Wednesday, June 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 59th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, in the province of Algarve, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The one that is My rival will never manage to separate My flocks, no matter how much he agitates or disturbs them. The Faith of My Heart will prevail because it is a real Faith that comes from the Heart of My Father, is projected in My Heart and I project it over those who are Mine.

That powerful Faith of My Heart will always be invincible and that Faith, I invite you to testify in your lives, in your paths, in your coexistence, in your brotherhood.

It is the Faith of My Heart that will triumph in the world, through the powerful flame of My Love and of all those who love Me in the world, unconditionally.

I come to transform your love in the name of My Higher Love, so that you may live Christic Love someday.

Behold the Lord of Divine Mercy before you, the One Who announced the salvation of the world to Faustina, so that she could contemplate His Divine Image at the feet of Our Lord.

Behold the Rays of Pity and Grace, which are poured out today upon the world to generate atonement in the souls and true justification before all the committed errors. 

Behold the Lord of Divine Mercy of the Nations, The One That has no frontiers, nor divisions, race, color or society.

Behold the Lord of Life Who penetrates all souls with His Divine Power, Who comes from the twelfth celestial dimension and descends to the Earth, to this third dimension, to generate the great awakening.

Behold the Defeater of Death, the One Who rose for you, so that you could rise in spirit.

I am the Lord of Mercy and the Lord of Peace. Where I am present, no evil can abound or surround, because the victory of My Heart is realized in those who open to recognize Me within themselves.

Behold the Second Person of God manifested before you, the Firstborn Son, the Only Born Son, the Redeemer, your Savior.

Behold the One Who sustains the Sword of Justice, so that it may not be buried in the planet and cataclysms come about.

Behold the Lord of Justice, of Equality, of cooperation and of understanding.

Behold the One Who expurgates the evils of the world and defeats the hells with His Love, with the powerful Light of His Heart.

Behold the One Who transmutes the world, Who transmuted it and will transmute it, the One Who sublimates laws and unifies dimensions in the hearts that open to this sacred knowledge.

Behold the powerful flame of My Heart, which is revealed to the humble and shows itself to the simple to conceive in them the Glory of God, the Grace of the Father and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Behold the One Who breaks the chains of evil, Who dissolves human inertia and awakens the consciousness of human beings to the real spiritual truth that emerges from the heart of the Universe for all of this solar system.

Behold the One Who governs after the Father and is seated to the right of the Almighty.

Behold the humble Servant of God, Who died, suffered and endured for you, so that you might know the dimension of My Higher Love.

Behold the One Who opens the doors of Heaven so that all may enter into the House of God. Although you remain on Earth and are not in Heaven yet, you may enter through My Heart to the Kingdom of God, to His sublime dimension.

Behold the Lord of the Truth and the Life, the Way and the Kindness, Who decides, together with the Archangels, on the continuity of this race and of the Universe in which you are today.

Behold the Lord of the Milky Way and of all the local Universe.

Behold the Lord of the galaxies, Who contemplates with love even the smallest particle created because everything is part of God, of His Heart, of the kindness of His Love and the purity of His Spirit.

Behold the One Who will judge the fallen angel through Redemption, Who will stop the times so that there will be a single time, Who will grant the world the one thousand years of peace.

Behold the risen Lamb, which will free souls from suffering; which will give hope back to the world so that all may know the happiness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Behold the Servant of Humility Who will renew the Church when He returns to the Earth for the second time and will destroy the oppressors, so that the good news of the Kingdom of God may be fulfilled in those who have been faithful and unconditional to My Heart.

Behold the One Who carries the Scepter of God in His Hand and the great Star of the Confraternity that unites all creatures of the Universe under the same condition, which is the higher condition of the Spirit of the Source of Creation, from where all come, from where all emerged once as sparks of this universal experience, which must be recreated through your sacrifice and redemption so that love, truth and unity may triumph in the hearts of the Earth and in all those that exist in the Universe.

Behold the Lord of all humanities, That One Who deeply knows the Project of God, after having incarnated as a man and as a Divine Consciousness on Earth.

Behold the Lord of fraternal Love, Who gave Himself for you to correct the Project of God, to turn this Project into a divine dignity in the Eyes of our Creator.

