Thursday, July 12 of 2018

Special Apparition

Adonai, Eli, Olam intercede for your children at this moment. Intercede for the world and its humanity. Intercede for those who are not part of Your Mercy yet. Allow them to know the sacred values of Your Spirit. This is why I come here to show it, presenting Your Second Person to humanity. 

I come to a land where many wounds were caused, where many martyrdoms were lived, stronger situations than My Passion. 

For this innocent blood that was shed, for those that moved away from love and caused many sequelas, today I bring the Holy Chalice in My Hands so that in this redeeming Supper, Germany may receive the atonement it needs, so that the power of Your Creator Heart triumphs. 

In this Sacred Chalice that I bring today from South America, where it is preciously kept and protected, I bring the spiritual Blood of the Lamb, that was immolated by the injustice of humankind; the Lamb of God that offered Himself to put an end to the evil of humanity. 

And even though many generations did not understand this message, and evil continued being generated in humanity, it was the same error of the beings of this land that caused great outrages in the civilization of the Earth itself. 

But through the codes and the merits of My Passion, I have the joy of arriving in Germany with the Mother of God, to grant souls and essences the rehabilitation that they need on the spiritual level. And thus, once again, I will be able to renew everything within and outside humankind, in the essence and in the expression of this race. 

With the authority that My Father has conceded to Me since the beginning, I come to put an end to the past, I come to erase with My Light the suffering lived, and by means of My Mercy, I come to offer you My Heart of Peace so that the men and women from Germany and from the world may recognize the value of the Love of this Heart, that from time to time offers Itself to the world to be able to supply it with the Love of God and heal it with the essence of His Heart. 

This is the Heart of Jesus, the Christ, that has been offended by humankind and that in Its innermost holds the flame of His Love that comes to be poured out upon the world and humanity so that it may be redeemed and forgiven. 

Before the Celestial Universes, today My Presence is upon Germany and the Hands of the Son of God write, in the Book of Light of the Father, a new story that today will begin to flourish in the most intimate of the souls that by means of this meeting have responded to the call of the Son of God, of the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. 

Germany has always been in My Sacred Heart. Germany must find its spiritual path to be able to rise as a redeemed civilization that awakens to the values of fraternity and love, of hospitality and hope. 

I do not want you to remember the suffered Germany. I want you to remember the renewed Germany that must fulfill its mission before the Celestial Father.

Just as My Heart has offered Itself to consecrate many nations of the world, such as Ecuador, today I offer My Heart to consecrate Germany to the divine Plans of God that will be gestated and created by very few, but that just like two thousand years ago, with only twelve people, this Plan of God in Germany will be able to flourish and silently awaken in many hearts. 

Today before My Presence I bring you the spiritual archetype of this nation, the one which God thought since the beginning, since its conception. 

May this principle awaken in the hearts that listen and, by means of the Sacred Chalice of the Lord, may the codes infused by the Mercy of God, the codes infused by Divine Grace, the codes infused by sublime healing, erase the suffering generated throughout the times, and may the joy of serving God, of fully living Him in Heaven as on Earth, be reborn in hearts. 

For this you must work much, but My Trust will strengthen you because what I expect from Europe is very big and everything will begin in the small so that afterwards this may be reflected in the big. 

Commit yourselves to live of the Blood of the Chalice of God's Lamb so that your inner codes may be renewed through the Sacrament of Communion that today I will offer you so that the times may be renewed and so that the spirits may renew themselves in My Grace. 

With special dedication and with a spirit of consolation, today My Heart reflects Its Rays upon Germany, and very unknown and profound experiences are dissolved. 

Souls, in their spiritual universe, receive by means of My Intercession, the help they need for liberating themselves from the chains of errors, and for living the Will of God, by means of the balm of Love of My Heart. 

I have chosen Cologne because you have opened the door to Me. And when just one single soul opens the door to Me, this soul will open the door to many more souls. 

Look around and you will understand what I tell you. 

