Friday, March 20 of 2020

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My Grace never ends for the hearts that are dedicated. For this reason, today I bring you My Grace through this rain that bathes this Community, so that you may physically testify that, in these times, I am present with you and with the world.

Today I gather you all around the Cenacle of My Sacred Heart and I bring you a sincere and profound offer for your lives.

Today I bring in My Hands the sorrowful Crown of Thorns of your Master and Lord, which your Redeemer offers to each one of you, so that you may live this crown together with Me, in sacrifice and in rendition for all that is happening in the world, for all the souls that have denied Me, for those that wound My Heart.

But I will never deliver to you a greater sacrifice than the one that I lived, at that time, for each one of you.

This is the Crown that I offer you, the Crown that will transform you, that will redeem you and allow you to spiritually comprehend the significance of being with Me in this time, under the Light of My Grace and My Mercy.

It is for this reason, companions, that while I offer this Crown to each one of your souls, the precious Blood of your Master and Lord pours out upon the world through the Sacred Chalices, which the angels gathered during the time of the Cross.

It is in this way that I unite one time with another, and that, in the omnipresence of God, in the omnipotence of His Spirit, under the Glory of His Presence, I pour out the codes that you need today, to finish purifying your lives and consciousnesses; so that, finally, you may be the spiritual and serving model that God expects.

But this will not be soon. The world must still experience many tests, such as what it experiences in this current time, in which frustration and fear encompass the human consciousness, in which the human consciousness cannot find the way out, because the time has come in which, through the merits of the powerful Blood of your Master and Lord, souls will surrender so that they may be redeemed and become definitely consecrated to the Plan of God.

The hour has come for the world to learn to look at God, to seek Him within their hearts and lives, to perceive and realize that many have not heard the message of Heaven.

Through the sacrifice of this Crown, which I offer today to My companions, to all those who listen, to all those who have been faithful to My Sacred Heart, to them I will be able to deliver a reprieve to all humanity, at this moment that the human race experiences, in the face of the tests it will face and go through.

Companions, I need the merits of My sorrowful Passion to be of value in this current time. Thus, in the next weeks, you will be able to re-experience the Passion of your Lord with another degree of awareness and discernment, so that this sorrowful Passion may continue being the key and the doorway that is opened for the redemption of the whole Universe, until your Master returns to humanity, at the most culminating and difficult moment for the human race.

It will be through sacrifice and rendition that you will be able to live through the Spiritual Crown that your Master and Lord offers you today, that your souls and your Guardian Angels may justify before God all the mistakes committed by those that have been close to you and all those who are in the world, persisting in unfaithfulness, in the lack of transparency and consecration to God.

I offer this Spiritual Crown so that your lives may be the perfect justification in the face of the Justice of the Eternal Father, so that He may grant the world a greater time of Mercy, Peace and Redemption for all the beings that need it, in an urgent and immediate way.

Through My sorrowful Passion, you will be able to carry the sorrowful Spiritual Crown of your Master upon your heads, and you will offer your lives at the Altars of God, as a means and a perfect path to grant the world the great Grace it needs in this end time.

Today the rain of My Grace bathes your consciousnesses, purifies your hearts, neutralizes your minds and harmonizes your inner worlds, while I work with the whole world, in this hour and at this moment, where the forces of chaos, fear, panic and frustration are unleashed upon the Earth and the great and final war between Heaven and the hells is established.

Be aware of this. Live the fiery tension, in the vibration of neutrality and in the deep love that can be born and emerge from each one of your hearts; because while this battle has only just begun, everything is allowed, and nobody can stay behind without knowing the truth and without having the opportunity of being aware and taught to also face their own inner battle.

But if today I offer you the sorrowful Crown of your Lord, it is because you have already gone through other more difficult tests that, with striving and determination, you have learned to overcome in My Name.

But do not be afraid. It will be at the most acute moment in this inner and planetary battle when the Light of the Holy Spirit and of the Holy Archangels will emerge from the depths of the abyss to save the consciousnesses that were dragged by the illusion, the lie and the deceit of My enemy.

For this reason, through this Crown that I offer to you today, you will be with Me in rendition, and you will live your rendition consciously up to the limits of your being, without ceasing to receive the Mercy of My Heart.

I offered to the apostles this same Crown, and today I offer it to the apostles of the New Time, who are each one of you; just as My Mother spiritually offered this same Crown to the holy women, so that they could be faithful spouse to their Redeemer in the consecration and spiritual matrimony that each soul can live with Me.

Build this spiritual matrimony with Me, My companions and souls, for there My Love will be in you and you will be in My Love; and the Unity of God will be there; you will be within the safety and the necessary protection, and you will live this alliance that you so hope for and aspire toward, which My enemy, by all means, wants to stop and interfere in.

But it is in this inner battle that everyone is living, just as the world experiences the planetary battle, where you souls, hearts and lives will be confirmed and win, in the name of Love, the Love of your Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Do not desist, do not let yourselves fall, strengthen yourselves through My Presence and through the Eucharistic Adoration that I offer you, because you may fall, just like I fell for you, to save you and redeem you. But My Hand is there, reaching out toward you, for each heart of this planet, so that you may be able to stand up and hear that I am here, and I to hear from you: "Jesus, I trust in You."

