Sunday, May 20 of 2018

The Sacred Call
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the Sacred Call, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Let My Love enter your heart so that all things may be transformed by Me because My ardent desire is for the Purpose of God to be concretized in your life and the ways of evil to not be fulfilled.

Sometimes souls do not understand what I ask and what I need. But in truth I tell you, you could love what I desire from My immaterial Universe.

Let My Love enter your home and your life. What are you waiting for? I still have much to do in this world and your life is a path for that.

I do not need your skills or your opportunities. I only need you to let Me enter so that I may remove everything and build in your heart the temple of My Church, which vibrates in the higher dimensions and is filled with angels of God, praising and worshipping the One.

Do not wait any longer to take the step. Surrender. And if you have already surrendered, surrender even more, because I need it.

What I do is not understood nor is it very valued by the world. What you give Me is valued by Me and all that you surrender to Me is written in the Sacred Book of God because it will be part of the testimonial that will save you when the Universal Judgement approaches the planet and its humanity.

The world does not know that I am still suffering through what I see in humankind and by all that happens in the world. Just as I consecrate souls, worshippers, and devotees, I also need your heart to consecrate itself to Me, so that a spark of My design, which is the design of the Father, may be deposited in you and what you came here to fulfill may be fulfilled as it is foreseen. I do not need you to justify yourself before My Presence because I know everything.

It is time to do something for others and above all for the planet, which agonizes as time goes by on the hands of your clock. As the seconds go by, there are souls that are in need of My help and I avail Myself of the apostles to carry My Work forward, which is filled with the Love of God and with the Mercy of His Heart.

Look at Me and feel My Heart, My living Heart! Look at the arteries of My Heart and the Blood of Love that constantly springs from it, in order to justify before the Universe the errors of humankind and to concede Divine Mercy to the souls most in need.

But you, after being at my side so many times and having received everything, it is time that you take the step in the trust of God and that you say from within yourself: Lord, here I am!

I do not need great things from your life, only that you worship Me, that you accept Me, and that you live Me as the complement of your life, as the living flame of love, that will never extinguish and that will bring to the world the healing that it seeks and needs so much.

Today I expose before the world the human Heart of the living Christ, that Teraphim of God, that Heart that surrendered all for you, up to Its last drop. How much Blood of Love I have to pour over My children and how few accept it!

I will always tell you the truth because remember that the truth will make you free and thus you will attain peace.

May humility steer your lives for these critical times, in which many, many souls will be confused by other masters.

Seek the essence of My Heart and your lives will be full.

Seek, My child, the flame of My Spirit and you will never lack peace, because what I verbally promise you, I fulfill.

If once I told My Apostles that I would come back a second time, here I am, even if you do not see Me, preparing My return.

I need that the grove that I have sown here give its fruits and does not delay. The world still needs to nourish itself spiritually through your offer and your lives so that the Plan may be fulfilled. And this will begin through remembering love, the love that will free you, the love that will heal you, the love that will transfigure you so that you are finally others, as I expect it.

But you will not lose your defects, rather you will work with Me to transform them one by one and in their own time. I know that it is painful to detach from yourself. I give you the example in the Garden of Gethsemane when in the greatest agony and in the greatest suffering, I had to bear everything for you so that you would have an opportunity in this end time.

I want you to understand what I tell you. These words and the ones that will come are now the last ones, and when the last word is pronounced by your Master and Lord, everything will pass and the world will not be able to say that it was not warned.

I pray in the garden of God, every day, just as I have prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane for My enemies, for those who betrayed Me, for those who would turn their backs on Me up until these present times.

I need, My children, that My current Church, expanded throughout the Earth, be renewed and rebuilt from its essence.

I need that, in love, you are one brotherhood, so that this can happen and that divisions do not exist, doubts or confrontations, because when that happens, My Love will not be there.

Gather, with your hands, the fruits that I have given you through each apparition, by means of each meeting, as well as through each Sacrament.

Learn to live the Will of God just as it is and do not modify it.

The world already modifies many Laws and that is why it suffers and agonizes. But you, who have been blessed from beginning to end, must give the example, come out of yourselves and give all for your friends, as well as for your enemies. This is the most important key that I give you today, through this message.

That is why I expose My living and human Heart, which has been glorified and transubstantiated through the spear on the Cross, so that it may be considered and worshipped by humankind as the justification before God, in spite of your mistakes and of your tests.

Those governing will not transform the world, but rather the faith in your hearts will transform the Earth.

Just as at the Sea of Galilee I called the twelve, today I call you again and all those who listen in the world, so that the Word of God may be considered and appreciated as the last source of expiation before the heavens are closed to the world and its Messengers withdraw.

