Friday, February 14 of 2020

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the melody of forgiveness resound in your hearts, so that it may enter this sacred place, through the great portal of the Universe that My consciousness brings to the entire world today, and especially to all the inner nuclei that must find the path of redemption and the path of peace to again find the meaning of being upon this planet and within this humanity, living the Project of My Father, just as He has written it, so that His Will and His ardent desire that His children attain the celestial spheres, more each day, may be fulfilled.

Today I open the depths of My Heart in this sacred place of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, where the Mineral Kingdom is a witness of the diversity of the history of humanity, of all that has happened in this world and within this civilization, all the peoples who have passed by this planet, learning and experiencing the contact with the Universe and Creation.

In each one of these sacred rocks, in each one of these mountains, in each corner of this valley, a part of the history of humanity is written, and this is what the Hierarchy needs to bring to the consciousness of the human beings of this time, so that all the human beings may again find the meaning of living this Project of God that is still unknown to the majority, but which begins to resound in the hearts of those who follow the word of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Today I come as a Higher Priest, also accompanied by the great Masters of the mountains of the Himalayas, by those consciousnesses that experienced, in the human body, that which this human genetic code means and that which this human genetic code must attain in the current cycle of the planet in which, within a great transition and a great Armageddon, humanity must define its next cycle, its next stage.

In the silence of this place, the sacred treasures of humanity are revealed, this legacy that has indeed been evolutionary has built the consciousness of the humanity of the Surface and has elevated it to superior dimensions in order to be able to find cosmic life, which is the essence, the existence and the origin of the reason to be here upon this school planet, living this learning and this experience that offers you the whole Universe.

Yes, this offers you the whole Universe, because the whole Universe is a part of the experience of this genetic project that stopped in time through the human condition, of duality, of adversity and chaos. And, in this current cycle of the planetary transition, the Hierarchy, the Celestial Brotherhood, approaches humanity to make it conscious of its roots, of its attributes and its legacy, so that it may again reconnect with the essence of what it truly is and the reason why it came here, upon this planet, to live this experience.

It is in this way that the current experience of humanity, this moment of redemption, transition and definition, must also be a part of the history that is to be written in these sacred mountains of the Grand Canyon of Colorado.

Thus, just as this river makes its most pure crystalline, chaste and humble water flow, in the same way the new knowledge that comes from the Brotherhood must flow in the consciousness of the human being, and it is time for all to be conscious of this truth, so that more and more veils of consciousness may fall from your faces and you may find the meaning of being here, living a mission and a purpose in the name of the One, of the Supreme Source, of Universal Love.

It is for this reason that I have brought a little group here, in representation of all the brothers and sisters and followers of the Work of Christ, your Master and Lord, so that you could receive within your hearts, souls and spirits, the same impulses that this sacred civilization of the indigenous consciousness that lived here once received and that still keeps resonating, in the heart of the indigenous people, all that they experienced and attained in the simplicity and in the humility of their contact.

This is why I approach this place, to make you realize and to demonstrate to you what truly exists here, there are many tools, many treasures, much information that this sacred and suffering planet holds within it and in the depths of its sacred enclaves.

After this, all this information has been gathered, has been shared among the Hierarchies of the Spiritual Universe and the whole Brotherhood, it is moment for the human beings upon the surface to become aware of what has truly happened on this planet and not only of what was interpreted by humanity of the surface.

In this way, you will be able to resume the path that My adversary took from you, through his deceptions and illusions, and caused you to enter an uncertain path of duality, suffering, illness, confusion and chaos.

By means of this light that emerges through the sacred treasures that the Grand Canyon of Colorado holds, humanity has the opportunity to again walk the path it lost in the deepest of its consciousness and thus, to have the direct and perfect bridge to resume the inner contact it needs. A contact that brings the Law of the Spiritual Hierarchy in this time, which is one Law, one only path and one Principle that will allow you to unite with the Heights and to the whole supreme existence.

