Friday, September 20 of 2019

The Sacred Call

You are not what you seem, but rather what you sill do not know. I gathered you together for a greater purpose, and your consciousnesses still do not deeply know it. 

Thus, I invite you to always be with Me in order to accomplish the purpose that God gave Me for your lives, and to bring more awareness to your hearts, in the deep feeling that all of this is true.

For some reason, companions, I am here, a greater reason unknown to your lives. It is this purpose that God gave Me that makes Me come here all the time and announce the Word of the Eternal Father.

Thus, today I am not here alone, but also accompanied by the angels and by many consciousnesses that were once on this planet and had evolved spiritually, testifying to My Love for the world, and representing Me on the surface of this Earth as Christic souls.

I invite you, companions, to hold in your consciousnesses, and especially in your hearts, the clarity of this purpose that I bring to you.

I know that your lives will not transform overnight, but that it is possible, companions, to achieve what I aspire for each one of you.

Everything that happens in this moment is the result of a miracle of love granted by the Eternal Father Himself, for each one of those present and those not present, through the existence and the presence of the Sacred Hearts.

That is what you must never lose sight of, beyond what you may go through, what you may feel, what you may think or what may happen in this moment.

Everything that the Universe sends to you is a sweet learning, no matter how hard or difficult it may seem.

In your hearts I need to forge the new Christs, I need to forge these souls that have come to serve Me, as you served Me in other times, as in the era when I was present among you and with you, in which you could come to know My Heart and My Presence, in which you could hear the Word of God expressed through My Lips by the Holy Spirit.

My companions, I ask you to not be confused, I ask you to not punish yourselves, I ask you to no longer be disturbed.

You came in this time to be the bridge toward the planetary transition. Your own lives are the transition of the planet for many, many souls of this humanity that suffer in the darkness of the abysses of the planet, and that someday will deserve to find the Light.

Thus, everything that happens to you, companions, in the face of the grave planetary situation, is very small. Thank God for all that you receive, all that you experience, and all that you feel. Deeply thank the Eternal Father for having been congregated by My Love in this definitive time.

So never forget My Christic Principles that are the new commandments that I bring to you in this era. In this way, I come to renew the church, which is very corrupt and deteriorated.

I come to renew the church of hearts, the church that is in ruins and that only through a representative of Peace, with the help of all beings of goodwill, can it try to rise up again.

Thus, this representative of the Light is called Francis, and all should unconditionally support him. But know that the whole of the Plan is accomplished in different fractions, each one has a responsibility within the Divine Purpose. The personal part that each one of you is responsible for will depend on each one of you, in order to be fulfilled.

My companions, this will make it possible for divine intervention to be present in this planetary chaos that aggravates more each day on the surface of this Earth.

You are called upon to not only be a bridge to the transition of humanity, but you are called to also be an emergency plan, the expected rescue plan announced by the spiritual Hierarchy.

do you now understand that everything that happens to you is small?

Day after day I give you new sufferings and small tests so that you may experience them for Me, so that you may do this for Me, so that somebody on the surface of this Earth may do something for humanity.

But remember that you will never lack My support and My presence, even when the time comes in which I will need to withdraw, as the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph has withdrawn.

When this time comes, companions, I will be contemplating you, accompanying and observing you, so that you may put into practice all that you have received.

This will be the great moment in which My Heart will feel that your lives understood what I said to you, as well as what Saint Joseph said, and My Most Holy Mother. In this moment, the situation will be very difficult, on a planetary level, on the level of humanity.

But what should you fear? If I am here among you, I am your Shepherd, I am your Master, I will continue to be your Redeemer and your Mediator before the Celestial Father, even though you fall and continue to fall hundreds of times. Do you perhaps doubt that I will pick you up?

I come here to be able to renew you, to prepare you for situations and experiences that you have never had. Everything that happened up to the present moment has been a preparation.

These are the times of great changes, not only on the material level, but also on the spiritual level. This will allow the bases of the Hierarchy to be present on the surface of the Earth and all Their sacred and divine tools to continue to radiate toward this ill humanity. The Project must be rescued, no matter what; the evolution of this race must not end here.

So everything that you experience will be indispensable to Me, everything you offer and all your dedication will not only rebuild the corrupt consciousness of humanity but also the Kingdoms of Nature that have been hurt and continue to be hurt by humanity of the surface.

Companions, it is the time to live the great giving of self, a much deeper and unknown giving that can compensate for and balance what is happening in the world.

