Tuesday, March 3 of 2020

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Private Apparition of the Glorified Christ Jesus, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus, for the second day of the 80th Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

With gladness and joy, I gather you together at this moment because, in the inner planes, I gather many cultures and peoples together that came to this country of Canada to experience an opportunity and hope.

For this reason, companions, I have gathered you together here, in this place; I have gathered you together here in this country so that you could closely understand the significance of this moment.

It is a synthesis among cultures and peoples that is being experienced at this moment, and it is through My Christic Presence that this takes place.

This is why I have asked you to accompany Me, so that you could come to Canada so that the bases of My Redemptive work with you could be founded here, for this is one of the Aspirations of God for this planetary moment, in which all souls and the essences of the world, as well as the cultures and the peoples, must prepare for the new time, after this transition of the Earth, in which souls will live inexplicable things, will go through unknown experiences, which will need to be supported by faith and a love for God through the heart of all His children.

With this, I want to more clearly explain that the Aspiration of God for having come here to Canada is to give an impulse that is not only spiritual, but also material, in the concretization of new points of Light in the world, formed by the integration of souls, unity among hearts, and the experience of group life among all members of this humanity.

In this case, I am speaking about the cultures and the peoples that emigrated to Canada, however, they did not lose their principles or attributes of life, all that which they had learned since the origins of their countries.

And that is very valuable for God because, in some way, Canada has managed to welcome and receive all these souls, not only opening doors to opportunities and hope, but also opening inner and spiritual doors, so that after thirty years, during which many people emigrated to this country, this is the moment and is the opportunity for the Spiritual Hierarchy to begin to carry out a work and carry it forward.

This is the message that today I want to bring to all My companions; but especially to those who accompany Me here today, to the brothers and sisters who are here in the city of Toronto, and who opened their hearts without thinking or meditating upon it, to receive this direct impulse of your Master and Lord, the consequence and the result of which will be of spiritual and inner benefit for many more souls, for all those who emigrated here to this country, and who are also considered by the Mercy of God.

What characterizes all the peoples and cultures that established themselves in Canada is the simplicity of their lives, the attributes they live through what they have learned in their lives, and everything they have built through their cultures and languages, without ceasing to bring continuity to what each country and nation represents, not only as a culture or as a people, but also as spiritual consciousness.

Canada will enter a new spiritual stage with the assistance and the collaboration of all the foreigners that are here and who have become well integrated into this country and this culture, in which they were inserted in the life of the daily community.

This creates important pillars, beyond everything else; these spiritual pillars that the Hierarchy needs, in order to found communities; these new communities that will open and will come forward through the faith and the trust of souls in God; because they will not lose their principles nor life attributes, but rather, these attributes and principles will expand throughout the consciousnesses.

And so, as is written in the Bible, the peoples will unite and will fuse as one consciousness, beyond what they may have learned and experienced. And this will occur through love, understanding and acceptance of the different cultures, so that the universal ecumenism that comes from love may continue to be gestated and live in this country of Canada.

The aspiration of the Spiritual Hierarchy is to expand this impulse from Toronto to the rest of the country, so that more souls and consciousnesses may have the Grace of receiving direct teachings from the Hierarchy, not only for their material life, for their family life, but, above all, for their spiritual and inner life.

In this integration and ecumenism that is experienced in Canada through all the foreigners, the necessary and essential bases are created so that the Hierarchy can continue the Work upon the planet; and through these souls and hearts that are found here, that have experienced survival, overcame suffering and pain and, above all, that have incarnated transcendence and the Love of God, managing to overcome all the limitations of their consciousnesses.

Through the Work that the Hierarchy must establish here in Canada, with all the representatives of its neighboring nations, through this labor and this Work, the Hierarchy will be able to help you. And you will also receive the Graces and the Mercy that you need in order to awaken.