I will not allow anything bad to happen to you, but it will depend on you, on each one of you, that this may be fulfilled, because I can intercede up to a certain level of the Law. And I must fulfill the Law for all eternity.

In this rain of Grace that I bring to you today, and through this message that I give to you today, I invite you to persist, to have faith and to be renewed because, through this meeting, I come to renew your souls, to strengthen your commitments, so that you may simply live the Will of the Creator.

In a very intimate and spiritual way, we offer this Communion, and you will re-experience with Me, during this Lent, the sorrowful Passion of your Lord, in the same way that today your souls are offered to the powerful Altars of God for those who do not offer themselves, for those who do not surrender, and do not allow themselves to be loved.

The purpose of all this is so that you heal inwardly and you may feel the joy of always meeting with Me, after so many tests and falls, but fortified by faith, by the Communion with My Body and My Blood, through Adoration, inner confession and through the Grace that today is being poured out upon the whole world.

Thus, we are prepared to make this offering at the Altars of God, because I have listened attentively to each of your souls and consciousnesses, in spiritual and inner confession.

May the sorrowful Passion of your Lord, at this moment of the offer, justify the errors of the world and of the souls that have ashamed My Spirit.

I entrust My Life to you, just as you entrust your lives to Me, so that we may be in a spiritual matrimony, perpetual and eternal, until the Divine Will is fulfilled. And today, I place your souls, hearts and lives before the scene of the Last Supper.

And surrounded by the angels, in eternal supplication, we remember that sacred moment when, after having anointed the apostles,  after having purified them with the Water of Life, I gathered them together as I gather you and all those who listen from any part of the planet, to tell you to continue trusting in Me and to remind you, at this moment, of the greatest mystery of Love of all Creation, for humanity.

As more than two thousand years ago, today I again take the bread in My Hands, and offer it to the Father in reparation and justification for all errors committed, so that it may be transubstantiated into the Divine Body of Christ. And thus, I offer it to you, saying: "Take and eat, for this is My Body, which was given and is given for the unfaithful, for the remission of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).


In the same way, I elevate the Chalice of redemption and I offer it to the Father for each one of you and for the whole world. And this wine is transubstantiated for the forgiveness of sins. Thus I offer it to you, saying: "Take and drink, this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which is shed even until today, by your Lord, for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).


United at this moment with the mystery of Love of Jesus and for all the merits that He achieved until after His Ascension, united with His eternal and sublime Presence, with all the power of our hearts and souls, for humanity, the planet and all Kingdoms of Nature that endure and suffer in this time, let us pray together, the Lord's Prayer as an offer to consummate this consecration of the Body and the Blood of Christ.

The Lord's prayer (in Portuguese).

And now Our Father asked for the Lord's Prayer in English.

Lord's Prayer (in English).

We announce the Peace of Christ on Earth.

The offering that was made by each one of you was accepted by the Creator. I want you to know and remember this, so that when you need it, you may carry out the same practice, as you did today in My Presence, in simplicity and love.

It is in this way that the Earth will be redeemed and it will transform.

And before leaving this world, I want to end this meeting with you by telling you that I have felt in My Heart the ardent desire of the good, charitable devoted and adoring souls that will be present during the Sacred Week.

It is for this reason that, with the authority that My Father granted Me, I will be with you twice, in April and in August, since now in April we will be together, in this way, as in this moment. And in August, under the Grace of God and all your prayers, we will all be gathered here to celebrate the final Sacred Week.

And so, companions, from April 5 to 12, we will meet here in prayer, and you, from your homes, also praying for the world and for this planetary situation. And I promise to give you My Words so that you may learn, in this moment and in spite of the distance, to spiritually commune with Me, because that time will come, and the spiritual Communion is as valid as the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

But if you, from your homes, during these days of April, are united with Me like at this moment, I will also be there with each one of you, with your families, with your groups of prayer, in each one of your nations, sharing the Passion of your Lord and again renewing each one of your vows so that, in this way, during the month of August, we may meet again and celebrate the consecration of your lives to My Sacred Heart.

Do you accept this call?


I have heard it from the other side of the world.

But this time I do not need great sceneries. I need something like today, simple, so that your souls may submerge into the ocean of My Mercy during the days of April.

We will meet from April 5 to 12, and I will meet with each soul and with each one who prays, through this means of communication and, in this same way, so that we may pray together for the most important Mercy that humanity needs to learn about, to overcome its tests and difficulties, the tests that are coming.

Before I leave I want to thank you, at this moment, for the work of Adoration that is being offered by all the adorers and by the adorers not yet consecrated, who I will have the joy of consecrating in the month of August, when they will be strengthened to live this silent task with Me, in the unceasing search to bring peace and harmony to humanity.

I give thanks for all the adorations that are offered and I invite those who have not gone deeper in the Eucharistic Adoration to do so. Drink from My silent Presence and the enemy will not find you.

I bless you all, all those present, all those who listen, because on this night I have felt the true inner presence of the souls that still struggle for their transformation and surrender.

May the Light of Grace fill you and bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

To end, I have requested a song that delights My Heart, that brings tranquility to My Soul and motivates Me, in spite of all that I see, to return here, from where I can give the world My message.

The song is called "That which I am, that I give You."

I thank you.