I am not calling you to be exhausted, to be unbalanced or crazy. I am calling you to responsibly assume the spiritual Plan of the Father.

I am not only speaking to those who are present here, where each one is in their school, in this moment, I am speaking to all of humanity, to the whole world.

Because these are My last and definite words that will prepare you for what is shortly coming, and what will come will not be only words, they will be facts and happenings that your own physical eyes will see.

I am not only speaking on the level of humanity, of nature or of the serious climate change; I am also speaking on a cosmic and universal level, of the movement of the stellar bodies, the stars and the suns, of the change that this planet and the planets around it are experiencing, the moment of the turning point which at this time the local Universe is experiencing.

Thus, all the spiritual Hierarchy is concentrated at this moment, which was much prophesized in other times, in which the Book of the Apocalypse has been fulfilled, step by step.

But companions, the most decisive and intense part has still not come. This is why I prepare you inwardly so that you may bear it and overcome it for Me, in My Name, because I will give you the inner strength, as long as you need it. You will not be weak, you will not lose your inner strength, you will not have any doubt or uncertainty.

I call you, companions, to definitely believe in My Presence here. Because if up until today there has not been any abnormal phenomena, it is because your inner worlds do not need them.

Humanity is in need of a great awakening, a more resounding and intense awakening, as it was in 1988. But now this awakening will be precise and unique. For this reason, you must prepare the spaces upon your Light-Communities and over all the places where beings of goodwill may cordially unite so that the spiritual Hierarchy may have the possibility of manifesting this awakening that will produce a great change in the deep consciousness of humanity.

But everything that will happen, companions, so that this profound change can take place it will depend on each human being of this planet. Even though the stars, the suns and the galaxies may move, or the Hierarchy itself may materialize, even though this should really happen, that great change in consciousness will depend on each human being, who must be affirmed in love.

Today I come to speak to you in this way, because this Community of Figueira is prepared, since you have taken the step, in trust and in love, so that your Master and Lord can speak to the whole world in order to know that these are not just words but rather events, happenings that will come and be concurrently visible to the whole world because the planet will also move.

The planet is greatly suffering from the consequences of the behavior of humanity of the surface and, in a divine and cosmic way, we are avoiding something worse from happening, or something similar to that of Atlantis.

In this way, you will understand, companions, that what humanity is experiencing today is very grave, what humanity is feeling today is very grave and, above all, so is what it puts into practice today, not respecting the universal and divine laws.

Thus, to the Celestial Father and all the Lords of the Law, who are in charge of the debts of this humanity and of the Universe, I have proposed being able to intervene directly in humanity up until the last chance, no matter what it costs.

For this, companions, I need you to follow Me and support Me, because this will make it possible for many more situations to be avoided in this humanity and, above all, for wicked plans to not be established in the consciousness of the human being.

A third world war worse than the two previous ones must not happen; three-fourths of the planet would be greatly affected.

The human being is experiencing limitless ambition and believes it has a power greater than God's, but the Eternal Father will never confront them, will never challenge them, because the Eternal Father is a Consciousness of living Love, a Source of Mercy and of infinite Compassion. The Father will only contemplate them and He will ask His Faithful Servant, the Most Holy Virgin, to do what is possible and what is impossible to help all His children in this moment of awakening, in which each being of the surface of the Earth must be aware of what they are to accomplish in this moment.

I will give you an example: it is not by chance that in these days, because of a greater Will of God that is also unknown to you, My Heart allowed a group of consciousnesses to come together, a group of souls that had been with Me when I was present in this humanity and who committed to Me, face to face, to give their life for Me in this end time.

This demonstrates that the Will of God is unknown and that His mystery of Love can be revealed to the hearts that open to be touched by His Light and His Compassion.

It is this Love that these souls experienced for Me, and still experience today, which allowed you to gather together here to be able to reconfirm your vows before your Master and Lord.

This can also happen with each one of you. For some reason, companions, you are here today; never forget to ask yourselves this or to ask your Master and Lord, "Lord, why am I here today? Being able to be in a comfortable world, in a world of illusion, in a world that experiences indifference, there being so much need and so many traumas to heal in humanity, as well as in the Kingdoms of Nature?"

Divine Grace, which touched you since the beginning of your existence, is what allowed you to come to this present moment, to this incarnation to experience this inner meeting with Me, knowing that your Master and Lord throughout time and generations works with small groups of souls, in which the Plan of God can be established and manifest in a sure way.