Thus, today My Consciousness and, above all, My merciful Heart, on this very special day, at this very special time and in this very special meeting, establishes the spiritual bases that the Father has established so that, from the inner planes, this Aspiration of God may begin to be built, until it is able to completely materialize.

And this will be done through the souls that will be self-summoned, that will feel the call to deepen their spiritual life and again find the path toward that constant and eternal communion with the Eternal Father.

For this reason, I will dedicate a special time for this task in this country, whatever time is necessary, because these souls that have emigrated to Canada and that are living in this country represent their nations of origin, all their peoples and cultures, and from here, the Hierarchy will be able to help all the souls that, up to today, experience difficulties and tests, and cannot manage to move forward by their own means.

It is through the opening of simple and humble hearts, it is through the love and the trust of those who believe in My Name and invoke it, that I can reach other souls in the world that not only experience suffering but also persecution and slavery.

It is in this way, companions, that the balm of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy reaches them with time, closing the deepest wounds and, in this way, I renew souls so that they may continue onward in the trust and under the guidance of God.

Today, with you I come to celebrate this moment and the establishment of the new Monastery of the Mercy of God, that will embrace and protect all the immigrants that are here in Canada, through the virtue of the service and prayer that will bring all of them an understanding about life and a deep union with the Plan of the Creator Father.

The spiritual bases of this work are founded here today by your own Master and Lord, and this will bring everyone, not only infinite opportunities, but infinite Graces for those who need to feel loved, understood and accepted again, so that their inner wounds may be healed and closed.

 Today I bring this message because I know that everyone will hear it and will reciprocate with their Master and Lord so that this may be accomplished, because it will be from the Work and within this Work of Love and Redemption that the means will emerge to carry forward this aspiration of your Master and Lord, which comes from the Father.

Here in Canada, with the time in which this work and this Aspiration of God will develop, many cycles and possible stages of spiritual and material growth will be experienced so that souls may reach the Portal of Liberation and thus feel renewed, consoled and loved by the Father, as by His Divine Son.

As a High Priest, I celebrate this moment with you, because it is a moment of celebration and joy, hope and much Mercy for all those who need to find it within their lives.

Thus, I bless and consecrate this moment and these spiritual bases, which I am establishing today in Canada, so that a new stage and a new cycle may begin, as has been foreseen.

I am grateful for the adherence and the accompaniment of all My companions, and I especially thank My dear daughters of Ethiopia, who represent all of My beloved Africa, which is at the center of My Heart, in this great moment when your Master and Lord will place His Feet again upon that continent, to free it from captivity forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Monday, March 2 of 2020

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come to reveal the real story of your civilization to you, not to magnify your personas, but rather to have you grow inwardly in what God needs to build for this end time of humanity.

For this reason and motive, I speak of all this information and I present all these revelations because in the coming times I will make of the apostles prophets and instructors of the Word of the Hierarchy; of the collaborators, I will make great unconditional servers, surrendered to giving their lives in any need; of those who awaken, I will make them mature available consciousnesses, with the impulse to live in service and in the absolute giving of self; of all of you and of each one, I will make something.

For the time is arriving, and the time shows the need that exists in humanity and, above all, upon this planet.

I tell you the true history of the civilizations from the past, of the most emblematic and important moments of humanity when, in ancient times, the Plan was gradually fulfilled, beyond all errors or experiences.

I tell you all of this to bring a continuity to what God needs concretized and manifested for the coming time, which is that the project of the spiritual and universal family may continue forward, just as the sacred people of Israel lived it up to a certain point and moment, while also participating, not only directly in the Graces of the Father, but also in the awakening of their virtues, talents and gifts, which God brought through the prophets and the patriarchs.

For God, everything has a deep meaning, intimate and also unknown, just ike He has for you. And so, you must fully trust in what I am doing, saying and building; placing your consciousness in the great void of God so that, in this way, you may be filled by His Wisdom, Love and Presence, in the same way as the peoples from the past were filled by the Sacred Attributes of God.

