Sunday, May 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Appearance of Christ Jesus during the 58th Marathon of the Divine Mercy, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

May the light of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit be in this place and in the most needed places in the world. Amen.

And after you have accepted My call, now I will be able to return to Egypt, after having lived there as a child; but now the King will return, to break the people free from their slavery, to bring Peace to that place and to the Middle East.

And although the events are still unfolding in the world and in this humanity, I will take with Me the souls that are most in need and I will return to the hearts that are seeking Me the most, regardless of their belief or religion, because what grants life in this world is love; it’s love that keeps you alive, it’s love that allows you to breathe and dream for a better time, with hope.

The captivity will finish someday, not only in Egypt, but also in the world. That is why I must return to the places where I once was, as a child, young or adult, in the East, or in the Far East.

The spiritual importance ​​must be recovered so that the world does not lose peace. That is why I am returning to these places, as sacrifice and also as Grace, to bring to the hearts, again, the meeting with God from the inner planes and so that it can be mirrored on the surface, in the society. That will make everything more just and balanced, that will appease the suffering and the agonies, because it’s through the merits that your Master and Lord reached, in the Passion, that these Graces are possible in this world, and in your humanity.

I cannot stop saying that sometimes My Heart is sad for those who don’t understand, but the enjoyment of those who live Me and those who believe in Me and give Me their confidence makes Me happy, as you have done yesterday and today, in a simple way.

The Kingdom of God is the greatest treasure of simplicity for this world and for souls. If they are simple they will always live the Kingdom of God and He will always be close to your lives and above all things, He will be in your hearts.

I want this enjoyment and jubilance that lives within Me, time and again, to reach the whole world and not only South America. Now it’s time to live the apostolate and make it part of you in each stage of life.

Thus My Mercy will reach those who are suffering the most, as well as the Kingdoms of Nature, which in those parts of the world also experience their silent suffering because they cannot speak, like humans of the Earth.

I know that there is also suffering around you, sometimes in your families, in your cities, in your jobs, in your most beloved ones; but I ask you, for Mercy, to take one more step towards Me, and we will carry this treasure of love to the places that are most needed and that for thousands of years have received nothing, neither from the Universe nor from the Heavens.

I come to recover, through Egypt, the last human values because evolution continues and also the awakening.

The time has come, companions, to recover what you once lived with Me in the Holy Land and beyond it. This is not a theory nor is it an illusion, it’s time to live the Plan in a truthful way, it’s time to keep the Plan alive for as many hearts of the world as possible, for those who are looking for Me and do not find Me because they do not know the way.

Yes, you found the way out, but the world has not found it yet. That’s why I must return and return to the Core, from where everything is created, like the conflict, the war and the persecution.

Because this time, not only the Lady of Light will tread with Her feet upon the serpent, but also Her Master and Lord will step, with His feet, on its allies and defeat them so that they may repent some day. And there will no longer be a weapon against a weapon, religion against religion, because even though the most serious moment has not passed yet, even the impetus and the strength of My powerful Heart will be able to transform all things, when you only say "yes, Lord, here I am. "

In order to have permission to keep working, I will have the permission to continue transforming and unifying souls with God so that His heavenly Kingdom may descend to Earth and His Will be fulfilled because at the end of everything, His Sacred and Eternal Heart will triumph.

The fallen ones will be forgiven, the murderers will be redeemed, the persecutors will be loved and the evil will be dissolved, because evil doesn’t know the Love that comes from the Source. Evil is the incomprehension of the human consciousness for not accepting God's Will, as it was the Will of God to bring His Son to Earth to teach you the School of Love and Redemption.

I gather again, in this time, with those who stayed with Me at that time, whether in the consecrated life or in the spirit’s life; in the life of service, or in selfless life; in the missionary life or in the prayerful life.

May that commitment be revived by those who awaken.

May this commitment be reconfirmed by those who have already awakened so that the Will of the Creator can continue to be fulfilled in these critical times.

My Heart will embrace the Middle East and all those who are in that place, regardless of their condition or their condemnation. Because truly I say, companions, My Mercy is very great and still unknown. My Mercy is so great, that My Blood was spilled on the Cross, drop by drop, pain by pain, and anguish by anguish, to dissolve the evil of humanity and its eternal damnation.

It is the time to make My Love known to the world. And make the other peoples and races aware that I love them, as I love you.

