Friday, November 16 of 2018

The Sacred Call

I Am not only Jesus, but a Divine Consciousness that emerged from an extremely high non-material Source, and came to the world to awaken redemption in humanity.

But before I emerged from that non-material Source, many situations occurred in the Universe, many failures and errors were committed.

It was the decision of the Great Celestial Father that the Second Person of His Most Holy Divinity should descend to Earth with the Power of the Spirit and of all the Creative Love  to be able to incarnate on Earth and bring the Good News of salvation.

The Son of God, when once among you, performed many spiritual and inner tasks. Up until now humanity has only come to know ten percent of that Mission.

The spiritual Mission that the Father entrusted to Me was more profound than it seemed.

The Passion, the Death on the Cross, and then the Resurrection and the Ascension were significant events of that great spiritual Mission on Earth.

In truth, companions, since before I incarnated on Earth as a human being and to be among you, My Father entrusted Me to help all the material Universe, the great fallen ones, so that they could be redeemed and converted.

That spiritual Mission was not known to humanity, because at that time, as well as in the times following the great presence of Jesus on Earth, the human being was still very immature to be able to know it and understanding it.

All this was possible through the action of the superior and immaterial laws that are not within the reach of humanity.

I come to reveal, companions, to all of humanity, to those who believe and those who do not believe, that the great moment of the return of the Lord is approaching and there is still a little time left for repenting and redeeming.

I bring to you all the possibilities from the Universe

I present to your lives all the paths that lead to My Heart.

But you must always recognize a single Regent Consciousness: that in which you originated and created you, that being present in the spiritual and supra-spiritual Universe, expects all of Its creatures of the material Universe to be able to take the great step towards redemption, recognizing their errors, taking responsibility for their failures, transforming their lives by the compelling power of My Mercy; it is that spiritual energy which I bring to you in this time, as the last lifesaver for your salvation.

But today I do not need you to recognize your sins or your failures, because I already know them all, profoundly.

I come to raise your consciousnesses toward the true spiritual reality that your souls are still searching for, so that they can melt into God, and on the Path of God, find their sacred task for these times, the fulfillment of their spiritual mission for this end of time.

I need, companions, that you to open your consciousness and your hearts so that My Divine Fire may descend upon you, and you are not only bathed by My Spirit, but also redeemed by My Grace.

That immaterial Source from which I come from the spiritual Universe, is still intact and you can recognize It within you because God has given you an inner Universe that you must still discover, that you must still deepen so as to find the Divine Purpose of Creation on your paths, the goal and the objective that brought you here, to this life that goes beyond the superficial and material life.

It is time, companions, and before the spiritual Universe that today awaits you, so that you can recognize your spiritual mission in this period, knowing that there is not much time left for the great purification of the Earth and of humanity.

But you can count on My support, on My Hope and on My Faith to be able to move through this transition of the end of times; something that you have never lived  and that for the first time, you will go through in these critical times.

But if your consciousnesses and your hearts are truly connected with the Heights and united to God, the immaterial Source from where I come will aid you and will help you, and all the sublime currents of the Universe will come to your aid.

Even though you are purifying yourselves of mind and body, the spirit of each one of you, if united to Me, will not lose the spirit of the joy of God.

I also bring this opportunity for all of humanity, because the human consciousness still has not risen to be able to perceive, beyond material life, the errors committed, and thus enter into the School of Redemption that I offer to you; a place in which you will be able to perceive and recognize which attributes of life you must live in this time, in order to definitely move away from many customs and habits that only stain your souls and separate you from God, distancing you from Love and from Truth.

I promised from the beginning to tell you the Truth and I will fulfill this until I return physically to Earth.

But when I return physically, many things will have happened, because in the most acute moment of humanity is when I will enter from the Universe to the planet, and no one will be able to say that I Am not the Christ, the Master among masters, that will return to announce the Good News and gather all those redeemed to again celebrate the restoring and redeeming communion of the end of times together with the Celestial Father.

While you have time to prepare yourselves for this event, do not allow your lives to be distracted by the world and that the distraction completely absorb you, until it is able to take away your reason and discernment. 

We are in a time of planetary rescue, but this will be physically seen shortly.. First the spiritual Universe will intervene in humanity, because it is your spirits that need this great opportunity in these times, so that all of your history kept in your inner Universe may be redeemed.

Do not miss the opportunity of knowing the Grace. That is the Divine Grace that has brought Me here today to Camboriú, to radiate what this people in Southern Brazil spiritually need, to be able to correct their paths and enter into the Kingdom of God just as they deserve, by means of their efforts, their prayer, their unconditional service to others, in the name of fraternity and of solidarity among all creatures.

In this way, you will be taking sure steps and you will draw closer to My Heart more and more so that I may fill you and illumine you through My Divine Essence, which has the power of more than hundreds of suns to illuminate all the Universes and all consciousnesses. That essence is a Spiritual and Non-material Sun that was manifested by the Non-material Source from which I emerged, to bring the great impulse to this local Universe, and especially to this humanity.

The whole Universe contemplates the opportunity that you may be able to take that great step. The doors to the Divine Mercy of God are still open. Thus, you will be able to lift your beings toward the High and enter into the Heart of God to be able to be in perpetual communion with Him and receive His Sacred Presence in your hearts.