I draw to My Mercy those who need it the most. 

I draw to My Light those who live in a deep darkness. 

And by means of the most suffering souls, I renew the times and recreate the Project of God in all those who answer Me. 

For the Lord of the Universe it has been a great universal and spiritual movement to be able to arrive at this moment, at this hour and under this circumstance. 

But see that when the Love of God is present, nothing is impossible, because the Love of God is what conducts hearts and does not separate them from Me, on the contrary, it merges them with My Spirit so that My Spirit may feel the eternal joy of living in communion with souls. 

This is why today I will raise this Spiritual Chalice in the name of Germany and the world, and I will take you all to My Divine Mercy so that you may live in My Divine Mercy and so that you may learn to find it at each moment. 

In this hour, when My Heart fully expands Itself to the world and to all the souls of the Earth, I will offer this plea to our Creator, not only for Germany but for all those who listen, so that they may be invaded by the intimate Spirit of God, and the profound flame of love may sprout again in the simple hearts, in the hearts that are open to reencounter the essence of love in their lives. 

Let us offer this moment for those we know and do not know, for the unveiled mysteries and not yet unveiled, so that the energy of Divine Grace acts and proceeds according to the Divine Will. 

May today this whole scenery be converted into an altar so that more souls may enter it and submerge themselves in the fountain of My Grace. 

For this reason I have not asked you to come up on it, because it will already be blessed for when the Queen of Heaven and Mother of the whole Earth comes. 

I want you to know My profound simplicity because the Lord of the Universe is simple and His simplicity is to be found in the essence of love, which is what renews everything from time to time. 

And now we will reach the most culminating momento of this day, in which souls and God will unite, in which Heaven will descend to Earth by means of the consecration of this offertory. 

Today this sacrifice that is renewed by all humankind of the Earth and by means of the Body and the Blood of Christ, is preciously offered for the inner and spiritual healing of all Germany. 

More than two thousand years ago I taught you something very simple but very great. And today I ask you again to innerly imitate Me and unite to Me by means of the Spiritual Chalice of the Lord that  I have brought today with all My Love so that this sacred teraphim may radiate to you. 

When I was among My ones in the Last Supper, in the profound opening of My Heart that emanated love to all the beings of Earth, I asked the Father to bless the bread and His Spirit descended upon it, and I told them: Take and eat all from it, for this is My Body that will be delivered by humankind for the forgiveness of sins. 

And thus, the apostles ate from My Body and the Wisdom of God entered their souls for them to carry the testimony of My Presence until the end of times. 

And today I offer this material chalice in the name of the spiritual Chalice, that today has specially come from South America to make the boat of the Hope of God, which no one will be able to stop, flaunt among the continents. 

The Father blessed the Chalice with His Spirit and the wine was converted into the Blood of the Lamb and I said to My apostles: Take and drink all from it for this is the Chalice of My Blood that will be shed by humankind and today especially upon Germany, for the remission of sins and healing of every wound in the innocent hearts. 

This is the Son of God present in Body and Blood that sheds His Mercy from time to time to offer humankind the profound testimony of His Love. 

In the end, the mission that I have come to fulfill in Germany has been consummated and will continue forward by the response that souls may give Me. 

Now I will be able to return to Heaven to carry in My Heart this feeling of love that hearts have given Me and thus show it to the Father so that He may rejoice His offended Heart. 

Most Beloved Lord of Creation, infinite and sublime Spirit, make Your Mercy spring in the hearts of Germany so that all may recognize their filiation with You and thus Your divine Project of Love may be fulfilled. Amen.

Before leaving to the Universe from whence I will come to Earth for a second time, I would wish you to bid Me farewell with a song that moves My Heart, so that your hearts are moved for rediscovering the path of deep union with the Primordial Source. 

I want Germany  to listen to this song as one single voice. I wish all those who know it to sing it so that more souls may be moved by the power of My Spirit, which renews you and gives you redemption. 

The song is called: “The reason of my existence.” 

I thank you.