Let them announce that I am returning to the world for the second time and that the heavenly Kingdom will be reapproaching to Earth with the angels and archangels, to put an end to the destruction of mankind and to dissolve the darkness by the intervention of the powerful Father, Saint Michael Archangel, Saint Rafael Archangel and Saint Gabriel Archangel.

The heralds of the Word of God will return to Earth, as it was in the beginning to the people of the Middle East.

And from there, a new history will be written and the suffering will be erased, bringing from Heaven the Books of God, opened, to introduce to the world His new Purpose in the New Humanity.

Blessed are those who live the prophecies and are rejoiced in them, because the Lord, the Almighty, will show His Power to the humble.

With this Light that I bring, I spread Peace towards the Earth, renewing this cycle and this moment for all; giving the chance for those who are confused, to be able to return to My way before the Portal closes.

May the hearts be raised to My heavenly Church and that in communion with the life of each being, everything be renewed.

The God’s Universe descends to Earth and in this simple place, the souls will always find God. Although My Presence is not accepted, I will always be here to embrace you with the Light of Emmanuel.

I come to bless you with the Word of Life. I come to anoint you with the breath of the Spirit. I come to baptize you with the Water that gushed from My Side on the Cross, as part of the Source of Divine Mercy, so that you may be sanctified by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Today there are no borders or separations between nations and peoples. The love that I could see here is what I need to renew times and above all things, humanity. It’s the love of those who congregate within My heavenly Church to receive communion from the Flame of the Most Holy Trinity, together with the angels of our Father-Mother Creator, Emmanuel.

Today, the Elohim, called resplendent beings of the Mental Universe, God’s angels, testify with Their fist that My mission in Egypt will be accomplished by the receptivity and the prayer of the souls who will collaborate to make this possible, and thus, My great Mirror of Mercy be lit in the Middle East.

Rejoice your hearts because you are following the right path. There will be no other place that represents Me on Earth, but just this one. Because I say to you again, companions, I come out of My Church to call the flocks that most need Me and that My representatives haven’t been worthy to welcome them with chastity.

May the love of the simple ones promote Peace on Earth.

May the service of the humble people restore the Kingdoms of Nature.

May the prayer of those who are congregated in community and in light, to transform the times in order that the Scepter of the Son of God may descend to Earth, put an end to human wickedness.

And now I will elevate to Heaven this offering that you have placed at My Feet, because truly I say that everything belongs to God, our Father, who is in heaven and today listens attentively to the Voice of His Son and His companions, in order to a grain of His heavenly Kingdom is being sown in this humanity, so that mankind may be recreated through love and good among men.

May everything be sanctified and may everything be elevated under the Ray of Transubstantiation. And that at the foot of the God’s Altar the offering of each human heart be placed, in this afternoon.

In the silence, companions, you can make your offering in front of My heavenly Church. I listen to you in the silence of prayer.

Heavenly Father, who leads us all,

accept our offer to surrender to You.

Guide us through the Way of Love,

so that Your Will may be done.

Amen. (x3)

The offer has been accepted.

Those who will be baptized today, will be enlightened and when it happens, they will be converted.

Those who will be anointed today, will receive the Grace that they expect so much, but they must pray for it.

Father, you have become small so that the world will understand you and thus, you could get inside of the essence of Your children in order that they will vivify You and exalt Your Name, forever.

At the table of these new apostles of Mine, today I declare to you again, through this sacred formula that You have dictated to the humble Heart of Your Beloved Son.

Let the inner worlds listen to what your King and Lord of the Universe declares today: I ask all of you to take and eat of It, because this is My Body, which was given to men for the forgiveness and the surrender of sins.

My Lord and My Jesus, may the souls of the Earth hear the Voice of their Master and Lord, the Living Christ, who says to them: Take and drink all of Him, because this is My Blood, which was poured by men for the forgiveness of sins.

I ask you, for the times to come and the events that will come, do this in memory of Me in order for the Peace and Mercy of God to be present on the planet.

My Lord and My God, this is He who has given life for all and who has resurrected to return to the world, in spirit and divinity, in order to transfigure the Earth into a redeemed humanity.

Our Father, who art in heaven... 

And as I said to My apostles, My Peace I leave you and I give you My Peace; because your Master and Lord will always look at the faith of the members of His heavenly Church so that everything be repaired and humanity be cured of their spiritual sickness.

May this Peace be taken to Egypt and to the places that were entrusted by your Master and Lord and by His most sweet Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, so that Their Hearts of Service and Humility, of Love and of Hope, may reach the whole world. Amen.

Now give peace.

May the Earth repopulate with hope and may the hope renew the hearts that aspire to reach the Mercy of God.

