Friday, November 15 of 2019

The Sacred Call

Before the Ascension, I made a commitment with each one of you that I would come to completely fulfill everything. That time has now come, and that commitment is being fulfilled.

But there is a part that is yours to do, there are souls and consciousnesses that belong to Me.

Beyond your internal or external situations, that commitment has been made in the Sacred Book of God and, although that may be unreachable for you, place it within your heart, because it is there where this commitment will resound.

Even during My Passion, I also had to assume this commitment with you, a commitment of giving My Life, a commitment of shedding My Blood and of undergoing all the martyrdoms and suffering that did not belong to Me so that you could have an opportunity of redemption and could be placed again upon the path of God.

Today there are many souls and consciousnesses that to do value this commitment and, instead of submerging into My Mercy, they distance themselves into the shadows and into the darkness of their consciousnesses.

But I Am this sun that shines in the desert. I Am this Eden, this oasis that comes to take away your spiritual thirst. Come and drink of My Fount, nourish yourself of My Spirit, and My adversary will withdraw.

I will not be able to intercede for you if you do not allow Me to.

The treasures that I have destined for you are incalculable, and these treasures, which you still do not know, must not be wasted nor thrown into the void.

Thus, this commitment that I made with you is very great, and much more than you can imagine.

Today I come to show the world the wounds of My Hands, My Arms, the wounds of My Feet and of My Legs, and the crown of thorns upon My head that symbolizes the inner pain and martyrdoms, the indifference and omissions, the evil and cruelties that souls of the world still inflict upon Me.

But My Heart does not cease to light up and ignite; it is this Heart that beats for the whole world and for the love that It feels for Its faithful companions.

I once told you, and I tell you again today: I have not come seeking perfect or realized beings, advanced beings or scholarly beings; I have not come seeking the tepid of heart. I want you either cold or hot, but I want that you are truly with Me.

You still cannot understand with your minds the infiniteness and greatness of this commitment with Me, because it goes beyond your material or mental personality.

It is a spiritual commitment that you made with Me, before the sorrowful scene of the Cross where, although many were not present, others were present indeed.

Spiritually, and through My Soul of Light, you made this commitment with Me, the commitment of living your redemption and your conversion.

Thus, throughout the times, I have given you My gifts and My virtues so that, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you could baptize, bless and give sacraments to those who have a true thirst for My Mercy.

Those Graces, those merits, those deserved gifts that souls today urgently need must not be suspended. It would be an outrage to the Heart of God.

Before that which My Church experiences in these times, where will I place My treasures? Where will I place My aspirations? Who will be worthy of carrying My Truth in their heart?

I only ask you not to feel defeated, not to give up, to do it for the Plan of My Father and not for Me, so that Divine Mercy, a fount that appeases Divine Justice, may not fall upon you and upon the world.

For this reason, companions, do not fail to benefit from My treasures, My Words and My impulses, because in truth I tell you that, in the coming time, you will no longer hear Me, you will no longer meet with Me, because the cycle of the total definition of humanity and the planet will come, in which the Lords of the Judgment and of the Law will only observe what happens in this world.

The door of My Heart is still open for you; use your intelligence and do not be intimidated or disturbed by My adversary. 

What is most important at this time is that the Sacraments for souls may be fulfilled, according to how you have done it up to the current times. I need to recover My spiritual Church through My apostles and followers.

You will never be able to stop being anointed, blessed and filled by My Spirit because you will need it, companions, to go through the end of times. Humanity does not know what it will experience and you do not know yourselves.

Do not challenge the universal laws, do not challenge the Lords of the Law; follow the commandments. I do not ask that you do it perfectly, but rather make the effort.

Surrender before My Feet, because you will surrender before God, His Presence and His Power. He has given you everything and will never cease to do so.

Why do you hurt Me? Why do you wound Me? I need your honesty, your faithful love, your immeasurable effort.

God does not deserve what is happening in the world, He does not deserve what is happening in souls or in hearts.

