Tuesday, February 6 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy

O Father! See, contemplate, and vivify the Kingdom of Your Love in Your creatures, which You, through Your Power, has sown, cultivated, and which has already awakened in the hearts of the world.

O beloved Father! Do not look at the sins, but rather the Work of Your Mercy that is strengthened with the faith, worship, and devotion of Your children.

Allow me today, Father, as Your beloved Son, to write in Your Book of Light the story, Lord, that You are writing through My humble Heart.

Beloved Father, shelter Your creatures in the Universe of Your Creation.

Shelter essences in the Universe of Your Love, so that some day all of them may become immaculate, as they once were in the Beginning, when they arose from Your Sources of Light, from Your Springs of Creation.

O Father! Do not look at the error of humanity, but rather the faithfulness of Your children who follow You, who believe in You, and who bless Your Sacred Name.

O Adonai! Father of Wisdom, expand Your Consciousness to the ends of the Universe, so that souls may awaken to the Sacred Principle of Your Knowledge.

Holy Father Emmanuel, Sublime and Divine Ruler of the Mental Universe.

O Father of infinite Creation!

O divine Thought of the Holy Manifestation!

Rebuild the essences that are wounded, remove from the hell those who are fallen, and with Your Power close the doors to evil.

Abba, Father of Illumination, Infinite and Divine Council, honorary and venerable Vessel, divine Emanation of Creation, Immaculate Source of Purity; descend upon this world with the Ray of Your Power and of Your divine Compassion.

Do not look at the errors of Your children or the mistakes of sinners. Look, Father, contemplate and glorify Your Heart with the burning flame of the Love in the heart of Your children.

Sacred hosts of Adonai, high and resplendent Parents, Emanations of the Creative Source, sacred Rays of God, awaken the gifts and the talents in those who listen to the Voice of the Master and Lord, so that the sacred missions may be defined and the divine talents awaken in those who wait to know of their evolution.

Father of Mercy and of Forgiveness, You made Yourself small and similar to us through Your beloved Son, Who incarnated among humankind to teach them love, forgiveness, and redemption.

Sacred Father of the Universe, You suffered for us at each step of the Passion, You shed Your Blood for the liberation of sinners, You spilled Your Water from the Side of Your Son to wash the most imperfect wounds, to redeem those who had fallen into perdition.

Sacred Father of Love, Unfathomable Source of Divine Grace, Sacred Sun of the Universe among all the suns that exist, eternal Star of God among all the stars that exist, manifest Your Project, Your Power, and Your Will on this so small and insignificant planet in the Eyes of the Universe.

You are so humble, Father, that You made Yourself small and incarnated the Spirit of Love and of Mercy in Your Son Jesus, to demonstrate to the world that it was lost, that it should resume its paths within the Paths of God.

O Sacred Source of Love! Healing, redeeming, and compassionate Essence, flow like an inexhaustible and inextinguishable fount in the hearts that accept Your call.

Because in this way, Father, I will be able to come from Heaven in Glory and in Light, when You so indicate, at the climactic hour of the Earth, when fire and sulfur are purifying the planet of its greatest sins, so that it may be worthy of Redemption.

Today, I come as the Lord of Gold and of Sulfur, so that through the elements, souls may be purified and consecrated to God.

O Sacred Father, heal the Sacred Mother Earth, that suffers the consequences of Her children, both on earth and in the oceans; that suffers through each created element, through each Kingdom expressed in the Source of Your manifestation.

May humanity return to its origins, so that the Kingdoms of Nature, O Sacred Father!, may return to their origins.

Bring peace to hearts, Adonai.

Unify consciousnesses, Emmanuel.

Uplift humanity, Abba, so that one day it may perceive that it has left the path of Your Greater Purpose, so that before everything happens, a greater number of spirits on Earth may return to the Kingdom of Your Glory. Amen.

Empty your hearts before My Presence.

Blessed are those who weep in the Name of the Lord!, for they will be comforted for their suffering, sorrow, and pain.

Blessed are those who surrender to the Lord and trust in the call of Christ, of the King of the Universe!

Blessed are those who today are converted, ask God for forgiveness, and become reconciled with the Universe!, for they will be crowned in Heaven, before the Glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Blessed are those who leave the darkness to enter the path of the Light!