With the voices of your hearts today I want to expand, through a song, the rain of love for the whole planet, giving the blessing to the world, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I thank you for being with Me in the simplicity of the heart and of life.



Saturday, May 5 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 58th Marathon of Divine Mercy int the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

My presence in the world is inextinguishable. When all has ended, there will come a moment when I will return. And it will not be a promise but a truth, because I will be at your side sharing My Glory and your joy for having found the Kingdom of God, in spite of the tribulations. Therefore, keep going ahead and do not lower your arms.

The Truth I bring today is hard, but also revealing.

With the same purity that you give Me, I can rebuild the world. There is nothing that cannot be used. This time has an incalculable value before the eyes of humankind.

But in My Heart are held many more mysteries that I hope to be able to reveal to you someday, so that you may be part of the Universe, as you are part of the Earth. And so that in this way, the Laws may unite and the Sacred Will is fulfilled.

I will not leave behind anyone I have called by name, even if they have sinned or have offended Me, because the mystery of My Mercy is still not understood; it is only recognized by the heart that opens in order to find it.

As the proclamation of your faith today has been so explicit before My Presence, and above all before God, I promise to return here in the month of August, so that together we may celebrate the victory of My Celestial Kingdom in all the hearts of the Earth who believe in the Word of the Lord.

Blessed be those who listen without any fear and who only seek the truth, so that they may be within My Wisdom and so that, within this cruel moment that humanity is living, they may walk freely, taking the Love of My Heart wherever they may go and for those who most need it.

My children, you know that without love nothing is possible, not in the spiritual plane nor in the material plane. Love was what first sprouted from Divine Existence  to be able to generate Creation, and then life. It is towards that Source that you should always redirect your lives, so that you may be protected from everything in this end time, in which the next humanity will be defined.

Perhaps you may have hoped to hear celestial words in My last messages, but in reality, you hear them because love is also to say "no." This corrects you. This straightens you and leads you to peace, always finding a refuge in My Spirit, which is unfathomable and infinite.

The world will reconsider through great suffering, but that is what I do not want, because the suffering in the world is already very great and painful.

Thus, the love you put into everything you do will allow a renewal of the times and consciousnesses. But if you do not put love into what I am asking you to do, how will the Kingdom of the Father triumph on Earth? For it is love that will forgive, it is love that will reconcile, it is love that will grant healing to souls. Without love, nobody will be able to survive, even if they say it with their own mouth and speak it with their own lips.

I came to the world a long time ago to teach you the love that humanity had forgotten through arrogance, power, and spiritual blindness.

With that same Love that led me to the Cross, today I come to bless you and to fill you with the Light of God, that comes from the Primordial Source. It is this Light that will make you invincible. It is this Light that will make you humble. It is this Light that will convert you into peacemakers for these critical times, in which judgement will have no power, but rather, Mercy.

What I need, companions, is for My servers to enter into the next School of Loyalty, which is something that is genetically unknown to humanity.

Through the merits achieved by your Master and Lord during His public Life during his Passion, Death, and Resurrection, on this day I bring you the code of Loyalty, which will make you true among  yourselves, like brothers. This will conjoin you more and more when times become more difficult, and only a unity among creatures will exist that is able to defeat the enemy, which will rise up to the Earth from its most profound abyss to try and take many more.

This Earth, this planet, must change into the new promised Land. And this will begin in South America, until it is finally on the whole planet. But first, companions, this Promised Land has to be born of you. You must make your lives sacred, so that the new Earth, together with the new Aurora, is able to emerge and carry this legacy of the redemption of your lives to the Universe as the most treasured trophy of the victory of Christ, your Lord.

So the time has come, companions, for you ask yourselves in the silence of your heart if you are fulfilling My designs, or are distancing them from your paths. Each one knows what they came to give Me, in spite of their not being aware of it.

The Love I bring you, from time to time, is what will reveal the virtue of your purpose for this life to you. Therefore, before taking a false step, reconsider. And for those who are disturbed because of not being able to transcend themselves, let them believe more in Me, so that I may be able to be in you and make of this moment a celestial triumph.

Through My words, I bring you the nets of salvation, which I stretch out from Heaven to Earth so that souls may rise up to God and find again the path towards the origin, where the real commitment of your consciousnesses has been signed. May you hear Me in the world and make alive My words in yourselves, from where the new Earth will be born, which will give impulse to a great change, to a great planetary shift in humanity. And may this impulse be the preparation for the next coming of your Master and Lord.