In this way, like the indigenous civilization present here, which had entered another dimension and plane of consciousness, you, My servers and friends, human beings upon the surface of the Earthm of a humanity in transition and definition, will be able to mirror that which God so much needs you to mirror toward the Sublime Universes, to the macrocosms, to all its stars, suns and galaxies.

It will be in this way, through an inner, simple but safe contact, that the information of your learning schools and your process of redemption will be gathered so that a spiritual synthesis may be accomplished again and thus, this human project can finally be fulfilled.

So that all this may happen, you must go through the transitions, you must divest yourselves of all trace of duality, arrogance, competitiveness or indifference. And, much more so, many more energies, roots that were sown in the depth of the consciousness and of the mind of humanity of the surface.

All these experiences must be rooted out, liberated and transmuted, and the direct door that you have, in order to live it and experience it, as well as accomplish it, is the energy of the Sacred Enclaves.

These pieces of information will transform your spiritual consciousness, but also your genetic code and, in this transformation, change and transcendence that you will live, you will be able to see, with clarity, the path of return to the Origins, and from the Origins to the Source where all the Knowledge, Instruction and the Will of God gather together.

With this message, I want to bring to your consciousnesses the moment that you are going through and the opportunity that you can experience, that of finally being able to be freed from the ties, from the prisons of life, from all that compromises the humanity of the surface has with evil. Thus, crossing and piercing through the deepest layers of human resistance, you will be able to find, at the end of the path, the Light that will always shine at the bottom of the abyss.

In this way, the consciousness will step out of its dark night and will again see the dawn be born, which will bring with itself this great moment of revelation and of re-encounter with that which is superior and with its origins.

In this way, you will be able, in a simple but true manner, to be in the Brotherhood and find in this Brotherhood the path for the fulfillment of the Law, which is the first Law: Love, the Love that unites all Laws, all principles and that gives an impulse to all the attributes that consciousnesses need in order to live the Plan.

From this place, I emit this message that resounds in the heart of the just and of those who must awaken, and this is also a message that echoes in the whole Universe, because it is your Higher Priest and Governor, Christ Jesus, who speaks to you, so that you can be conscious of the reality of this path of transition.

Our Hearts, the Heart of all the Hierarchy, will be expanded upon the world, and we will have our hands extended toward you so that you can hold them tight and walk in this time of transition toward the encounter of the Great Portal of the Brotherhood, of the Brotherhood that will be revealed in the heart of humanity, in those who have always aspired to find their star of origin and the meaning of their mission for this final time.

Believe and trust in the possibility and in the opportunity that is presenting itself to the whole world, we are in a time of great adversity, but we are also in a time of great revelations and it will be these precious and sacred revelations that will transcend the limit and the threshold of the human consciousness.

In this way, just like the masters of the Himalayas, you will also be able to be enlightened and your whole consciousness will be filled by Supreme Grace.

From the Grand Canyon of Colorado, I send My message of Love and hope to humanity, stay firm, united and in love; everything will pass, because Our Spirit will not move away, Our Heart will not cease to emanate the love that you need to be strengthened and always find the path that will lead you to eternal Light.

It is in this way that your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus, with all the Hierarchies and Sacred Masters of the Himalayas, today gather in one consciousness and establish the Power and the Will of God within this place which attained, in its simplicity, the highest degree of love and expansion of consciousness.

May all these impulses and revelations resound in the inner worlds of those who hear them, and from there may they regain inner strength, courage and bravery to go through these hard times which, as I told you at the beginning, at the end of the path you will find the Light that will always shine in the darkest of the abyss.

And it will be this Light that will transfigure everything, that will transform everything and heal everything, and thus you will be in God and, being in God, you will be in Me and I will be in you.

And in you, I will be able to accomplish the last part of the task that the Eternal Father has entrusted to Me by means of My apostles, followers and the prayerful. 

Now, with greater openness of heart and consciousness, receive this Legacy that is transmitted by means of these Words and under the impulse of the Greater Love.

I bless you and impel you to become aware of Truth.

From the Grand Canyon of Colorado, silence emits the Love of God to all souls.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.