Friday, June 17 of 2016

The Sacred Call
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Source of all prodigies
Pour Your Mercy
Over the conflicts of the world
Amen (x3)

Like the Breath of the Spirit of God, I come to bless this place and to bless you all, in the name of the Truth and the Love of God that pours out at this moment over you and your brothers and sisters.

I have waited a long time to meet with you here, once again, in the Alliance with My Divine Spirit; I waited to find you in the Peace which I bring from the Universe for each one of your hearts in this perfect Communion with Me, with My Body and My Blood.

I come to Europe to raise it before the thrones of God, for the profound acceptance that your hearts emit for the fulfillment of the plan in this part of humanity; for this, the doors of the Universe open to receive you in the Heart of God, Heavenly Father.

The legions of angels have arrived here, with much lightness to be able to find you in the prayer that proclaims My Divine Mercy.

Open your hearts, feel your souls, and remain in Me. This is what you now need to carry on, My apostles above all, those who I have called with so much love.

Follow My Steps, follow My Paths and you will never lose peace, because if your hearts trust in Me, you will be trusting in God, because God IS through My Heart, and I Am through you, in the profound essence of the spirit and the brotherhood. 

Today I do not come to see the bad behavior of the world, the horrors, the bad actions and the indignation. Today I come to see from your hearts the flame of the Spirit of God that incarnated in you, from your birth in this humanity and throughout the times, a flame that my adversary can never extinguish because if the heart prays and persists, it will triumph.

Today you are again before My Celestial Mission, which is the Church that many wait to enter but they do not know It.

Today you are before My Patriarchate, My Legacy and all  My Universe; which is the Universe of My Father, that congregates in the invisible of His Spirit.

Today I come to bring you that presence that you should always aspire to find in these times of chaos and persecution in the world.

Feed the flame of your spirits and even though you see darkness around you, I tell you in truth, that you will not lose peace. 

But today I invite you to be true with Me, in each step of life, in each example and in each small action. I do not need your hearts perfect, but honest and simple, open to receive My Instruction, through My Holly Word, or through each brother that you find in your paths, because I make Myself present in an unexpected way in your lives and in the lives of all of your brothers and sisters, My companions.

The opportunity that I bring you, is the opportunity that the planet and all humanity needs, as do the Kingdoms of Nature that suffer so much the consequences of humanity of the surface.

In each aspect of life, My Heart and My Light is present, when the soul invokes My Universal Presence. Together with My angels I constitute among your hearts, in this hour, the presence of My Celestial Church and I open the Heavenly altars so that you may  commune, of the only and true that is the Love of God.

It is the love of God that will never disappoint you, that will never deceive you like many deceive you and deceive themselves all of the time because their hearts have hardened to My Presence and Energy; but My Mercy allows to bring forth the forgiveness and atonement that you so much need in this life and this end of times.

If you are before My Celestial Church, you are before the One, the Adonai. Emmanuel, Abba, the Elohim, you are before the Universe, before all the Brotherhood that congregates to receive you in the Fraternity of the Spirit and of Unity.

See in this moment, My hearts, how the stars of light emerge from you, the internal suns, that must shine in this hour, to illuminate humanity which is in darkness; and many do not believe that they are in darkness, but they are.

If you think of being with Me, companions, do so, and do not waste time. Seek for the Essence of My Heart that will take you to peace and will allow you to realize the path that you have come to fulfill in the name of My Father and His Plan.

The hearts are not encouraged to love My Heart profoundly, for fear of what I may ask of them. But from the beginning, companions, I know what each one of you can give Me and I will not ask of you what you can not give Me, that would be a great loss of energy for these final times.

I need My Work to be realized in your hearts, in the best way possible. But in truth I tell you, companions, that some of you have a marked commitment with Me and it is definitive and you cannot omit it, with your own indifference. 

Feel that My Words form your spirits and inner dwellings.

Feel how your souls rise to My Celestial Church, to enter the temple and vivify the union with Me, through the Eucharist.

Adore My Heart, as the angels do, and confirm that it is possible to reach Redemption and Peace in this humanity.

I would like other soldiers of Mine to be here to listen to Me, but I know that by their own means, spiritual and internal, they cannot do so; but I ask them not to justify themselves. My Blood and My Water were spilled to justify your lives, your errors, your trials, omissions and indifferences, like all outrages to this days.

Now is the time to not do it any more and open your eyes and look towards infinity, towards the Universe, to see Me coming among the clouds with all the Glory of the Celestial Father.

I need you to be prepared for those who have not yet prepared themselves.

I need you to awaken to My Christic Life for those who have not yet awakened to My Christic Life.

I need you to be witnesses, even in the imperfections, because if your hearts are true and your minds are pure, you will always be in My Heart. 

I do not come to ask for the impossible because I know that humanity cannot give it now.

I need your lives to transform, just as I transform the clay with My Hands and mold a new cup for the Glory of God; Cup that receives the Codes of My Grace and My Mercy that come from the Universal Father.

Then, companions, receive in this hour My Grace and My Mercy, for those who do not want to receive it and who omit themselves so as not to want to know me.

There is so much love in My Heart that many do not believe that I could transform their lives completely.

My heart explodes from so much love to deliver to the world and to all the souls, even to those who omit My Presence. It is this Love that I lived for You, that I worked for you, that I gave to save you, once when I was on the Cross.