Understand, companions, about the history and the moment you are participating in and how, in the smallest details, God can write a new time in humanity, in consciousnesses and especially in the essences that participate in the call of God.

The Son of the Father, before He returns again to the world, has this mission and task; and you are participants, just as your brothers and sisters on the path are also participants.

Each one fulfills an important part within this Plan and are called, day after day, to go deeper in this commitment and surrender, just as the apostles did in the past who, by means of living a simple and austere life, surrendered into living a greater and unknown life, surrendering their families, their goods and their possessions into the Hands of the Father so that the experience of the Gospel, the Word of God, His Will, could be built in life.

It is in this way that I bring continuity to this aspiration of the Father for these critical moments in which humanity must first recognize the deviation they are living in these times and the illusion that embraces millions of souls in the world.

Like more than 2,000 years ago, I come to bring the Good News, but Good News given impulse by the nonmaterial Ray of Liberation and of Transcendence so that, in this way, the Attributes of the Father may enter into the consciousnesses that most need it, and that they thus dare to take the steps toward God.

The people who lived in the Arctic Circle and who participated in the spontaneous experience of their contact with the Universe and with God also experienced the Attributes of the Father in their consciousness and in group life.

The evolution of that civilization began to take place naturally within months until, without them perceiving it, they began to enter into the seventh dimension of consciousness. They began to participate in everything there was in the seventh dimension, beyond the fact that they lived in the material plane. Their state of purity and attunement allowed them to have these experiences.

Spiritual growth is a principle of Divine Wisdom that can fill the spirits and souls of the world so that they may be guided by the Eternal Father Himself in the designs of His Source and of His Goodness.

In this way, I bring the impulse of this civilization of North America that lived in these distant lands and in the most arduous cold of ancient times where they spontaneously came to know everything that existed in the Universe and thus understood, even on the material plane, the Will of God within His Project of the different civilizations of the Earth.

Each people, each culture that went through this planet, contributed something important to the project of humanity and, above all, to its continuity in the present. If that had not been possible, the humanity of this time would not exist.

With this, companions, understand the importance of building, in this time, this Project of God that is still to be concretized and accomplished through the inner experience and the transformation of all.

And so, I bring you the impulses held and recorded in the Sacred Books of God, which also speak about this part of the local Universe, especially of this planet and its human project accompanied and guided by the great archangels, within the diversity of life that exists in the entire material, mental and spiritual Universe.

With this awareness, you must perceive yourselves as something very small and inoffensive within the great Creation that surrounds you and that vibrates in all spaces, like a soft and sweet melody coming from the Source of Love and Unity, because God still keeps His Eyes on this race, on this humanity and planet.

It is the time of the Plan of Rescue and for this Plan to be able to develop and move forward through the redemption of consciousnesses and through the steps that these consciousnesses can take in this time so that, just like in the past, as it was for the sacred people of Israel, you may also testify to this profound change in consciousness and that maturity, so essential for this cycle, so as to prepare yourselves and prepare your brothers and sisters for the end time that is near.

And when I say near, it is because it is very near, in this material time that you live in and inhabit.

The Hierarchy brings the treasures of humanity so that they may be revealed but also, in their hands, they bring the sacred books of the Universe, to reveal all that it holds since before the origin of your essences, of your existence and of your creation.

With this, companions, understand how history is broader and deeper, and that knowledge is not measured with the mind nor with intuition, but rather with the openness of the heart of each one of My apostles and friends who trustingly drink of the Source of knowledge without boasting nor honoring themselves, because all of this has a greater purpose that is greatly unknown to you.

Thus, trust will have you stay in the void and, above all, in the gratitude of being able to receive these spiritual impulses and these Graces that come so that many can remember what they did and experienced in other times and thus dare to bring continuity to that which the Eternal Father needs.

