Saturday, October 20 of 2018

The Sacred Call

Today My Face looks down and kisses the ground of Argentina so that the Father may send towards the world His most profound feeling of Love, in order to fulfill His Will in this part of the world and in all of South America.

I have come as the Priest among priests to begin the celebration of this Eucharist which congregates everyone in love, in goodness and in peace. And that calls the cultures and the peoples to unite themselves to the Essence of My Love, because I have come to the world for all and for all peoples.

With My Love I teach you the truths, what you should learn for these difficult times, knowing that it is indispensable to learn, as My disciples, to unite yourselves to My Heaven for the Grace to descend and to fulfill you.

The most acute moment of humanity is approaching. Therefore I come in Divinity and in Spirit to prepare you, as I came to My apostles before Pentecost, to bring you the Good News, the announcement of My Resurrection.

But today I cannot come completely with all My Being, because you would not bear it, your bodies must continue purifying themselves to reach the necessary inner state so that you may be able to recognize Me when I return to the world, in a way never seen before.

Thus you will recognize the true Face of the Lord and the legacy that the Son of God received from the Universe, from the hand of the Father, will be known.

The Earth will have already purified and redeemed itself; the sinners will have been forgiven to be able to receive the legacy of the Heavenly Father, that will unite the peoples, the races and will constitute itself in the Holy Spirit, in a sole belief: the belief in the living God, the one that has always been with you, since before you existed, since before you appeared and since before you were created within this universal system.

For some, My Words will sound new, for others, My Words are already known.

It is time that you recognize the language of the Lord, the one that comes from the Primordial Source to rescue the world and its lost humanity. Therefore many more must consecrate themselves as My Apostles.

I have chosen to come outside the Church after all this time, so that the rest of humanity can recognize Me as the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, that propagates the Mercy of God in the world.

I invite you to elevate the consciousness from state through prayer, silence and forgiveness. Because first you should forgive yourselves so that you learn to forgive others, and so that humanity can forgive each other, in spite of what has happened and lived through the times and the last generations.

Trust fully in a new life that will begin on Earth and in which it will no longer be necessary for men and women to live in suffering and in pain. Because what I bring you today is something renewing, something more renewing than what I brought you the first time, when I incarnated in this world to announce the Good News and to declare My second return to humanity.

You must be worthy of the Grace of God.

You must be participants of the Divine Communion with the Spirit, because all come from the Sacred Spirit of God and this Holy Spirit will return some day, after going through the experience of Earth, through this school, and to learn to live Love, Forgiveness and Redemption.

I have never kissed the ground of any nation on Earth.

So that you may understand that symbol, you will see how great the planetary need is of unity among peoples and nations, in spite of who governs them.

Your true existence is in the High, in the Universe, in what you can receive from the Heavenly Father and that no one will take from you, by no means.

You must place your gaze towards the stars and not toward the superficial.

Thus you will learn to go through the times and you will conquer new states of consciousness, that will take you understand many things by means of the Divine Wisdom.

Thus you will help others to awaken and learn to live My Gospel as a basic school in this time of awakening, in which the consciousnesses must recognize that they must change to be able to be part of the new, of what will come from heaven during My second return.

God has given you an eternal server that is your guardian angel, the one who always waits for your steps in the Work of Mercy, of Service and of Redemption, so that you learn to grow internally, so that you to learn to be good persons, in spite of the imperfections and defects.

I come to look for what exists within you, what God deposited within you and that is part of My Celestial Church.

I wish to penetrate your inner temples. I wish to live in your hearts so that you can feel different things from what you feel today, so that you can vivify My Consciousness and thus, be part of the flocks of God that are guided by the Love of Christ and that only aspire to love and to love more each day.

This will free you from the spiritual salvery that many consciences and souls live in these times.

This will free you from the spiritual and material ailments.

But you must open your heart to Me so that in you My Redemption Project is constituted.

Argentina is a country I profoundly love because I know it was created by a Greater Purpose that many still do not know.

Here must arise the new light of dawn, so that after the three days of darkness, the souls rediscover the meaning of walking towards the infinite and in repentance, ask for forgiveness to Creation for so many mistakes made.

Argentina is a people that must regenerate its consciousness in union with the Spiritual Hierarchy, in union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus so that its decisions can be coherent and are within the Divine Law and not the law of man. This will avoid much suffering and much pain, bitterness and great anxieties.

Companions,I come to remove you from the inventions of My enemy awakening your consciousness towards the High, towards what comes from the Source and is eternal.

It is this Love that lives within My Heart that brings me here today, for each one of you and of your brothers, for each of your families, of your towns and cities, for each being who lives in South America.