Blessed are those who love without expecting anything, without wanting anything, without desiring anything!, for they will receive into their hands the Scepter of God to feel the power of His Divine Spirit, transformer and redeemer, healer and liberator.

Blessed are the humble of heart, for they will appear written in the Holy Books of God, as part of this experience of redemption and of mercy!

Praised be, Lord of the Universe. Blessed are you, Father of Creation, because once again Your infinite Mercy will surmount Justice, because in these days, the voice of Your children was heard by Your Heart.

May those who were dead in spirit and in soul rise up!, because the hour of salvation has come, and the Lord, Who is powerful and invincible, will bring to Earth His divine Kingdom to commune with His children, for all eternity. Amen.

May the sacrifice of the Lamb of God be re-experienced today for the forgiveness of sins and the establishment of the Father's Grace in all hearts.

All eat of It, for this is My Body, which was given for the salvation of sinners. Take and drink of My Chalice, for this is the Blood of the Lamb of God, which was taken to the slaughterhouse for the redemption of all the fallen.

O Sacred Heart of God!, which springs forth like a living and incandescent Flame, illuminate the paths of those who today enter into Your Kingdom, by the merits achieved by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

After I died on the Cross and liberated the hell, the Lord rose again on the third day, and today, after three days, you are risen in spirit.

May you never forget these moments, because you will need them when the situation becomes more acute in the world. You must drink again of this knowledge, so that you may always be strengthened. My Hand will never let go, I will always try to take you to the Kingdom, so that you may be in the Arms of God.

Today I rise up to Heaven, closing this meeting for the next and great mission, in which I aspire that everyone accompanies it, as you have accompanied these days, with the simple faith of the heart.

Today, I have chosen a song that opens the Doors of the Heavens and also unites all Christians in their various manifestations.

Today we will give thanks to the One Who allows all things, praising His Name, honoring His Heart, exalting His Consciousness; because He is the Father of Love, the Father Who will carry you in His Heart forever.

Today, I will stay to hear the first words of this song; from the flame of the devotion of your hearts, I will take up the love, so as to be able to give it to the world, especially in Africa, the Far East, and Russia.

Song "Hallelujah".

I bless you under the Power of the Creator of the Universe and of the Earth, of the suns and of the stars, of the expressions of humanity and of essences.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Monday, February 5 of 2018

Marathon of Divine Mercy

The last candle of the Menorah is being lit.

The seventh seal of the Apocalypse is open, and humanity still does not understand the mystery of that passage. Only the Lord of the Universe has the key to unveil it, because the one and powerful God knows it and has given His only Key to reveal it.

The world must be aware that a new time is approaching, different from those that have already gone by.

The Sacred Menorah is carrying out its seventh cycle, before the Sacred Passion of your Lord, before Lent. For the world, that means the advent of a new cycle. Six cycles of the Menorah have already gone by, and the seventh is the final one, where the seals will unveil the next steps of this planet.

In the meantime, affirm yourselves in the spiritual Universe of God so that you may be marked by the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world; in this way, you will be free from the perversion of these difficult times, and in worship, you will be able to be in communion with the Father and with the Divine Son when He is ready to return to the Earth.

Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will remain, sown in simple hearts, and in them will arise the seeds that will sprout at a new dawn and that will bring to the world a little more hope, even though the seventh cycle of the Menorah is being fulfilled.

Today I speak to you, companions, of the spiritual counterpart of one of the most important symbols of Judaism. If you remember what I told you, of all the religions of the world, your Master and Lord of the Universe would bring you what is most good and evolutionary, what each one holds as Sacred in its spiritual memory.

In this way, I come to unite the times in the Real Time of God, where only the present exists and where all events are known. The Sacred Menorah will close a cycle, but a new door will be opened so that the last of the redeemed may go through it and enter the Kingdom of God, which must dwell in their hearts in the times of great definitions.

And the last angel will light the Menorah, the seventh flame that brings the definitive, but also the new, which nobody yet knows.

Through these mysteries, know how to understand the Will of God, which is not the will of humankind, but rather an Infinite Will that brings the Truth to the world.

