Thursday, July 6 of 2017

Marathon of Divine Mercy

My Silence speaks of the deep need to love more than you love, to surrender more than you surrender, and to serve unconditionally, more than you serve; because if with twelve apostles I was able to redeem the world, what will I be able to do with more than twelve consciousnesses that await My Second Coming to the world?

Today I come from a place where My Presence is lived in those who are transparent and true.

A place that has been mercifully blessed by My Mother, for a long time, and that She, with Her incommensurable humility, continues to bless; not looking at the mistakes of humans, but at the essences that go astray.

In the place whence I come there is a cross on the top of the Mount, the same way as My Mother is on the top of the hill, summoning all to peace.

In this place I am adored considerably through the Eucharist.

In this place I listen to the confession of the faithfuls and of the sinners through the ears of the humble priests that live My Priesthood, which I taught Peter in the past.

In this place is experienced the conversion of the heart and the multiplication of the vocations, something that nowadays and in the world of today would not be possible because there is so much evil and so much sin.

God, through His servant and through the presence of His Son in the Eucharist, has put His trust in this place; place so similar to others where My Mother has appeared to give testimony of the Presence of God and of the Love of His beloved Son.

There is no place in the world that is not led into temptation, into perversion or into errors.

As long as there are human beings who deal with the Works of God, as they are so humanly fragile, there will always be mistakes. But if there is consideration in what is lived and in what is practiced as spiritual life, there will always be a support for the souls to feel guided; this is why not all are in the same school of understanding the mysteries of the Lord.

Each one lives what they have come to learn in this life, and it is what God has destined for each one of souls.

I only invite you to be guardians of the Maternal Centers of Love that your Holy Mother has founded in several parts of the world.

God does not need you to observe what the others do wrongly, because the time of Justice will come.

You must pray for your enemies, you must pray for those who cannot live the truth, and not judge them.

Each one of you has sinned in something and My forgiveness was given, infinite times. Seek the transparence of your hearts and you will find the peace that you do not live today for different reasons.

I know that when human beings manage the Marian Centers and Sanctuaries in the world, many faults are committed because ostentation is very great, more than prayer.

But now, God is not placing His look at the unjust but in the faith of millions of souls who need to live their conversion and redemption through these nuclei of love, which, as Sources of Graces, the Celestial Universe has founded on Earth.

If you are part of these Centers of Love and of these Marian Sanctuaries, it is because you need healing and need to take this healing to the ones who do not have it, either by ignorance or blindness.

Because of this I have come from this Mount where a cross so similar to this one has been placed. Where pilgrims get to it to ask for redemption and peace through the intercession of the faithful Servant of God.

The work of the Sacred Hearts is one and is not divided; it is the adversary who divides the things in the minds of men and women and confounds them so much, so much, that they lose the opportunity of learning to love just as I wish it every day and in each moment of your lives.

Awaken to the truth of Heaven and make yourself part of it; do not get lost in what is superficial, in what is apparent, or in what is not clear.

Open your eyes and see the Source of Love of the Sacred Hearts come, which is disseminated in several parts of the world and through different Marian Centers and Sanctuaries.

I invite you to seek Unity in all this. It will make you strong and invincible and will not separate you from My Heart, but will unite you more and more to God, to His divine Consciousness.

Fulfill the prophecy of these times, about the advent of The One crowned by stars, because She does not stay in the small and in the insignificant.

Her voice echoes in all the Universes, because She is the one who is Her humiliation has incarnated the Son of God in Her most pure womb, and has brought to all the mercy and the peace that from time to time the world needs.

Be Her message and fulfill it. Be guardians of Her Marian Sanctuaries and you will understand right away the Plans of God.

Because of this, I have come from this place, in Medjugorje, because I was sanctifying it, so that it never loses the essence of its truth, and it is here that the Son of God makes the bridge between Medjugorgje and South America, so that all may see that in essence everything is a single thing, a single principle and a single mission.

Do not seek to understand what are the charismas or virtues, seek every day to be part of this Source of Graces that emanates from the Marian Centers and Sanctuaries and you will at last be the servants of the Woman clothed with the Sun, who brings the moon at Her feet to announce the new age.

Do not just be Her children. Be Her servants, be Her disciples, be Her collaborators of peace, and thus you will free yourselves, I assure you, from the mediocre and superficial things that the human beings do to wound the faith of souls and the credibility in the Kingdom of God.

The only thing that matters, dear companions, is that God is working with so much mercy and piety to save millions of souls that, if not finding places like the Marian Sanctuaries, would be so lost, so separate and so far away from the Truth.

