Sunday, April 1 of 2018

Sacred Week

In the silence I come to speak to a world that does not listen and that still does not respond to God, as He has so wished.

In the silence I have the believers enter the Temple of the Adoration of God. Thus, it has been very beneficial for Me, that you have brought the symbol of the Holy Ark to My Altar.

Today you enter the House of the Father through the Love of the Son. Today you are before the sacred Thrones of God and of the Radiant Consciousnesses, the Hellel, who on this day celebrate the victory of the Resurrection of Christ within all consciousnesses, on all planes and in all universes.

There is no particle, life, or vibration that does not receive this Christic impulse at this moment. On the contrary, My Work expands on the spiritual plane where all souls are radiated by the powerful codes of My Resurrection.

This is why you have entered the Temple of the Father, into His sacred House of Adoration, so that just like the angels in Heaven, you worship and contemplate the divine Purpose held in the Sacred Ark of God.

From the first prophets to Moses, the Mystery of this sacred Ark was known, that they would experience its great synthesis with the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ. The Purpose of God would be completed with the maximum experience of Love that has been kept in the sacred Bank of Divine Knowledge, present in the sacred Ark of God, watched over and held by the angels of the Universe.

Today Jesus, the Christ, opens the Ark of God with divine authority so that the most sublime principles of Creation may descend upon all the spheres, all the worlds, all the universes and to consciousnesses, in spirit. So that in omnipresence, they may interrelate amongst themselves and sacred communication with God may exist among the essences, with the powerful affluent of His divine Purpose, which the world does not yet know completely, due to its ignorance, for not giving due importance to the higher spheres of the Universe, where in truth, the Purpose eternally reigns.

Today the Solar Son is here, the greatest Angel among all the angels of the Universe, Who has surrendered all of His Consciousness and existence to Creation, so that souls may awaken to the Divine Purpose.

You are before the Sacred Temple of the Adoration of God. Happy will be those who prostrate themselves before Him, in reverence. And as much as you do not understand this divine science, only by listening to it and accepting it, you will be deserving of the illumination through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Today the holy knowledge of the Source is revealed and the sublime spheres unite with the Earth, so that the planetary consciousness may be uplifted and expand its consciousness in Creation, being the successor of the sacred Knowledge of Christ, through His Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

The sacred Ark of God reveals Itself to the world in the darkness, so that souls may come out from the abysses and find the Light of the Infinite, where Peace and the triumph of God reign.

May essences revere the Sacred Ark of Adonai, Emmanuel and Abba, so as to be worthy of this event and deserving of His Mercy.

We will worship and honor He Who created all things in the beginning, because it is He who renews things time and again; because what you experienced yesterday, you will not experience today, and what you experience today with Me, you will not experience tomorrow.

Thus, each event of God is only one for Creation. Each time the Eternal Father emanates His divine Thought, through His very pure and noble Heart, all of Creation stops to feel Him and hear Him within, and to make His divine Word worthy within themselves.

Let the doors of the Greater Universes open and let the essences that are asleep move out towards the Universe. Let each being be able to recognize their mission and purpose in this time so that the worldwide illusion may be defeated and the Work of the Creator, our God, may triumph. 

We shall sing the Names of the Father and we will shall lift up our consciousnesses within His Sacred Temple of Adoration so that each being, for an instant, may face the Sacred Ark of the Father, the divine knowledge of the Universe, much of which emerged from this humanity, from the experiences of love and of upliftment, before, during and after Christ.

Let each Name of God be reverently praised so that not only words will sound, but that subtle vibrations resound on all planes of consciousness, and in all the spaces of the inner world, so that they may be One with the Father, and the Father be One with you at this time of planetary suffering, in which the healing in humanity is urgent.

Let us sing...

With care and harmony, you will light the candles, to enter in reverence into the Temple of the Adoration of God and you will offer this Light for all the essences of the world that are asleep, for all the enemies, the non-believers, those who have distanced themselves from God due to suffering or pain, so that souls may recover the hope of being in Christ.

Lord, I am not worthy of you entering my house, but only one Word of Yours will be enough to heal me. Amen (x5).

In the sacred Ark of God, there is life, the life that originated in the beginning, from the moment in which the Father thought about creating creatures, so similar to Him, that they could feel and live as He feels and lives; that could express high degrees of love, greater than those He lives, that could serve, give of their lives to all Creation, so that His Plan of someday manifesting His Great Confraternity may be realized.

