Monday, August 13 of 2018

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

After the last 8th of August, many more situations on the planet and in its humanity have already been defined.

Now is the time to take up the Plan and to carry forward the mission that God entrusted to each one.

It is time to live this Plan in an unconditional and permanent manner, this will open the doors between the Universes so that the Design of God may be concretized.

But there are still companions of Mine who have not understood what this means, and the importance there is, in this time, to live this Plan of God.

When I tell you that everything has been defined, it is because everything has been defined.

After having received this greater impulse, it is time to carry forward the part that corresponds to you.

The doorways to sacred knowledge have been opened during these last days, and this sacred knowledge must continue to flow on this planet in order to instruct this humanity.

For this reason, it is time to live the Plan of God and to not interfere with it.

It is time to carry forward what is written in the Heart of God; it is time to fulfill it and to manifest it.

This is why I invite you, day after day, to relive the steps of My Sacrifice, so that you may be strengthened, and even more, so that you may be united with God.

In this perfect union that may exist in each being, that union with the Universe will be able to occur, and thus, that Brotherhood may be established that should already exist on the surface of the Earth.

It is not a time to bring concerns or interferences to the Work of God.

Each server on the surface of the Earth is already conscious of what they must fulfill in the face of this Divine Plan, which approaches humanity with force in this time, in order to be able to renew it and redeem it.

While there are situations on the planet that are getting more serious each day, I invite you, I invite My companions, to take up your responsibility; to carry forward this Plan in the best way possible and with the greatest dedication, so that your hearts may not cool when the most difficult events approach this world and this humanity.

You must learn to reverse the chaos of the end of times.

You must learn to become submerged in Wisdom, and to daily step out of superficial things, so that indifference not come to you, so that ignorance not blind you; on the contrary, so that the light that comes from wisdom may illumine you and guide you on the path that I have built for each one of you.

I will not pause in My steps for those who may not want to change.

I will continue onward with the persevering and with the brave, with those who are willing to live My Commandments and My Commands.

To each one of these beings I will give the direction of the Plan, the perfect handling of that Work, so that it may be manifested and materialized on Earth.

It is time to perceive, companions, that the world is in a huge collapse and that humanity is not accepting reality, because it submerges, day after day, in modernities in order to escape from reality and from the truth that is presented before the eyes of humanity.

It is time to draw the Purpose of God to the Earth; it is time to learn to build it through examples and with service.

 It is time to learn to live the Designs of the Master, so that the Truth may be reflected on Earth in the hearts that have given themselves to My coming together.

I invite you to relive My Sacrifice so that you may recover the codes that you need, and thus learn to survive in these times, when increasingly inexplicable things will be seen and will surprise everyone.

I call you to pay attention to your inner fortitude.

I call you to the discipline of prayer and of service to others, so that the Love of God may abound in your hearts, so that this Love may also lead you and guide you on the path that I have already designated for each of My disciples

I will not set My Hands in the place where they do not want to call Me.

I will not intercede for that soul that does not want to invoke Me.

The freedom of beings still continues to be the great test of these times, which still changes the events and which still puts at risk many things that human ignorance does not perceive.

If you truly understood what the grandeur of the Universe is, and its infiniteness, many attitudes would no longer be in My disciples.

It is time to love sacrifice as something sacred.

It is time to carry forward the Work for Me, and for no one else.

You must perceive, companions, where you have placed your feet and on what path you are, so that those who are on My Path may continue walking and so that those who have deviated may soon return to this path that I offer you towards My Heart, which is the refuge of those who persevere, of those who are constant and peaceful.

There is still much to restore in this humanity; there is still much to serve on this planet.

Souls are crying out for help and the Kingdoms are screaming for relief.

It is time to do something different than what is done daily.

It is time to attract from the Universe what humanity needs; for this, there must be representatives of My call and of My message on the Earth. There must be consistent souls who understand what I am asking you for, and what I am requesting, from time to time.

There is still much to be done, companions. The Work of God will not stop for anyone, but rather, it will expand through everyone's adherence.

I need you to understand and feel My governing Heart.

I need you to receive this impulse with the greatest gratitude of the heart; because what must not happen is that you be distanced from the reality of these times, and the emergency that this planet experiences, day after day.

I need to forge a definition in you so that you may know which the path is that you will follow in the next cycle.

The last 8th of August attracted important impulses that almost the majority knew how to benefit from; but I hope that in the next cycle you may know how to benefit from the Word of the Hierarchy, which is already ending.

When the last message is fulfilled and the last word is pronounced, everything will happen and you should have your foundations well established in order to be able to endure the new times that will come.

I encourage you in this challenge of taking on what you have never taken on, of experiencing what you have never experienced, of doing what you have never managed to accomplish; but I will help you, My Presence is unconditional and eternal.

Dare to take on your talent for the end of this time, and thus you will build the path for My second return to humanity.

The Master and the Shepherd separates the wheat from the chaff in the stable; because it is now time to live a brotherhood, which will be built through an unbreakable unity, which will be uplifted through permanent prayer, a brotherhood that will be carried out with the help of everyone; in this way I will have more openness in your hearts in order to be able to labor and work. 

I bring you the impulse of something Greater and unknown.

I bring you the opportunity of living new attributes and of carrying My Words in your hearts so that they may be part of the self and, thus, may be part of the world, of a New Humanity.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.