The Menorah is the symbol of the cycles and of the advent. It teaches us of that which is sacred in us; that is why it was a symbol of the Jewish people that was conceived by the Father and the first patriarchs so that they could have a guide of the seven cycles of the Menorah, of the seven steps of consciousness in the sense of its ascent.

But the Menorah is also a symbol of the Universe, as is the Sacred Six-pointed Star that King David once contemplated.

This leads humanity into a sense of the Sacred, to not lose the true patterns of behavior that will cause it to evolve in Truth and in Love.

But the Menorah that I bring to you today is that which the Father conceives of in His Kingdom, it is a spiritual symbol that represents what has been held and recorded in the books of the Wisdom of God.

The seventh flame of the Menorah is the Apocalypse, the beginning and the end of the Armageddon. That is why it will be important for the souls of the world, the act of the true repentance of the heart, so that they may be in the Kingdom of God during the most acute cycle of humanity. And when the last angel lights the last flame of the Menorah, you will be able to know that everything will be unleashed.

But you should not focus your attention on the events, but rather look within yourself to be able to rediscover all the Gifts and Graces that will strengthen this surface humanity so that in the end, a New Humanity may emerge, free from errors and all suffering.

The last symbol that God left you was the Sacred Chalice. That Sacred Chalice that I held in My Hands during the Last Supper, where the Father blessed It and consecrated It with all His planes of Consciousness, for the redemption and conversion of humanity, because the Blood that was poured out by the Son of God has an incalculable value and cannot be understood, except by one who lives in love and has a devotion and adoration for the Divine Blood of the Lord, that washes them clean of sin, purifies them in spirit, and awakens the consciousness to the unknown.

May these sacred teraphim of God be present in the world, as well as your guardian angels, who may lead you to the worship of these sacred relics, which represent for the world the opportunity that, through knowledge, redemption may be reached.

Whoever drinks from the Sacred Chalice of the Lord frees themselves from their mistakes and consecrates their life to the Creator Father.

While the Sacred relics radiate the planet and its humanity, while I am present, drink of these sacred energies, commune of that divine knowledge which is kept in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, protected and sustained by four of the twelve Creator Parents: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Metatron.

From Their Hearts, They emanate all the Love of the Divine and Immaculate Conception of God towards the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which makes it powerful, sublime, and ascendant. In that Sacred Ark of God is kept the history of the Project of this humanity, what in truth should have taken place in the Genesis, but which My enemy assaulted.

For this reason, the Firstborn Son came into the world to incarnate among the men and women of the Earth, to bring continuity to the history that the Ark of the Holy Covenant must really write by means of the redeemed.

The angels of God venerate this Sacred Ark, as the patriarchs, the prophets of the past, and also the holy women of Jerusalem venerated It, who adored It and contemplated It in the most agonizing moment of their Lord on the Cross.

The pain of the world, by the power and intercession of the Holy Ark, became Love and Mercy, poured out by the Side of your Lord, by His bloodied Hands and Feet.

Many codes were received by the Holy Ark of God during the Passion of your Lord, because the Only Begotten knew within that in spite of the great and painful sacrifice up to the heights of the Mount on the Cross, the power of the Holy Ark of God would reverberate throughout the times and all the expressions of humanity, again would overcome evil, again would defeat hell, redeeming the consciousness of the Earth.

The Greater Priest, the Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ, the Master and Redeemer, before the Celestial altars, in infinite Creation, before the angels of the Universe and the guardian angels, offers you communion through these words to strengthen your spirits for the times that will come.

Be caretakers of the Sacred relics of the Father that were once gifted to and conceived of for humanity.

Be caretakers and guardians of the Ark of the Holy Covenant, as are the angels of the Universe who contemplate, within the Ark, the Sacred Heart of God, that living Heart that gave Its Life for all of us.

May the New Humanity finally emerge. May indifference, ignorance, and lack of love disappear from this humanity, so that in the firmament of God, in the great Heavenly vault of the Universe, the New Christs emerge as symbols of the New Aurora.

Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Words will remain in those that are consistent with them.

The Universe wastes nothing. The Universe transforms all things, only when the heart of the human being opens to recognize God in their inner universe, and thus, be able to commune of the sacred knowledge held in the relics of the Father before the Holy Covenant.

