of Her children, under the authority that the Father has given Her as a Faithful Servant. She will send many of Her angels to inspire the souls and strengthen them in this decision. 

It will be at this time and this hour that God, before His Son returns to Earth in glory, will open the Book where the Will for this planet is written. For a moment humanity will be aware of it, but also of all its sins and mistakes made throughout times, as well as the aggressions toward the Kingdoms of Nature.

Many hearts will feel the cry of the center of the Earth. The depths will open and the hidden will be shown. And then, before this vision and this consciousness, God will show His Face to those who will know how to recognize it and love it, and before the archangels, their souls will be able to write within this Book the answer that God has so long awaited for. 

The world will seem lost because of its illusion. Hundreds of shooting stars, great consciousness of the Universe, will descend to the Earth, and everyone will recognize them, even if they do not know their origin. 

God, before His own Will and the culminating moment of the planet, which is not far away, will prostrate Himself so that the Source of the Supreme Divine Fountain may humbly grant a universal Grace to the planet and to all Creation, and everyone will hear within themselves the Echo of the Father. And even the most closed heart in the whole world or the biggest atheist of humanity will also hear this, because God will grant His last Grace for the souls, the hearts and the people,  so that they may reconsider their lives and surrender themselves, this will be the hour of My Return to the world. 

Everything that I give to you today are not only My last words, but also my last revelations, because there is still a part that humanity cannot know them. 

Treasure these moments. Honor these meetings, because you will need them.

God sends me to the world to raise it up. It is urgent and necessary so that the prophecy of conversion may be fulfilled. 

I come to ask you, once again, for the repairing Communion for each day of May, especially the spiritual Communion, so My last impulses and words may embrace more people throughout the world. There is still a part of humanity that must know that I am here to receive you, to hear you, to absolve you and to give you My Mercy, the one which will restore and heal your lives.

All the souls who have died, through this pandemic in these recent days, have found a place in the intermediate planes of consciousness, where they no longer suffer, because your prayers, on this day, have achieved Mercy for each one of them. 

Even the deepest Mercy of My Heart continues acting by means of the Easter that happened this year. And even though a few weeks have passed, the Source of My Mercy is open for souls to plunge into the ocean of My Love. We are in the time of the last reprieve, value it.

Let us celebrate this moment with the joy of finding the Truth, the Way and the Life. Let us offer this moment to repair the Heart of the Eternal Father, offering each one of the prayers and songs for this current planetary situation so that the Grace of healing and science may inspire the scientists and doctors in the world to find the answer for this situation.


We can bring the altar. 

"Lord and God of the Universe, Who listens to the prayers of Your children, who renews and consecrates the souls and the lives of people; serve Yourself, Eternal Father, of this moment, so Your fathomless Mercy and Love may descend to the most needed places of humanity. Amen".

May God grant the Grace, at this moment, of us deeply living this Sacrament, so that more Graces and impulses of Light arrive in all hearts through this offering of the repairing Communion and the spiritual Communion with our Lord.

We invite you to stand or kneel. 

May the legacy of Love, Eucharist and the Blood of Christ fill, as a balm of Light, humanity, and our planet. Amen. 

When I was gathered with the twelve, just as I am gathered with each one of you, beyond the distance, I make you unify to Me so that you may be unified to the Father and also to the Holy Spirit, Who works at this moment through its Gifts and Gratitude.

I took the bread, raised it, and gave thanks to the Father for what He was offering Me. Afterward I broke it and gave it to the apostles saying: Take it and eat of it, because this is My Body, which will be delivered by humankind for the forgiveness of sins".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless you.

I took the Chalice, and making the same offer from My Heart, I offered it to the Father so it could be transubstantiated. Then I offered It to the apostles saying: "Take it and drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be poured out by humankind for the forgiveness of sins. Do this is My memory".

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

The Body and Blood of Christ.

Be happy, our Lord said, to those who are called to serve from the Lamb that was slain and resurrected to give you eternal life, life in abundance. 

Let us pray the prayer that Christ has taught us, to consummate this consecration.

Our Father

Our Father (we repeat in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth and may it be within each heart.

We announce Peace.

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word, and I shall be healed. 

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word, and I shall be healed. 

We repeat in English.

When I no longer come to the world to speak to you or instruct you, you will have My New Gospel to find comfort and strength, but especially, you will have My Body and My Blood, to feel Me, so that you can renew yourselves. 

In the Beatitude of the Grace of God, this afternoon, I bless all those who share this moment with Me, which I have engraved within My Heart, as a fire of love for each one of the brave and persevering hearts. I pour My trust upon them.

I bless you and I thank you. May peace be on Earth so that peace brings healing for all humanity. So be it, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We end this transmission thanking our Lord Jesus Christ and everyone who is present.

To end this transmission, let us give thanks:

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us. In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.


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Association Mary
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