Friday, April 20 of 2018

The Sacred Call
Apparition of Christ Jesus in the Marian Center of Espíritu Santo, Córdoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come to talk to you about what is happening in these last times and that is up to your consciousnesses, as part of your service and love for humanity.

The foundations of My Work are being removed for the purification of the consciousnesses and hearts.

No stone is remaining upon stone, and that is very good for Me, because you are learning to follow the path of truth and transparency; path that will some day make you free, on this path of pilgrimage to the Blessed Homeland, where many want to enter, but still cannot due to their faults and acts committed, due to the learning they must live on Earth.

But now, companions, let us focus on what I have told you in the beginning about My Work, this part of the Work that you are living with Me and which is not yet completely understood because it is not a material Work nor is it under the autonomy of anyone.

It is a Work that comes from the Celestial Father, through the feeling of deep Love from the Heart of His Son. Work that expresses itself as rays of Light on Earth and that comes to touch the hearts of the world so that they may awaken and be aware of the true reality of these times in which everything is unleashed.

I still hope that those who have given up My Work may reconsider someday, because when they have that Grace, they will not be able to believe what they have done and what they have generated to My Merciful Heart.

It is with the Goodness of God that I come to speak to you, to transmit these words so that your hearts do not lose the north of their truth, so that your eyes may always follow the Purpose in the firmament, a Purpose that is announced from the Universe and that comes to the planet to correct a humanity that is still very much asleep.

But you, companions, who are aware of all that I need, must learn every day to do the right thing, to live in balance, to follow the path of the Law and of obedience; that is what many do not propose living, as a principle of the new life, as part of the consciousness of a New Humanity that will no longer have personal objectives, but rather will be guided by the Greater Source, as it should have been in the Beginning, in the Genesis.

That is why I offered Myself to the Father for you, so as to not only be here on Earth, as I was more than two thousand years ago, but also to come as a Messenger of His Source, from time to time and from century to century, announcing to humanity the great time of change, in which everything will be transformed, in which everything will be modified, in which humanity will be called to live within the Law, which is what it still does not yet live in this time.

But while your hearts are purified and your lives are transformed, continue onward.

I need you to be able to penetrate the mystery of My Purpose, which is still unknown to the human consciousness. That is why there are things that you will never fully understand, because here the human mind is unable to encompass it.

The feeling of the deep heart, the deep love of beings is what will predominate in this time and will carry forward My magnificent Work in all the corners of the Earth.

And when this has materialized according to My Designs, then I will be able to return.

Meanwhile, companions, you must learn to survive in these times, because if you are here, present and in this end time, it is because you are to go through this test and not fear it.

I cannot promise you full happiness or eternal joy in this world; I would not be telling you the truth.

I need you to open your eyes to the reality of these times, because each day that goes by in this world is a difficulty that arises and that one must be able to overcome with intelligence and discernment, without losing the union with the Celestial Father, with His Divine Will.

That is why I come to give you My Message of awakening, to try to get humanity out of its deep sleep, because the whole Universe still hopes to be able to intervene with its great luminous and shinning Consciousnesses.

The time will come of the great definition of humanity and the planet, and of everything that has been against the Law of God, within and outside of beings, both in the lower worlds and in the higher worlds.

Before I return, everything will be revealed, because it is time; the time has come.

Let nothing surprise you, let nothing disturb you, may the true flame of faith emerge from you so that you may overcome the times and the tests.

Let there be truly built in you a luminous community that is able to live the Principles of Christ, that is able incarnate His spiritual Gifts, that is able to reflect the Presence of the Universal King, both in the simplicity of the daily routine, and in dealing with your peers.

In all I must be present and in all I must participate; because if the Work is of My Father and if you are within the Work, it is thus that you are within the Heart of Christ, trying to manifest His projects and His divine ideas.

Let no one be dragged by those who will disappoint the Master and Lord of the Universe. On the contrary, when you see those things, may your spirits be strengthened in the Trust of Christ and in the affirmation of fulfilling His Will, day to day.

Each being of this planet will live its definition on facing the Celestial Father; each being will have the opportunity to choose the next path that is coming up and is close.

The freedom of humanity is untouchable, and just as it was designated in the beginning, it is respected.

That is why souls must define themselves in that next game where everything is allowed and where hearts will have to learn to be unconditionally in Christ.

While the foundations of the Work are removed, be glad, because everything is being put in its place and you will be able to perceive how important vigilance is in these times, so that the Will of the Celestial Father may always be fulfilled.

Be brave and decide to live the truth, in this way, you will be within the Truth of your Lord and you will be able to follow the steps of His Designs, those which must be accomplished and carried out in the coming time, in this next stage.

The energy of the Universe itself will shift what is not right.

The energy of the Universe itself will balance all things, that is why it is necessary to be in prayer and in vigil so as to be within the Purpose and in harmony.

It is time to carry forward this path of redemption; It is time to concretize what the Father so much expects.

But for that, defined disciples will be necessary and not of lukewarm hearts. This is the last opportunity to take on the Plan and to concretize it as it is written.

Because when you are living the Plan and while everything is happening in the world, you will not lose peace and union with the Father.

In Their Islands of Salvation you will maintain a collation with the Hierarchy, and you will be led along the path of the liberation of humanity, so that when I return to the world, the foundations of My Project may be accomplished.

I leave you My Heart as a symbol of peace and as a deep flame of faith. I leave you the Fount of My Grace so all may be renewed.

Walk with Me through this path of definitions and thus you will follow the footsteps of the Great Master, towards the New Humanity.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.