Friday, November 17 of 2017

The Sacred Call
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the Sacred Call, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

You were created for a purpose and it is not by chance that you are here today at the Feet of the Creator.

Let us now go to the universe of your essence to discover what exists there, what is eternal, perpetual and infinite, that nothing nor anybody can dispel, from where you emerged to come here to Earth to fulfill the Project of Redemption and of Love.

Focus your attention on this moment, in the center of your being, and together with Me, enter the universe of your essence, to meet with God, to renew your purpose, to continue walking until, companions, you accomplish the goal God has given you.

Look into your essence, contemplate it with great love.

Feel the Original Source that exists within you and how the spiritual Light of My Love penetrates the deepest layers of the consciousness to elevate them, to have them transcended, to place them into the Hands of God.

On this night, in which the inner light is ignited through the intercession of My Sacred Heart, look toward your essences.

Discover within yourselves the only truth, which will free you from this captivity, from this planetary prison, from all error.

On this night I come to find the essence of your hearts, that which once existed in the beginning as consciousness and energy.

Let us return to those origins.

I came here tonight to take you toward that place, where you began to have a spiritual, causal and physical life.

Your essences have been traveling throughout the times, carrying out this trajectory, a path to redemption.

See in your essences, in the very core of your hearts, the Creator Source of God, which renews you, heals you, grants you redemption.

Let us return to the origin, to the beginning of everything, when our Eternal Father in His highest dimensions, in His greatest degrees of Love, thought of creating creatures much like Him, just as you are, at this time.

Remember, children, that you are the children of God, that you are the children of Life, that you are the children of Love, who come from an existence that has never died, that is perpetual, that is eternal and sublime.

Return to your essences and ask within: What is it that You want from me, Father?

Stillness. Stillness. Stillness. Do not interrupt what I am doing.

I have come here to elevate you to God, so that you may be part of what is existent and infinite.

Return your attention to the essence of His Love, that which emerged from the Source and which has lived many experiences to be able to reach this point and say 'yes' to redemption.

Today I come to dispel the forces of contrariness, because where love is present, God is; and your hearts are in God, just as God can be in you.

Let us now go toward the origin of what in truth you are, so that you may know how you were created in the beginning before becoming souls, before being spirits; so that you may know how it was when you were essences in the Source of the Love of God, together with the Creator Fathers, the Archangels; to the place where millions of lives for this Universe emerged.

Thus, companions, today you are not here alone. The whole Universe is here, all existence and all life, through My Sacred Heart.

Be brave. Penetrate this mystery that My Heart grants today so that you may know yourselves consciously.

See yourselves as being in love and continue forward through these times, overcoming all the obstacles, elevating your consciousness to the Creator.

Kneel before Me. And in an act of reconciliation through My Sacred Heart, let us return to Life, to what you always were.

Come with Me, to the Source of Creation, and find your essences there, that which is pure, which experiences no suffering, which is eternal and invincible in the Eyes of your Creator.

Look within yourselves and seek the sphere of your essence, the deepest light of your consciousnesses, that which has been born of the Source and moves through the times, learning about love and forgiveness.

I come in these times to find that truth that exists in you, a truth that brings Me here continuously and patiently, until you on your own are able to enter into communion with this truth.

In this way, you will free your Master, so that He may continue working in the world with other millions of essences, which are lost and far from love, the Love of the Source.

Hold in your hands this essence of light as if it were a newborn.

Feel that sphere of light in your hands and, at the same time, as a sign of imploring, let us be reconciled with God.

This is the essence that is within you and which seeks the path of return to the Heart of the Creator.

See how God created your essence with immense love, with eternal tenderness, with an immeasurable compassion.

This is the essence that is to return to the Source, with the marked sign of Redemption, saying 'yes' to Forgiveness and to Divine Mercy.

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ, has been working with these millions of essences throughout time.

You are not only matter, you are also energy that comes from the Source and that at some time deviated from your path, so that in this time you would again find the path of redemption and of love.

I come to conceive in your essences the Grace of renewal, mutual service, an extreme charity and infinite consideration for the fellow being.

With this essence that God has given you, which is fragile and simple, which is mere and pure, companions, return to the school of love because love will heal you, the Love of God will save you and soon you will be worthy children of God, deserving of His infinite Mercy, tireless servers that never give up, that always say 'yes' to the Divine Hierarchy.

Feel your divine essence in your hands, feel how the Angels and Archangels contemplate your inner dwelling places.

Believe it is possible to overcome everything through the Love that My Spirit sows today in your essences to again give them spiritual life and an eternal union with the Creator.

In the same way that your essences bow down before the Most High at His Feet, thus, companions, today I want each part of your beings to bow down before God as an act of reconciliation, of forgiveness and of healing.

And now, Father, that you see what I come to seek, time after time, what you have created in image and likeness of your Existence, Adonai, Your Son pleads for these essences and for all the essences that are far from You.

Just as you are in Heaven, Father, may you also be on Earth, and when I return, surrounded by Your Glory and Your Power, may all the essences of the world experience their last step toward forgiveness.

Emmanuel, listen to the Voice of Your Son, who once was on the Cross for all the essences of the world, for all those who fell into the abysses.

Listen to the Voice of Your Son, Adonai, Emmanuel and Abba.

Bowing down at Your Feet, Eternal Father, I offer My Body, My Blood, My Soul, My Divinity, for the essences that today must be with You to serve and honor You.