I pray for that moment, I also pray for that time that will come. The world does not know what God is thinking, that is why it falls on its own will, again and again. But I teach you through My Love to make you free one day, knowing that I do not look at your imperfections, but rather at your virtues, your sincere virtues, which will make the world transform, as the world needs in this time.

Enter into Communion with My living Heart, human and throbbing, and everything, everything will be recovered.

The project of humanity in Genesis was altered, and what is lived today is the result of the first mistakes of Adam and Eve. But I came to the world unconditionally and as a poor man, to teach you about Love and Truth. I allowed Myself to be nailed to the Cross, be whipped, humiliated, and martyred. God allowed His Face to be completely spat upon and His Blood to be shed, drop by drop.

Who will be conscious of this mystery? Who will love this mystery so that the mystery is unveiled?

Everything begins and ends in love because it will be love that will cause you to rise in spirit and in life. Woe to those who do not avail themselves of this love! Woe to those who turned their backs on Me for other loves!

If I am here it is because I persevere in your lives and you will persevere in Me, in spite of what happens. Someday all will be understood, everything that has taken place here will be understood. The Door of Heaven will close, so that the souls of the Earth may live their last time.

I am not being dramatic. I am being sincere because Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will remain in the humble and resigned hearts before the Heavenly Father.

But before I rise to Heaven for the last time and have finished My task with you, after the next pilgrimages, I will send My Angels with the arrows of the love of God, so that they may be buried in the open hearts. And thus the essences, in this last hour and in this end time, unite to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Today, the Holy Spirit is present through My Mouth, through the Word and My Lips speaking the fire of God, which transforms what is corrupt into the uncorrupt; that which is low, into the sublime; error and misery, into mercy.

Blessed be those who keep My Words, for they will need them in the coming time.

Blessed be those who listen to My Word, because they will remember My Words in the most difficult moments of humanity and in these critical times, in which everything is in play.

When you see that the world is about to collapse, it will be the moment in which I will be returning physically. And the scriptures of the Apocalypse will be fulfilled. The Bible will be renewed because the Master and Lord of the Universe will rewrite a New Testament for humanity and the Universe. And the Angels will be witnesses of the legacy of Love and of the Grace that was deposited in the heart of those who listened to the Word of the Lord.

While the last trumpet sounds at the Center of the local Universe, the angelic laws are mobilized with their legions of Light and their hosts, to silently prepare the defeat of the fallen angel and of his kin.

The Scepter of God will be placed on Earth and will be recognized and seen as if it were hundreds of suns. And Divine Justice will be fulfilled.

The hour has come to take that step so that all this is fulfilled. It depends on humanity for all this to happen.

Receive these Graces as the last ones. The hour of the witnesses is approaching. The deserts are full of prisoners and they die for believing in the name of the Lord. More witnesses will appear before the nations of the world and will be recognized by the great love in their hearts. They will indicate the next path to the Earth and, in their silent offering, they will prepare the return of their Master and Redeemer.

On this glorious Sunday of the Holy Spirit, before the presence of the flame of Love of the Holy Spirit of the Father, the Almighty and Sublime Creator of the Universe, before His celestial and universal Powers, angelic and blessed, before the saints and the servers, I recreate in this moment the legacy of Love of the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God, through the Eucharist.

Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world,
have mercy on us!
Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world,
have mercy on us!
Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world,
Give us Peace!

I took the bread and I said to My Apostles and to all those who were present, in the blessing of the Most High and the Source of His Divine Mercy, and I remind you again that this is My Body, which was given for men for the forgiveness of sins and which grants you eternal life.

In this Communion and in the same way, under the effusion of the Holy Spirit, I took the Chalice, gave thanks to God, the Almighty, for the Chalice He had offered Me, for the salvation and the redemption of humanity until the end of times.

And today I tell you again to all take and drink from it, for this is My Blood, which was poured and today is poured by the martyrs and the saints of the last days, for the forgiveness of sins.

May the memory of the Lamb of God be impregnated in the cells of those who commune of the Body and of the Blood of Christ.

I am the One who has given Himself for all the men and women of the Earth, so that the Sacred and Divine Will may be fulfilled.

And as I taught you, repeat now the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic.

Abbun debashmaia.....

Today you proclaim the resurrection of the Lord in redeemed hearts, under the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

In My Peace, I leave you and My Peace I give you, so that this Peace, which is inextinguishable and unalterable, be multiplied in the four corners of the Earth and above all, in the hearts that are in need of the Love of God.

May peace share love and brotherhood; may peace share the good and fraternity; may peace heal hearts and all their wounds; may peace establish the Kingdom of God on this planet.

Now you will give each other, in My Name, a greeting of peace and of forgiveness, in the name of humanity.

I Thank you.