Thursday, June 21 of 2018

Special Apparition
Special Apparition of Christ Jesus in Bratislava, Slovakia, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Here in Europe, My sweet Heart aspires to penetrating more with It`s Light so that souls may avail themselves of My Mercy, so that souls may drink from My Source of Love.

There is still so much My Merciful Heart has to give to the World, because even the emptiest souls, the souls that have no love, need their Redeemer.

That is why I have come to Slovakia, not only for its people, for its land, and for its culture. I have come for this whole region, that has been witness to unforgettable suffering that closes today before My Presence, with the help granted by My companions, in any part of the World.

I make use of these noble hearts because I know they can awaken to humility; because I know they can awaken to an unconditional service, so that all of the Work, which is vivified in Heaven, may descend to the Earth through My servers.

Today I come with the most sublime from Heaven to remove that which is heaviest on Earth. Thus, in an imperceptible way, your Master and Lord comes to uplift souls to the Kingdom of God.

From the moment in that you said "yes" to Me, I was able to come here and do wonders in the planes that nobody can see, where the true need exists, for which only your Master and His sweet Mother, Who is in the Heavens, can intercede.

 Slovakia is a nation that needs spiritual rebuilding, through the dogma of faith and the experiencing of the Sacraments, the Sacraments that I have delivered to the World to be able to reveal to Humanity the great Source of My Love, that is beyond errors, outrages, and indifferences.

That is why I want the souls to know of the Source of the Love of the Lord, because thus, they will be saved; because in this way they will receive understanding and will comprehend the Celestial Universe much more, just as your Master and Lord understands it and lives it.

Through the Source of My Love you will be able to vivify the Will of God; you will be able to make it a part of your lives, you will be able to bring Peace to the world, when you simply encourage yourselves to love that unknown Will.

Slovakia is a people that needs the Love of God. Therefore, your King and Lord is here, bringing from the Divine Source not only the inner Graces that you require, but also the Love that you need to learn how to pass through these definitive times.

It is the same love that I conceive in the souls so that they may live My Path. It is this same Love that I pour on those who need it the most, those who are on this plane and on those who are on other planes, because My Love is a Source that penetrates in all the spaces and in the deepest corners of the being.

That is why I bring you the revelation of the Love of God, because it will be the foundation to build the new times, to build the new civilization and the New Earth.

In the Love of God is the salvation of souls, the great help for the hearts.

In the Love of God, the Divine Virtues are expressed, the sacred attributes that Humanity needs in order to be able to redeem the planet and the race itself.

With the meek Love of My Heart, with the peaceful Love of My Heart, with all the Mercy of My Heart, today I come to visit Slovakia to rebuild its spiritual universe and also its moral life. Because here there exist very precious souls that have brought Me here without realizing it and that have been waiting for My Paternal Presence a long time, who hope to find Me again and to experience Me, just as many hearts in the World experience Me.

In this way, companions, through My Heart, I show you that I am the Lord of Humanity, as well as being the Lord of the Nations.

The Verb of Love, that emerges from My Heart, will make all the nations understand; may all hearts understand, irrespective of their country or their language; because the Love of God, in hearts that are so different, makes all things understood, understands all the mysteries and reveals all the secrets that My living Heart keeps, as the Son of God.

Slovakia is to be a promised land, just as Poland; so that when the Lord comes, He Who is in the Heavens, and returns for a second time, finds His people and this part of humanity in full devotion, in an inextinguishable love, in an incalculable faith that may open the doors of the universe for the descent of the Presence of God.

My Presence also speaks in silence, because while I am with you, I am with all Slovakia and with all those who are beyond this country. I am with Croatia, with Bosnia Herzegovina, and with all the nations that once were part of one same nation, the ex-Yugoslavia.

I come to place My Feet on this people and on these lands, I come to encourage you to walk on the path of hope, of the victory of My Merciful Heart.

When souls say "yes" to Me, they allow Me to reach the places that are most in need of spiritual help and of the Divine Intervention.

Through this moment and this union with the souls of the World, especially with those of Slovakia, I come to celebrate communion with you to once again bring from Heaven the Graces that you need, the Attributes that you need, the Mercy that you need to continue forward on this path of faith and of hope that I invite you to live daily, through My Sacred Heart.

May your lives rejoice today, may your hearts be moved today; because the Mercy of God, through the Beloved Son, performs Miracles in the lives of men in this time of humanity.

The Attributes of My Heart are for everyone, that is why I am worthy to come here, so that you may receive them and they remain engraved in the spirit of all your people.

For the second time I open the Source of Atonement here, in Slovakia, after having opened it again in Poland.

Rejoice your hearts, because the time of the great redemption of Humanity approaches and the dissolution of human suffering will cease so that souls may live the joy of the Kingdom of God.

May the Source of the Grace of God spread today throughout Slovakia and reach as an unquenchable Grace the souls of this nation. So be it.

May errors be purified. May the past be purified. May the present be purified so that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit may be born in the souls that must return to the Redeemer. Amen.

Let these elements of the Altar be contemplated today by the Celestial Father and transubstantiated by the angels of Heaven, so that the souls of Slovakia may receive the Grace they need.

Like a long time ago, on a day so similar to this one, I was gathered with My apostles and many souls on the inner planes to celebrate the Eucharist, with the Body and the Blood of Christ. Thus, I took the bread, in the name of all the men and women on Earth, and accepting the sacrifice, I lifted it up to the Heavens, so that the Most Holy Trinity bless it, and I said:

Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body, that is surrendered today in spirit, soul, and dignity, for the souls of Slovakia and of all Central Europe. Amen.

I took the chalice so that the Most Holy Trinity bless it, and said:

Take and all drink all from it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, that is shed for humankind, for the forgiveness of sins.

I invite you to do this in Remembrance of Me until I return to Humanity.

This is the Body and Blood of Christ, that again donates Itself unconditionally to the world, for the forgiveness of sins and the establishment of the Mercy of God.

Our Father...

Lamb of God that removes the sin from the World, have pity on us;

Lamb of God that removes the sin from the World, have pity on us;

Lamb of God that removes the sin from the World, give us Peace.

My Work in Slovakia has been fulfilled.

May the Peace of God be always with you and wherever you go, because the Peace of God will be essential for these times and for the emergence of the New Humanity.

I bless you, with all My Grace and My Celestial Mercy:

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

In fraternity, you will now give each other the greeting of Peace, so that Peace may spread throughout the World.

I thank you!