I offer You, Father, My Sacred Heart, for the ungrateful and unjust hearts.

I offer You My Spirit so that You may be present in all that exists and lives, in all that breathes, so that the cell of evil may be erased, so that the Light of Your Divine Consciousness, Adonai, may be reborn.

Eli, Eli, listen to the Voice of Your Son, Who with great atonement and mercy dissolves error, lack of union and lack of love so that Your Plan, Father, may triumph on this planet.

We all bow down before You, beloved Creator, because You breathed and created life, because You felt, and creatures emerged, because You thought and granted Your Universe without restrictions so that forever and ever we may praise You, honor You, supplicate to You and thus, be in communion with Your non-material Spirit.

Pour out You Grace upon these essences.

Pour out Your Love upon these lives, so that You Project, Adonai, may be fulfilled, and souls may be redeemed and live to the end of their lives in Your Peace.

Today I water this tree that was drying up, and see how Love transforms all things, makes all things regrow; everything blossoms again because I have not allowed your essence to die, but rather, in the balm of My Love, I have nurtured them with My Spirit.

Let those who were dead be joyful.

Let those who expected a Grace, to be glad, because I will not tire, I will not tire until I achieve what I expect of your essences.

Love one another as I loved you, up to the last moment on the Cross. And when you do not love one another, when you do not unite, remember Me on the Cross, everything that I endured for you up to the end of your lives for, in this way, you will recover your strength, you will recover your bravery and courage to love beyond yourselves.

May the advent of the new 'figueiras' (fig-trees) be accomplished.

May the seeds of brotherhood planted in the earth regrow, because the Almighty has heard His Son and the angels have poured out your Grace in the depths of your beings.

Today the Scripture is fulfilled.

You will see the Son of God coming among the clouds and the breath of His Spirit will vivify your consciousnesses and evil will be dissolved, because the Love of the Sacrificed Heart of Jesus will triumph until the New Earth.

Let the knots of human separation be dissolved.

Let the ties of love and of faithfulness be established, because the Father of Mercy has heard the Voice of the Redeemer.

Place your hands upon your hearts.

And may you be able to feel this mystery every day, which is no longer a mystery, but just the simple Love of your Redeemer Who comes to make all things new.

Because when I fell with the Cross, three times, I promised the Father that I would renew all things.

And blessed will be those who allow themselves to be renewed by Me without fearing the changes, because what God wants to give you is His Heart, so that He may live in you in essence and eternally.

Let us thus celebrate this act of reconciliation, because your sins were purified and your faults were forgiven.

The High Priest has come to celebrate a Restoring Communion so that you may remember every day to fulfill the promise of being part of My Love and to express it in each moment.

Let us listen to the trumpets of the angels, that sound to announce the Divine Word and institute the Holy Eucharist in this place again, the perpetual triumph of the Love and Life of your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

And today, at My Feet, I have not only the holy women who anointed My flagellated Body at the sepulcher, together with Mary, My Mother and Mary Magdalene; but I also have at My Feet those who once did not recognize Me, those who experienced miracles, and those who converted at the foot of the Cross, when My Blood flowed from My Side and My Water penetrated the very core of the Earth, to renew the Project of the Creator.

Let your essences blend today into My original Essence, into My Divinity, into the Second Person of God, the Firstborn Son, the Only Begotten, the Redeemer, and may these essences that live and shine within you, help you to experience the changes in the end of these times.

Only Love will make you free and when you are not in Love or in Truth, call upon Me. I will give you the strength to love as I loved, up to the last moment of the Cross.

And as an act of reparation and healing, for the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine of your essences, today I will ask for a song that reflects the love that I had for you in Calvary: "Christ of Calvary."

May the symbol of this song help you to have the same strength, the same courage, and the same valor that your Master and Lord had up to the last moment of having expired on the Cross, for all of you.

When you cannot manage to humiliate yourselves, kneel; when you cannot manage to stay calm, rest your face upon the ground; when you are not humble, place yourselves in a cross upon the ground, as I will help you to transform what cannot be transformed, to free what resists, and you will feel the Fire of My Love in your hearts, just as the holy women did up to the last moment, overcoming all the tests, all the obstacles, to be close to the Sacrificed Son, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.

And before listening to this song that makes My Heart humble, because, in truth, it is God Who is in Me, so that I am able to be in you, I remind you of the scene and the culminating moment of the communion with the apostles and all the souls present two thousand years ago, in Jerusalem, when I took the bread and gave thanks to God for the sacrifice, saying:

Take and all eat of it, because this is My Body, the Essential Body of your Lord, Who will surrender to you for the forgiveness of sins.

In the same way, I took the Chalice, giving thanks to the Creator for the sacrifice, and I said to them:

Take, take in trust and drink from this Chalice, the Chalice of the New Alliance, Blood that will be poured out for you for the forgiveness of all faults.

And in that moment, the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit descended, and instituted the Eucharist.

Today I ask You, Adonai, that you not let Your Sacred Tree die, a Tree much like the burning bush of Moses, in which You once showed Yourself, so small and humble in Your creatures.

May the same Spirit and the same Fire that penetrated the consciousness of Moses, today penetrate the consciousness of those who teach, of those who guide Your flocks, so that Your powerful and invincible Love may always triumph. Amen.

I will listen to the song.