Perhaps you do  not understand everything that I tell you today. It is through the immaterial Laws that I am able to pour My Message upon the world, like a tributary of Grace and of Mercy for humankind.

And thus, you are also participants in all the codes of light that My Heart brings today for those who will be redeemed.

The time has come for Me to show My true Face. But in order to see It, and particularly recognize it, you must prepare as the apostles prepared, who in prayer and in vigil, without knowing it, recognized the Face of the Lord in the Heights of Mount Tabor, a place where I displayed and also showed them My transfigured Aspect, just as God manifested Me from His Source with all of the power of His Divine Humility.

The world will not be able to say that it did not know how to change and that the spiritual Universe did not come to warn them that it was the time of the great change in consciousness, with effort and resolve, with faith and with the impulse of spirit.

For this reason, I bring you higher revelations, so that your consciousnesses may be uplifted and you perceive and see reality, the emergency of these times at a planetary level and at  level of humanity. It is there that indifference must be eradicated, so that the love may reign that will bring the impulse for the transformation of all beings and the elevation of consciousness of the planet toward its true and real time.

The effort must be very great, but those who decide from the heart, will count on the help and guidance of the Hierarchy, because the Plan of God works in the Hierarchy, and everything is possible when the Plan is followed in obedience and transparency.

Outside of these rules, the Plan will not be fulfilled in any consciousness.

The human being of these times, in those who have perverted and deviated after  many Graces, from the Blood shed on the Cross to all the Christian martyrs and blessed in spirit, must reverse that spiritual situation with their effort, to be able to be worthy of the Grace, that like a very powerful flow of light, will transform their lives overnight.

But it is necessary that you be determined and that you confirm your consciousnesses to God, because My Words will no longer pass. They must be divine attributes in your lives so that the Plan of God may be reached and materialized on the surface of the Earth.

I am here to help you and give you an impulse.

I wish the good for everyone and the end of indifference in the human race.

I need you to be pillars of My Work, just as the Father needs, because My Church in the world is collapsing because of so many blasphemies committed and so many transgressions carried out on the consciousness that I most adore, the children.

This calvary must be reversed; the power of the Cross of the Redeemer must triumph.

But first you must represent My Cross in your lives, elevating your consciousnesses to the Hights and extending your arms in donation, in charity, in mercy, and in good wherever you may go and to whomever you meet on your paths.

That will greatly reverse the debts of humanity and more points of light will be able to continue opening over the surface of the Earth, because you will demonstrate to the Universe, and mainly to the Creator, that there is a part of your consciousnesses that is understanding the Hierarchy.

I tell you again, companions, that from the spiritual Universe I bring possibilities for everyone, not only to reverse your pain and suffering, but to be able to confirm you in the commitment with the Creator.

This sacred planet, all the sacred Kingdoms, must fulfill the purpose for which they were created in the Genesis. After having deviated and perverted, the awakening of the consciousness of humanity will allow healing to come for all of the planet. And in this way, equality will be established among the peoples, among the races, and mainly, among the nations.

Today this is all that I can tell you. Your consciousnesses have a point to be able to support the powerful currents of the Universe, which desicively and imperatively, come to  the aid of humanity.

 Have these currents flow in your lives through good examples, a life of prayer, of donation of self, of service, of consideration for a fellow being and all the Kingdoms of Nature.

At this time let us lift the offering of each one of your hearts to God, so that your inner Universe enters into communion with the Divinity and the Universe.

We stand up.

Your Master and Lord, the Son of God, of the living God, will bless and consecrate the elements offered on the Altar so that souls may commune of the Most Holy Trinity, in perfect harmony and attunement, and so that the fruits of Creation may awaken in simple and humble hearts.

Lord of Life Who created all and manifested all, powerful Celestial Father, sublime Divine Consciousness, consecrate these elements that are today being offered at the doors of the Celestial Universe as an act of reparation and of healing for the hearts most in need of Your Light and of Your Truth. Amen.

Father, baptize Your children with Water of Life, just as You once baptized Your Son in the Jordan River with Your Spirit of Life, so that Your Works may manifest in all those who are congregated by Your Love. Amen

A moment of offering to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of the Sacred and Unfathomable Heart of Jesus.

At that time, I took the bread, giving thanks to God and He blessed it with His Divine Spirit. I gave it to My apostles, saying to them: "All take and eat of it, for this is My Body that is surrendered for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

And thus, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God entered into the apostles and in all of those present on the inner planes.

Lifting the Chalice to God, giving thanks for the Sacrifice that would be lived and experienced, the Father blessed it, and I passed it to My apostles, saying to them: "All take and drink from It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood that today will be surrendered for everyone for the forgiveness of sins. Always do this in Remembrance of Me until I return to the Earth."

Our Father...

Eat of this Body and drink of this Blood so that your spirits may reach eternal Life.

I have received your offerings in My Heart. I will cry out and ask for each one of them to the Celestial Father.

I hope that the example of your lives will serve for many more, knowing that it is still necessary that the powerful current of My Divine Mercy continue to help the world.

The Peace of My Heart be in you and that your lives always represent Peace, knowing that the Peace of God is essential for these times, for the descent of the spiritual Universe over humanity.

As an act of reparation and of healing, as an act of joy and of gladness, and especially, of reconciliation with God, in My Name you will give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you for having been with Me today, something that has been indispensable for Me and essential for your souls.

I bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you!