I gave you My torch of Light so that you could represent Me and announce My Return, My second coming to humanity.

Do not continue to hurt My wounds. The Blood of the Lamb of God, now of the Resurrected One, is a precious and unquenchable Blood; it is an eternal spiritual Code that comes to be poured out upon your miseries, upon your imperfections and agonies. It is this Blood that continues to justify you before God so that you may have the Grace of redemption and the Light of conversion.

Take Me down from the Cross where you hung Me. The world continues to whip Me with its actions and I need your love and your compassion in order to be restored.

But I will not free you from what you experience until you allow Me to, and plead for it. Sometimes it is necessary that your consciousnesses see the abyss, so as to know how to humbly and unrestrictedly ask for help.

Let My Heart and the flame of My Love govern you, because the commitment will not dissolve in spite of what you may do.

I will come among the clouds and I will call you to give an account of what you did up until the present time, no matter what it may be.

A good shepherd never loses their sheep. A good shepherd gives their life for their sheep, just as I hope you will trustingly give your life for Me.

You must not be indifferent to what the world is suffering. Every day the suffering becomes greater and deeper. Who will relieve them for Me? Who will take a risk for Me? Who will testify to My Presence and to My Word?

My Church is destroyed and I must erect it again with those who are humble and true, pure of heart, in spite of their imperfections.

My Church cannot be completely destroyed; you are part of My Church; you are part of My Mystical Body and you must recognize this every day, because in the most difficult and hardest times help will come and the hand of salvation will be extended when you are humble and resign before your own defects.

I say it again to you, the commitment will not be able to be dissolved.

The King of the Universe cannot set the Law aside because, just as He came to pronounce it on Earth, He thus must continue to pronounce it in Heaven, because within the Law will be your union with God, no matter what happens.

Today the Throne of God receives the Blood of the Lamb, which was immolated and taken by humankind to the slaughterhouse. This is the Blood that will justify you, that will free you, and will save you from your sins. Avail yourselves of this Grace before the Fount of Light completely closes.

Live a worthy life in the Lord and represent Me as I need.

We will  elevate our pleas to Heaven and may the human heart of each one of you feel all that I say, beyond what I have said.

This is the time to be able to justify what has happened through the precious Blood of the Redeemer. Those who are aware of what this means, let them offer themselves to God through My Heart.

We stand up so that, before the Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can offer ourselves at this time of the consecration of the elements and, in this way, we can be anointed by the Light of His Spirit.

Prayer of the Angel of Portugal (repeated three times).

I always give My friends the best that I have, so that they may always submerge in My trust.

When I was gathered with the twelve, as I am gathered today with you, before the immensity and the Light of the whole Universe, in this culminating moment of the life of your Master and Lord, through an infinite Grace and Love still not understood by the whole world, I took the bread and, lifting it up to God, I gave thanks for the sacrifice I would live. I then broke it and gave it to My apostles, saying to them: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

I then took the Chalice and, elevating it with the same strength and momentum of love, the Chalice was consecrated, just as the wine was consecrated, transubstantiated by the angels of Heaven. And in this moment I gave it to the apostles, saying to them: "Take and drink, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be shed by your Redeemer, for the remission of faults; do this always in remembrance of Me."

We praise You Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

United as one heart and one soul, in the Presence of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Divine Son, in His Presence we will pronounce the prayer that He taught us with all the Love of His Heart.

Prayer: Our Father.

And in this way I give you Peace, a Peace that you can never lose, a Peace that you must protect and that must always live in your hearts so that the Peace of My Heart may free you, illuminate you and guide you into achieving the Kingdom of God.

In unity and in love for the Peace of the Universe, in the same way that I said to My apostles: "My Peace I leave you and My Peace I give you", in the name of this Peace, you will greet each other as peacemaking brothers and sisters.

I thank you for having responded to My sacred summons! This has justified you before God.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You may give each other the greeting of peace.