Today I come to give this message to the hearts that are in the first school of preparation. For them to be able to understand in the new schools all the mysteries that are based on Love.

And thus, I separate with My Hands what wants to confound you, to separate you from the Truth of the Sacred Hearts.

We are in a time of spiritual battle, where love and indifference play on a board to define who will gain this final instance.

Place yourselves in the army of love, of perseverance and of faith, and see how much the Love of God transforms everything it touches, especially My companions, My friends and My children, who live Me in the faith and in the hope of someday, under the grace of God, once again seeing Me for second time.

May this cross that I bring today from the top of Medjugorje unite, liberate and sanctify all peoples.

May there be no more languages, races nor creeds; but only love, which springs from My Heart, from the Source, to the whole humanity.

If you have love in your hearts, you will understand My Mysteries, if you have you minds before love, you will confound yourselves.

Do not seek the answers in wrong places, be more intelligent than My adversary and defeat it through prayer and unity.

Because God knows in His infinite Mercy what each child needs.

Do not try to force an answer that you do not understand, because you will always go astray, and you will thus lose hope of finding here, on this day, a new path to the sublime consciousness.

I was the Jesus who communed and lived with the poor, with the rich; who took
the power from the erudite and from the kings and gave the treasure to the simplest and the humblest of heart.

Through My Passion, through the Cross and through My Death I taught you how you should love.

Once I told you, in My greatest Agony: “Father, forgive them, because they do not know what they do”.

Today I ask you, out of mercy, that you forgive those who do not know what they do.

If you ask for mercy, also be merciful with your fellow beings.

Open your ears and quieten your hearts so that My Divinity can again commune with humanity.

Why do I make all these explanations? Because the time has come for all to live the Work of God according to your schools, knowing that it is the Son of Man who unites all the schools into one single love, which is the love of the Source.

All will come to witness the return of Christ, from different schools, religions, creeds, peoples, and regions.

In the end, all will become aware that the path has always been one: to go through the door of My Heart; the door to Love, Truth, and Unity.

May the Lord bless all these elements at the foot of the altar, which will be a source of Graces and of renewal for the souls that will receive them today.

Thank God for all that you receive, and not for what you do not understand. Remember that your guardian angels write in your books the opportunities that you have of loving more.

May the Lord sanctify these elements so that souls may live love, and let none miss the opportunity of awakening to what is true, unique, unknown, and sublime.

Lord, exorcise everything that is not part of Your Light. May the minds be freed from their questioning so that evil is defeated and the Power and Glory of My Sacred Heart triumph.

May the Lord bless this water, which is created by His divine and loving Thought, so that it baptize and regenerate the souls that today will be blessed by the Light of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord will renew today the vows of the souls that are consequent, just as the vows of many other souls in the world that will aspire to help the Divine Mercy of the Redeemer.

The Lord blesses you, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.1

May this symbol of the Golden Heart represent the union of your hearts with Mine, forever.

Now, the Lord is going to bless you in the name of all the souls that assist Christ in the Work of His Divine Mercy.

Father, multiply the Graces in these hearts, and may they be a part of the Ocean of Your Infinite Mercy, so that as renewed lights in the world, they evangelize the Earth with their examples of charity and of unconditional service to those who are most in need. Amen.

In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord shares this supper with His disciples; with daughters who are consecrating themselves today to His Divine Mercy, so that Divine Mercy may be spread throughout the world as a Source of Reparation and of Healing for the souls who agonize and suffer in their abysms.

Just like more than two thousand years ago, sitting with My apostles on the ground, I took the bread, I gave thanks for this sacrifice, and I said to them: all eat of this for this is My Body that will be surrendered for the forgiveness of sins. Do this in My Memory, for the times that will come.

In the same way, I took the chalice and giving thanks to God for that great sacrifice, I said to them: all take and drink of It, for this is My Blood of the new and eternal alliance, which will be lived by all souls until the end of times.

This is the Sacrament of Redemption, the Renewal and the Healing of humanity.

Let us pray.

Under the Light of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I bless you, and I bless this humanity, so that it may walk towards Redemption.

Today I rise up to Heaven with a new song. And today you will say: “I am with you, Lord, because I believe in Your Mercy, because I believe in Your Power, and I accept living Your Will as God has thought it from the beginning.”

I thank you for having done of this marathon, a marathon of liberation and of infinite forgiveness.

Amen. We can sing.



1. The helpers are anointed with oil.