The Father thought about it all, what He would do, and what would happen.

His divine emanations were placed in the Ark of the Covenant, which were later known by the Prophets and the Great Patriarchs, who gained knowledge of this Divine Legacy.

The Ark of the Holy Covenant is non-material. Its purest vibration is in the Divine Universe, where Eternal Life exists in the Eternal Present.

In the Ark of the Holy Covenant lies the Purpose of God, for the spiritual, mental and material plane.

It is the very Ark of God in the Temple of Adoration that constantly and eternally emanates the Sacred Principles thought of by the Creator.

With purity of intention, you will be able to approach the Ark of the Holy Covenant, and with the key of obedience, you will be able to open the great Treasury of Light.

Be like the Radiant Beings of the Celestial Universe, who in constant adoration and praise, before the Temple of the Adoration of God, gather together in the Love of Christ to experience the Gifts and the Graces that the Celestial Father Himself placed in this sacred Teraphim of God.

Thus, nobody is worthy of entering the House of God; only that heart that is sincere and true, and that in absolute trust and unconditional love, unites with His Creator and Creation.

To be before the doors of Heaven is not like entering the door of your homes every day. At this time, each divine movement is unique, preciously thought of and meditated upon by God so that all may be fulfilled.

Let us repeat:

Sacred Ark of God
that emanates life,
unite our essences
that awaken to the new life. (x3)

If you only do this prayer, simply with purity of heart and of intention, you will be receiving the Light of the Sacred Ark of God, and thus, you will approach the Divine Purpose, which will renew you, time and again, especially in times of crisis.

Call the sacred Ark of God with reverence, with the inner respect It deserves, because you will be knocking at the door of the Celestial Father through this sacred Key that I gave you today.

The Ark of God is a symbol of eternity and of what is perpetual. In It are held the Treasures of Creation and of the planet, of the sacred experiencing of the designs of God for the creatures of this world, of all the good that has been achieved by humankind throughout time and what they have been able to manifest as the purpose of God throughout the centuries.

Also to be found in the sacred Ark of God is the Spiritual Heart of Christ, as well as the sacred symbol of the Chalice, that holds not only the Blood that was shed by Jesus on the Cross, but also the divine luminous Body of Christ, in the form of the Eucharist. Likewise, the Tablets of the Law and of the first Commandments that our Eternal Father Himself dictated to Moses, as well as the new Laws that will govern Earth and the future humanity after the Apocalypse.

Let us continue in adoration and reclusion, facing the Temple of the Adoration of God.

To end this Sacred Week and before the consecration of the Body and of the Blood of Christ, as well as the oil that today will anoint the sick, let us make a new offering to God through the song of the Sacred Chalice of the Lord.

Today I would like that all of those present make this utmost offering to God, in reparation for the Heart of the Most High for all the sins of the world and the offenses of humankind, so that the sacred codes of the Blood of Jesus continue to be radiated by the Chalice of the Lord held within the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

I am listening.

Let us stand up.

We are still before the Temple of the Adoration of God and with the Ark of the Holy Covenant opened, by Christ Himself.

Let us place our hands in the sign of receptivity.

Today you have participated in the transubstantiation of the elements in a conscious and real way, not wanting anything for yourselves, but rather for the greatest good for all of the Universe and Creation.

Thus it is that today your essences completed a cycle after all these days, in which these treasures, placed in the depths of your beings, may give their fruits for this coming cycle, in the loving and wondrous companionship of the Work of your Master and Lord, Jesus, Christ.

Today as Solar Son, I close this meeting, and may this Light that comes from Heaven and is unknown to humankind, remain in your spirits, that the Purpose of God may manifest in your lives and that you be worthy someday of the Kingdom of God.

So that I may be able to rise up to Heaven and not only carry back your love, your gratitude and your sincerity, so that I may be able to withdraw with the angels of heaven within the Temple of the Adoration of God, I once again ask you for a song that unites beings and angels, humankind and the Universe in a single communion: "Hallelujah."

I bless you on this day of the Resurrection of your Lord, and for the merits achieved by His Death and His Passion on the Cross, receive Peace, and may this Peace resonate in the world forever.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In a short while, I will tell you what will happen in the coming time, in the next Sacred Week. The Father has greater plans for that and soon you will learn about them.

I thank you.