But I know that not everyone will answer to what I need.

As two thousand years ago, I will call you to go two by two, so that you are witnesses of My Return and, in trust, testify My Presence in humanity.

I will give you the power of the word and the humility of the heart, so that the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit may guide you and show you that I Am the Son of God, who is announcing His return at the most crucial moment of humanity and of the planet.

Open your eyes to this Mystery that is being revealed in Argentina, because I have chosen the most simple place among the simple that exist, to give you this good news and to announce that the end of your captivity is near.

Believe that all will be renewed. Start imitating My example in the good deeds  and do what the good wherever you go,  because love is what will save the world and not the weapons.

Renew yourselves in the hope of My Heart and continue opening the doors of My Divine Mercy, because I still have thirst for many souls, especially of those who suffer in solitude and in silence.

I want everyone to know that it is Jesus of Nazareth who is speaking to you and announcing the advent of His Glory and of the Kingdom of God for the whole planet, at the most culminating moment of humanity.

Receive then the holy Sacraments so that you may be blessed by My Spirit.

Learn to love the Word of God, but put it into practice during your lives, because it will not be enough to see the Word of God, but to live it.

The parables I have left you are basic teachings for those who are just starting to live the path of Christ. But there is still more to know and discover.

The divine knowledge does not end with the Bible.

The Universe of God is approaching to deliver its revelations and as the Prophets and Patriarchs, finally humanity can consecrate itself, in the name of the Lord.

Lifting a Hand toward Heaven and placing the other onto My Heart, pray for you saying:

Father descend your Pious Compassion upon Argentina for the souls to discover the wonderful powers of Your Love, that saves all, that heals all and that redeems all.

Place all in Your Heart so that the Blow of Your Spirit may guide the men and women of the Earth, as You guided, Father, the people in the desert together with Moses, in order to discover Your Promised Land.

That Your Will, that originated all life, be vivified.

That the souls may  be born in this world, to experience the richness of Your Love among the families and the peoples.

I desire profoundly, Lord, that in everything is found  Your Divine and fathomless Mercy so that the mistakes may be dissolved and the heart of the beings of the Earth may rejoice when finding Your Peace. Amen.

This is the moment in which My Celestial Church approaches the Earth, so that the elements offered on the Altar are consecrated to the good, to the goodness and the Mercy in men and in all who believe in the Return of Christ.

Let us celebrate this moment with joy in the spirit, for a spiritual renewal in Argentina, so that  this people consecrate as a flock of God that listens and answers to His sacred designs.

Lord, bless everything that You have created to give to Your children the goodness of Your heart and the Infinite Spirit of Your Grace.

That the souls in this communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, find the path toward Your Celestial House.

That the doors of Heaven open and that the rain of love of the Holy Spirit descend for the souls to be blessed by the Mercy of God and by His Infinite goodness, that unites the hearts under a same purpose.

Today the Mystery of the Glorified Body of Christ is renewed, present in the Live Bread that nourishes the souls with His Sublime Spirit.

Today is renewed the Mystery of the Holy Chalice that sheds the Blood of the Lamb and that liberated from oppression the human beings from the whole Earth in order for the Love of God to triumph through time.

At that time, I took the bread and giving thanks to God, My Divine Spirit blessed it and repeating the Words that the Celestial Father dictated to My Heart, I said to My Apostles and to all who were present: Take and eat all from it, because this is My Body that will be given for the forgiveness of the sins.

In the same way I raised the Chalice and the Father blessed it with the Immaterial and Universal Power of His Spirit. I said to My Apostles: Take and drink all because this is the Chalice of the New Alliance between human beings and God, between the souls and the Celestial Father.

Blood, exorcize, forgive and repair the hearts!

Divine Blood of Christ that vivifies the souls in the Great Universe of the Creative Love of God,

This is the Body and the Blood of Christ that through the times has surrendered and that  will continue to surrender for the redemption of the world and of humanity,in order to awaken the new humanity in  the impulse of new christs.


And now let us pray together for more souls to commune of My Spirit and of My renewing Strength of.

Our Father...

That the Peace of the Heavenly Father be in your hearts and in the hearts of all beings on Earth.

That Peace always be in Argentina and that it be proclaimed to the world, from South America the triumph of the Divine Mercy in humanity.

That the doors be closed to suffering, to the past and to perdition.

That the doors to the new life and to the healing of all the consciousnesses be opened so that all may feel like participants of the second coming of the Kingdom of God.

With the Light of My Wounds, I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In fraternity, for Argentina and for the world, you will give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you!