Behold the Lord who calls you to correct this Project through the transformation of your lives, the love for service, the redemption of your hearts, through your path of conversion.

Behold the Beloved Shepherd Who will always give you His Gifts, Who will show you the way and will point the path out to you to merge with the Creator.

With all of this, I want you to know My spiritual Aspects and the power of the omnipresence that the Father has granted Me since My Ascension, so that I could be present in all places and with all creatures, no matter what their condition or their evolution.

With My Mercy I come to renew the world and grant souls the Graces they need in order to know how to go through these times without losing the way to My Heart.

Through the Sacraments, I come to give you peace and the conception of good in your lives so that this higher good may reverberate not only in your lives but also in the world, which will need to awaken to cooperation and fraternity.


Everything that is offered from the heart has its reward in Heaven and furthermore, acquires an immense power when it is offered with humility and simplicity.

May these Sacraments that you will receive today renew your lives, so that the Kingdom of God may be established in you.

Yesterday you washed your feet, but today you will wash your heads, anoint your bodies, for the Love that the Holy Spirit will grant you.

Each Sacrament is the profound symbol of the reparation of souls, the opportunity for dissolving inner suffering and for generating healing for the spirits that most need it.

Today the Light of the Holy Spirit will be ignited in your consciousnesses so that you may be blessed.

Today you will be anointed by the immolated Lamb, so that Its precious and divine Blood may sanctify your lives.

As the power of the water that baptized Me in the River Jordan, may today this power be imparted and registered in this element that is offered at the feet of its Creator so that more souls in the world may testify to the immensity of the Universe of My Love for all hearts, so that peace may be established.

The moment has come to relive the Sacrifice of the Lamb.

Let all who can, kneel, so that this sacrifice that will be offered today to God may continue to be a source of reparation and of mercy for the world.

In each new sacrifice there exists the emanation of the Love of God, which can be experienced and undergone by the hearts that receive the Sacraments.

Seated at the table, together with My apostles, I took the bread, gave thanks to God for the surrender that I would live for you, and in that profound sacrifice of love, His sublime and divine Spirit blessed it. And all the angels of Heaven prostrated themselves before the sacrifice of the Lamb and for the Blood that would be shed in reparation for the outrages, indifferences and omissions of all men on Earth up to the present time.

Thus, I said to My apostles and today I say to you: all eat of It, for this is My Body that is given up for men for the forgiveness of sins.

May this sacrifice be recognized by the whole world and throfoughout the times.

Having the first part of the Supper ended, I took up the Chalice, that sacred teraphim of the Universe, which is still reverberating throughout the times and generations. The Spirit of God blessed it and the Holy Father, the Almighty Lord of the Universe put His Head on the ground, as a sign of reparation for all of humanity and the whole planet. The Ray of His Heart blessed the sacred wine, converting it into My precious Blood.

And I said to the apostles and today I say to you: all take and drink from It, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, which will be shed for you for the forgiveness of sins and the atonement of all consciousnesses.

Do this in remembrance of Me.

Our Father...

Lamb of God
Who takes away the sin of the world,
have pity on us.
Lamb of God
Who takes away the sin of the world,
have pity on us.
Lamb of God
Who takes away the sin of the world,
bring us peace.

This is the Lamb of God, Who has sacrificed for you. Happy will be those who avail themselves of it so that nobody else may be immolated in this world and no other being may shed its blood for the injustice of the world.

I will always give you My Peace so that you may learn to live in My Peace, knowing that peace opens the doors to the healing and the redemption of souls.

Before your Master and Lord be witnesses of this Peace that comes from Heaven and descends to the Earth to close and dissolve deep wounds, great spiritual wounds in humanity.

Through the Rays of Mercy that today emerge from My Heart, I grant you peace so that you may learn to put yourselves under Me, so that My Rays of Light and Love may continue to be poured out in your lives and over the planetary life.

May the Peace of God be with you and go in peace. Through this Peace, I dissolve your sins and your offenses, in the same way that I dissolve the offenses of the world at this very important hour of the memory and remembrance of the Lamb of God and of His Divine Sacrifice.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You may give one another the greeting of peace in My Name.

I thank you!