All of you this evening, as in other past meetings, are a part of a story that I Myself am writing. It depends on you, companions, that this story can continue to be written by Myself, that you may be a part of this Sacred Book of the new humanity, of the revelation of the end of times that the Hierarchy placed and will continue to place in your hearts, to manifest the Will of God.

I do not want you to feel moved by all that I have told you. I want you to be able to feel, beyond My Words, what I want to transmit to you and tell you.

I need you to be able to awaken your intuition so as to be able to perceive that which the Divine Hierarchy is doing, knowing that in this last cycle, what is left of 2019, 2020 and 2021, will be the last and great movements of the spiritual Hierarchy for humanity. 

Because after that, companions, when we are no longer here to speak to you, but will still continue to lead you and guide you from spirit, it will be you who will hold the doors of this house and of the rest of the communities open, to support this planet together with the pilgrim souls and, in a "sacred common unity", manifest the presence of the inner Christ.

For this movement and this moment, I will be profoundly grateful because My Peace, in spite of the chaos that will reign in humanity, will not be missing in the one who believes in Me. Amen.

The Celestial Church is opening at this moment to receive your imperfect beings and so that your essences may be filled with the Light of God. By a Light that is eternal, inextinguishable and invincible. By the Light that brought you here and the Light that will lead you to eternity.

We stand up.

Let us celebrate this moment with joy, and from the deepest and most sincere part of our heart, before the Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, the King of Love and of Peace, let each one of us, in the silence of their heart, emit the offering we need to express in this moment to the sacred altars of the Creator, so that these offerings, pleas and intentions may be taken into the Heart of the Father through the intercession of the angels.

May Saint Bakhita inspire in you the love that we should have for sacrifice, so that the hearts that suffer most, and that are in agony today, may be healed, sheltered and protected by the Light of the Love of God. Amen.

To all those who in this moment are able to and feel to do so, in light of the Presence of our Lord, in the revelation of this infinite mystery of Love celebrated in the Eucharist, we ask you to kneel as an act of reverence and of devotion to our Lord, in this moment of transubstantiation and of consecration of the elements.

By the Breath of the Spirit of God that intervened and worked in the Last Supper for the redemption of humanity and of the planet, I again give you the honor and the glory of this Sacrament that was expressed by the bread and the wine that converted into the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Thus, on a night like this one, before living the great sacrifice and the sorrowful passion for humanity, I took the bread, I elevated it so that the Breath of the Spirit of God could bless it, I broke it and gave it to My apostles, saying to them: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body that will be given for you for the forgiveness of sins."

We listen to the three sounds of the bell that transubstantiate these elements.

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

In the same way, the first part of the Supper having ended, I took the Chalice into My Hands, elevated It to the Eternal Father, the Breath of the Spirit of God blessed It and then I gave it to My apostles and to those who were present on the inner planes, saying to them: "Take and all drink, this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant that will be shed by your Redeemer for the remission of errors; do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

We elevate the Body and the Blood of Christ.

And now, companions, blessed by the Breath of the Spirit of God, you will repeat, in trust and love, the prayer that I taught on the Mount of the Beatitudes.

Prayer: Our Father.

Elevating the Body and the Blood of Christ, we adore the Lord eternally present in the Eucharist, just as in the Blood. And we give thanks.

We cover the elements and we place them upon the altar.

We may stand up.

When God calls you to live My path through a vocation or a consecration to service, to song or to prayer, it is for a reason.

Thus, you must trust in what you feel, in what you experience, without losing sight of My steps of Light.

Today I want to give a special greeting to a soul that has a birthday today, an ancient walker of My steps of Christ, that I have brought here today for a greater reason that I Myself am silently building and preparing. I give her My thanks for her giving of self and for her offering of self through music and voice.

Today I not only celebrate this moment in a special and unique way, because I know what this moment of celebration means, in which each soul has the opportunity of being renewed in the Plan of God and, above all, through My Heart, of being close to Me.

And so, as I have expected in these last six years, I gathered together these souls on this day, for millions of other souls that are behind them, so that they may make an offering of a song that in a simple but true way, tells the story of your Redeemer.

Today I will listen in a sweet melody to the one I was: "Un Hombre llamado Jesús" ("A Man called Jesus").

I will listen to you and at this moment I give you My Peace, so that this Peace may be shared and given to the whole world for the triumph and the victory of My Sacred Heart.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you.

And now yes, you may give one another the greeting of peace, in reverence and silence.