But all of this will not only be material but also profoundly spiritual and inner. It is there, in the inner self, where the Word of the Hierarchy must resound so that after it may be built on the outer, that which God wants to materialize as aspiration and will. This is the path for understanding sacred knowledge and so that your beings can grow and express what God needs through the presence of your inner Christs.

On this day I bring you these words so that your consciousnesses may expand, so that your hearts may continue to mature in love and in surrender; in the giving of self and in the necessary conviction of serving the Creator Father in these times, as a compensation for the errors committed in this cycle by millions of souls in the world, which brings and causes the Law of Divine Justice to rapidly descend.

In this way, you will understand and comprehend that all of this and all of this purpose that I bring to you today has a broader and infinite purpose which encompasses not only souls but also other Universes and spaces of Creation that are preparing themselves before I return to the world so as to also take their great and last step.

See in the skies the spiritual and nonmaterial construction that your Master and Lord is making with the Word of God, with the Message from the Heights, with the announcement of the Good News for these times.

Be a mirror and a representation in likeness to the civilization of North America, of the people that had that experience so spontaneous and profound with Creation, which carried them into being within higher levels of consciousness and made it no longer necessary for them to be on this physical plane to continue learning to evolve and grow inwardly

It is possible to achieve an experience under other Laws, still unknown to humankind of the surface; but this is possible through the heart, a meek heart, a peacemaking heart, a trustworthy heart, a heart that believes, beyond itself, all that it does not know and has never known.

Gather up these words as My last Words, as My last impulses, as the last revelations, because it is now time to move forward with what God needs through group life and community life, so that the Will of the Father may be materialized and concretized for the purpose of carrying out and manifesting the Universal Family. And, in this way, the majority of beings and consciousnesses will be able to enter into the New Humanity.

Today, the Father accompanies Me, not only through the Word, but also through His Omnipotent and Omniscient Presence.

Adonai is here, with His children, with His heirs of Universal and Planetary Knowledge so that in recognition, courage and honor of His infinite and Cosmic Consciousness, His Nonmaterial, Spiritual and Divine Source, His Universe of Love and of Wisdom, all His children to come to Him, in the same way that this civilization of North America did, because it entered into the Consciousness of God and fulfilled a part of His Infinite Aspiration for this Material Universe, and this was reflected in the Mental and Spiritual Universe. And, in this way, all learned from that experience, from that life that once occurred upon the surface of the Earth.

Rejoice in what comes from Wisdom and drink of the Words of the Hierarchy so that you may grow in an absolute giving of self. This will make you worthy children of God.

Continue praying so that your Master and Lord can fulfill the Purpose that the Father has given Him for this time and so that His apostles can bear the powerful currents that come to assist humanity of today, before everything happens, before everything is unleashed.

All have the opportunity of entering this last ship that is passing by to gather up the self-summoned and thus, live in the Ark of the Covenant.

"Father, You Who know the importance of Your Purpose and Your Universal Aspiration, let Me feed Your children with Your Wisdom and Your Words so that, fortified by the strength of Your Spirit and Your Grace, they may have the momentum and the courage to take the great step toward the realization and concretization of Your Plan.

May these principles that come from the Source and are a part of the history of the different humanities of the Earth be able to fill hearts with that which is new and renewing so that Your Will may be accomplished, as it was accomplished in those who came through and lived upon this Planet.

May the Light of Knowledge allow them to surrender more each day to You and, in that trust, ardently fulfill what You desire, like Your Son accomplished that which You needed and aspired for, until dying on the Cross, for a great Mystery, which You then revealed to Me and had Me participate in, as a part of You.

May each being, soul and spirit be a part of You, as I am a part of You, and You are in Me, in perpetual and eternal communion. Amen."

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the coming of the New Race be accomplished.

May humanity express its archetype.

May the word be living and build Your temple.

May Your Mystery expand in us

and true existence be revealed to the world

so that we may gather in Your Name

and Glorify perfect unity.


Thank You, Father, for all that You give us!

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.


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