There is still much work to be done. The designs have not yet been accomplished. And I need you to understand that each completed phase is a triumph for the Kingdom of the Heavens in this humanity. Each input and each care that you take for My Will to be fulfilled is a triumph of the Celestial Kingdom, in a perverse humanity that, having distanced itself from God, has lost its peace.

But in spite of this scenario being this way, here on this planet new Christs are awakening, who will know what it is to be empty of self and surrendered to the void, so that the compelling Spirit of the Love of God may completely transform them.

Do not miss the opportunity to love. Do not miss the opportunity to serve. Do not miss the opportunity to change your lives according to My message, because this is the new parable that I bring you. You must surpass Me in love, because I know that you can do it, although you do not believe.

Let us go together toward the goal of a new humanity, free of error, free of suffering, free of pain and of indifference. Let us concretize together this Plan, which is shown to this part of the world from the Universe through the Presence of the Son of God, of the emanation of the Love of God for all creatures of this Universe and of others.

Do not lose your love for My Work, because otherwise I will not be able to continue forward and that would be severe, because many will realize too late what they have done.

While there is still time, companions, work daily for love and loyalty; so that the world may be converted, so that the nations are relieved, so that more and more suffering disappears and the Love of the Son of God triumph in the hearts of the world.

With the love of the Light of Aurora, that today radiates us and fills us, let us re-confirm, children of My Father, this commitment of making the Plan alive in your lives forever:

May those who are confused receive wisdom,
May those who have closed their heart receive forgiveness,
May those who have distanced themselves from Me receive discernment,
May those who hate for some reason receive My Love, to become free of themselves,
May all that has been obstructed be restored,
May the evil that is done in the world be dissolved,
May the hells be closed,
May the damnation of souls end and may the Light of the living Christ, of the God of Love, triumph in the essences. Amen.

And so, may the advent of the new be fulfilled and all be renewed, because in My Heart you will always have refuge to understand everything.

Truth is found In Love and the Truth will lead you to Peace. And Peace will give you the Loyalty so that your lives may represent Christ on Earth, in spite of all the assaults and all of the mistakes committed up to the present.

Today I will especially bless those who are to wash their feet, so that they may receive the Gift of Wisdom and so that this Wisdom may open their way towards the pathway of Redemption.

May everything be renewed and let nobody remain behind, because My wish is to see you all when I return to the world, to re-consecrate the planet to the Eternal Heart of God.

May at this moment, the angels transubstantiate the elements, just as the Son of God transubstantiated the bread and the wine so that souls could eat of His Body and of His Blood, and thus unite with the God of Love.

May all mistakes be dissolved. May the past be erased and may the eternal present be the purpose that guides hearts.

You Lord, who first created water for this planet, from which life and humanity come, deposit in it the Gifts of Your Source, so that all may be healed according to Your Will.

May Uruguay be blessed with greater discernment, and let souls become aware of the truth; so that, in a profound repentance and in sovereign penitence, all be rebuilt so that the Principle of God can be lived again.

Wash the feet, Lord, of those who are wounded. Dissolve their mistakes and torments, and enter into their hearts so that all may live Your Eternity.

And today, with special joy, I remember, together with My people, this divine legacy, so simple but true, that I left for all when I took the bread, thanked God, and He, with the breath of His Spirit, blessed it. And I said to My apostles and all those who were present in the silence of the inner planes:  Take and eat, all, of It, for this is My Body, which will be surrendered for the forgiveness sins.

And thus, Divine Grace descended.

In the same way, I took up the Chalice. The Father blessed It with the merits of His Glory. I handed it to the apostles and said to them:  Take it, companions, and drink, all, of It, for this is My Blood, the Blood that will be shed, the Blood of the New Covenant that will unite hearts with Me, until the end of times. Do this in remembrance of Me and for the redemption of Humanity. Amen.

Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy Name,
thy Kingdom come,
Thy will be done
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

And thus was the legacy of the Body and the Blood of Christ established.

Before leaving the Garden of Gethsemane to experience the first steps of My agony, and after the last Supper, I said to the apostles, as well as all the angels that were present: I give you My Peace, and live in My Peace for love for Me. Give each other the greeting of peace.

May this peace renew all things. May this peace bring the hope and the joy of being able to always live in God, in spite of everything that may happen.

May this peace be extended to the whole Earth and be engraved in the hearts that most need of peace.

I bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for proclaiming today the prayer of Divine Mercy with your heart. And may this be repeated tomorrow with the same joy as today.

I thank you!

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