Friday, October 18 of 2019

The Sacred Call


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come to this planet, under the company of the 12 Resplendent, under the company of the Hellel, so that, together with Me, they may deliberate the next steps of humanity and of this genetic Project, which must still attain the realization of the Will of God and the fulfillment of the Plan.

We meditate and reflect from the superior spheres of consciousness. We approach the Earth, we come closer to humanity so that it may spiritually be helped to awaken and become aware of this acute time, that all are going through. 

This reflection and meditation springs forth from a divine Thought and from a Greater Will, of trying to bring toward humanity what it once lost, returning to the Path of God and toward His Divine Thought so that, in spite of its errors and the experiences committed, it may be possible to sow in the consciousness of beings that which God waits for and expects so much to have fulfilled upon the surface of the Earth.

This small planet, however small it is, is important for God, because from here the new Christs must arise, those who will bear within themselves the seed of the Love of God, offered through the experience lived by your Master and Lord on Earth during His public life, His Passion, His Death and Resurrection, until the moment of His Ascension. 

All these codes, all these experiences lived, all the merits attained, Your Master, the Christ, will try to overturn and pour out as light upon the world, and especially upon those essences that, in spite of their imperfection and tests, faithfully offer themselves for the accomplishment of the redemptive Project, a Project that has just begun, the redemptive Project that will accompany the transition of humanity, the consequences it experiences and the decisions it makes, everything that influences the divine fulfillment of the Will of God.

But do not lose hope nor the aspiration of seeing in the near future the appearance of a new humanity, which will finally obey the Laws, which will live the Commandments and will celebrate, in joy and in bliss, the Presence of God in the life of each being.

The Hellel represent, not only the Light of God for the planes and the Universes, but they also represent this maximum Will that comes from the Source, which is nonmaterial and divine. 

They are the bearers of the greatest aspirations of God and they are those responsible, after Christ, for fulfilling and concretizing them in the spiritual, mental and material Universe. 

From this Spiritual Universe, from where emanates the Source of Love, Unity and Truth, emerges the impulses for the spirits that are experiencing evolution and awakening, and also for those who, in the coming times, will emerge from the Sources of the Universe and will also live the school of love and forgiveness, everyone will be able to learn to incarnate within themselves this Divine Will, and to fulfill His Great Aspiration, which is to see His children happy, joyful, in adoration and in honor to His Presence so that this communion and this union with the Universe may be established, first within each being, and then they may be expressed upon the surface of the Earth. 

As counsellors of the Universe, as those who carry forward the decisions of God and fulfill them through His requests, We know that humanity is in a very difficult and crucial point.

But if this faith, which springs forth from the heart that believes and has conviction in the Eternal Father, is always present, there will be nothing to fear, because God, throughout the times, has always presented Himself and manifested through small groups so that this Project, that He wants to attain and carry forward through His children, can be concretized.

Therefore, whenever a new civilization emerges, whenever a new race manifests, there are groups of souls that are summoned by the Universe of God to carry forward His Will in a way that is closer and nearer to the planetary reality.

But it is not something material, companions, it is not something visual nor concrete. It is something profoundly spiritual. It is through this intimate union of souls, of spirits, of essences with the Divine Consciousness. It is to establish this contact and this communication with the Heights, knowing that the Father is always there and so are His children, in order to live His Will in a simple and humble way.

Humanity does not pay attention to what this means and the importance that it has. Because it demands from each consciousness to live a change and a transformation. 

It is Divine Will itself, which is the very energy of the nonmaterial Source of God, that impels, not only the will, but also the transformation and the redemption of beings.

And when this happens, when this transformation is presented, and this purification manifests, it is a sign that this purification is being concretized, beyond the forms, appearances or facts.

Therefore, the souls that aspire to live in God must never lose sight of this knowledge and this Instruction, which will always lead them to renew themselves on behalf of many beings, of many consciousnesses that are asleep, in illusion, that do not want to see God, and that offend Him.

It will be this love, in the heart that aspires to God, that will allow you to sustain the planet and humanity in this time. However imperfect this love may be, it must be a true love, although it may not be mature, let it be that which is offered unconditionally to supply the need of humanity, its great spiritual and internal need so that the light may not go out, so that the light may prevail and reign above all dimensions and planes. This light that also comes from the Source of God, so similar to the light of the sun, which nourishes you and gives you life.

Although you are not aware of the decisions of Your Master with the Resplendent, always position yourselves in this attitude, of living renewal, by means of transformation, purification and redemption.

Because in this way, companions, you will be witnessing Me in this acute moment of the planet, in which everything that the human being of the surface does is very grave. Therefore, among a few, among the most silent and imperceptible, He carries out His Plan and His Will, just as He does with His Archangels, Angels and Hierarchies, sustaining with love that which is unsustainable so that souls can have an opportunity, in the birth of love and of Grace, so that they can be anointed by the Holy Spirit and may be redeemed, recognizing not only their errors, but also their virtues and gifts, which were one day wasted, so that now, by means of this special Grace, they may be placed at the service of the Eternal Father.

I only need that you never forget that which is within each being, and that is the essence of God, which helps you to communicate with the Universe and with all existence, which gives you an impulse, by means of your souls, to live the Plan and the Divine Will.

Above all adversity, tribulation or obscurity, remember this divine essence, and make a commitment to protect and safeguard it from yourselves and from the world, so that more light and more love of the Universe may be present at this moment on Earth, may be emanated and radiated toward all consciousnesses and toward all places where love, mercy and peace are needed.

Each time, companions, that we come to meet you, we reignite, nourish and feed with divine light this essence, which is within each one of you so that love may grow within you and not ignorance. Appreciate this invaluable essence that God gave you, and you will know how to go through these times, and how to endure these moments of the planetary turning point.

And you will volunteer, just as I volunteered for you and for the world, to be able to heal you with My Blood, and to purify you with My Water. Relive this commitment, remembering My Passion, and from that you will have inner strength to go through this planetary moment. There is still a lot to do; there is still a lot to accomplish. Occupy yourselves with that which is essential, with that which each one came to fulfill and contribute in this time.

And of everything else, God and the Universe will occupy them. And thus, your healing and your redemption will be attained, and you will continue evolving and deepening, not only into Universal Knowledge, but also in the comprehension and the infinite wisdom of the Supreme Will.

Today I come to the world in a special way. In the presence of the Resplendent, the Hellel, so that souls may be helped internally to make their decisions and take their steps toward the portal of redemption. I give you Peace, so that you may live and share it where it is more necessary and urgent. I thank you for accompanying Me in this time. And do not forget your solar essence, which is within you to help you live redemption. 

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.