There also are the first tablets of the Law, the Commandments, something so basic that you must not forget; it is the "abc" of the disciples of Christ.

And today I have at My Feet the Sacred Menorah, contemplated by the angels of Heaven that surround the Divine Consciousness of their Master and Lord, as well as by your guardian angels.

Kneel down, so that we may be worthy and deserving of being in front of the sacred knowledge of Creation that sprang from the origin, in the Essence of the Father.

Opening My Arms like a cross, as I once did on the Mount of Calvary:

Adonai, Eli, Eli, Olam, El Shaddai, Yod He Vau He!

Resurrect, Lord, the spiritual life of Your children.

Resurrect, Lord, in Your Sacred Fountain. Your fallen stars at the four points of the Earth.

Resurrect, Lord, the lost essences, the suns that have gone out through suffering and pain.

Resurrect, Lord, with Your Power, by the offering of Your divine Son, by His divine and painful Passion, all those who do not deserve to be before You, those who have turned their back on Your Holy Face.

As I said on the heights of the Cross: "Forgive them, Lord, for they do not know what they do”, forgive them Father, and conceive in them, in the Fount of Your Mercy, that the doors to evil be closed and the doors of Your Divine Kingdom be open, so that Your creatures of this Earth, together with the Resplendent ones and the twelve Archangels, proclaim Your Sacred Name of Savior, for You are Blessed, Adonai.

You, Father, are our infinite Love, our sublime Power.

You are the flame that guides us in the darkness.

You are the Light that ignites within us.

Eli, Adonai, Yod, Eli, Eli, El Shaddai, Olam, Vau He, Abba, Shekinah, Shalom, Yod.

Express Lord, in this Universe, the Power of Your Mirrors, and reflect, in this solar system, Your powerful and sublime Energy, so that everything may be purified, so that the unredeemed may be converted, and the New Christs awaken, sowing the bases of a New Humanity on Earth.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

May these Sacred Powers also be received today by those who will receive the sacrament, so that the Glory of the Father may also be expressed in them and they may serve God as worthy children of the Universe.

Now that your hearts are clean to receive the graces of God, I ask you, companions, to be consistent in the days that will come with all that you have received as an inexplicable Grace emanated by My Sacred Heart.

Just as Peter placed the incense on the table of the Last Supper to be sublimated, today may this incense sublimate the essence of hearts, that free from sin, may achieve eternal life.

I will use the strongest to do My great Works, because with them I will convert the impossible.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God bless these Sacraments.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God ignite the flame of the essences.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God baptize the spirits with the Power and strength of the Holy Spirit, just as your Lord was baptized in the River Jordan, awakening the Sacred Mission of God in His Divine Consciousness.

May this same virtue awaken in those who today will receive the sacrament with the baptism.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We have come to the great moment before the Passion and Death of your Lord.

While Jerusalem slept, the holy women, together with My Mother Mary, entered into worship, contemplation, and ecstasy, spiritually communing of the Sacrifice of their Lord, offering their tears, pain, and suffering for the conversion of sinners, for the great offering that their Master and Lord would live during that Good Friday.

Meanwhile, your Lord was with the apostles in the Sacred Cenacle, to again envisage the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God in the essences of the world.

I took the bread, thanked the Father for this sacrifice and said to the essences of the world: Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body, which will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins. And that sacred memory was placed in the Ark of the Holy Covenant.

In the same way, I took the chalice and raised it up to the Kingdom of God; with all the strength of My Heart, I said to the apostles: take and all drink of It, for this is My Blood of the New Covenant that will be spilled by your Redeemer and by all the saints, for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in My Memory, so that redemption may be established.

And so, let us repeat the prayer that I once taught you on the top of the Mount of Beatitudes. Our Father ... (in Portuguese, Croatian and Aramaic)

Today I thank you for being with Me, in this union between races and peoples, between religions and beliefs, so that the love of God may be established in each one of them. So Be It.

May the joy of your hearts multiply, so that the suffering hearts of the world may find in them the flame of hope and of the Mercy of God.

Today I will rise up from this ceremony, listening to a hymn considered special by My Heart for those who convert through faith and hope.

I bless you, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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