Each Wound of My Body, each sign marked on My Sacred Glorified Body, was to witness Salvation, Forgiveness and the Love for each one of you.

I do not want in My Heart the multiplication of the thorns of ingratitude of My apostles, who have not understood what I have asked them in this hour.

Be part of My Rays, of The Rays of My Glorified Heart, Sacred and Blessed. Be those Rays that transform over night, that travel like the wind; that travel like the wind through all the places of the world, taking the Peace and the Mercy of God. 

Be that sun that is born each day on the horizon and no longer live in darkness. Trust fully in yourselves, in that you can take the steps, at least for Me, for My Holly Mother and for My Celestial Father.

Live all the time in our Most Holly Trinity and you will be rewarded with the Gifts of My Spirit; you will have strength to walk, encouragement to continue forward and hope for where to see in each part of the Earth.

And even though the world is in darkness and the hearts are closed, I come to give, this afternoon, the Testimony of My Love in you and for each one of your brothers and sisters in this world.

Receive the Union with My Sacred Heart and live My Path like the exit door to liberation and forgiveness.

I thank you for preparing this Altar for Me, just like you prepare your lives, in this time and in this cycle, to receive Me in the plenitude of My Spirit, of My Grace.

Do not fear for what you have not achieved.

I do not want you to suffer any more, because My Heart already suffers for those who are indifferent, for those who fall, for those who do evil, for those who deny My Love all the time.  

I need of  your hearts a temple of happiness, rejoice, of true love and of peace, so that your sins are cleansed, and the stains in your souls may be erased by the Source and the Ocean of My Divine Mercy.

Thus, companions, friends, disciples and servants, you will gladden My Heart for the horrors that the world, of those who walk all the time to the abyss, lives.

If your hearts do not love, how will you love the other? If you do not love Me, how will you love your fellowmen?  Because if I am in your fellowmen,  hidden in the tabernacle of the heart, why are you indifferent and do not see me?

I am in the one who is dispossessed, sad, lost, blind and deaf. I knock on the door of those hearts so that they may awaken to their truth and their mission.

Each thing has its time, because it is marked by the Universe of God.

Offer in this afternoon, this communion for all Europe, for those who are lost, for those who are blind, for those who are alone, for those who are sick, for those who suffer in the ignorance of their lives and of their paths, for not finding, for those who do not find My Sacred Heart that is here today, among you, so that you may live it and feel it in this perfect Communion, in a spirit of peace and fraternity.

I constitute you all as a new family, as was the family of Nazareth, together with Mary and Saint Joseph. It is not far from you to form that sacred spiritual family that must reign among the souls and the hearts that follow the Divine Messengers.

In this hour, companions, the Divinity works in all continents on Earth to sow Its Light in the world.

Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

We will sing  "I am with you my Lord", at the request of Jesus , to bless the elements that He will consecrate, today for all of us.

Glorified Christ: 

Through the times, companions, I elevate the souls towards the Kingdom of God, when each one of them communes, the greatest testimony of love in the presence of My Living Body and My Precious Blood, in Honor of the Celestial Father and to His Divine Plan that emanates from the Universe for all the creatures of the Earth.

In My Celestial Church, I teach you again what I once preached to all of you: seated at My table of Light and Love, I invited you at that time to thank God for every thing, for what He gives us in the Infinite Mystery of His Love. And for this, companions in the name of Peace I raised the bread, thanked the Father for the Sacrifice; I blessed it, I gave it to you and said to you "always eat of it because it is the Living Body of Christ, your Lord."

Once the Communion with the bread was ended, I thanked God for the Chalice that the souls would receive in their essences, to be depositaries of My Spirit of Mercy and Redemption. Raising the Chalice towards Heaven I thanked the Father, I passed it to you and I said once: "take it and all drink from it, because this is My Blood that will be poured for you and for all human kind for the forgiveness of all faults."

And today, in My Presence, companions, before My Celestial Church I reaffirm the Presence and Power of the Love of God. Amen.

Thank You Lord, thank you Lord for so many blessings that you always give us, that you always give us.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit. Amen

Fray Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Brothers and Sisters, we want all that were present here and through the live transmission for the planet, by MMTV, our brothers of the Monasteries of the Order, the communities and of the praying groups, that are united with us, we want to share, how this Apparition with Christ was, which in reality might not have said much but what He did with us today, just as He did in the days of the prior Marathon in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He introduced us to that mystery that humanity still does not know very well, that is the Celestial Church of Christ, and Christ himself told us that it is something He tried to Institute so that we could learn, from the time He was here, with us, two thousand years ago.

Today, He really came very splendid, wonderful in His Love and in His Mercy.

He introduced us little by little, in that space of consciousness that He calls the Celestial Church, where the angels and all the blessed ones in a true way celebrate continually that adoration to the Body and Blood of Christ; and He took us to that place little by little.

Through His Words, His Message, He introduced us all, those of us here and those who are in their homes accompanying us, who were also taken through their souls to that space of consciousness.

It was something very intense, very difficult to support because even though It is a Divine Energy, Celestial, the vibratory and energetic voltage of the Presence of Christ, of that state of Consciousness, of  the Celestial Church, Is very high for our cells, for our bodies, for our atoms; but as He knows that we are terrestrial beings, we are human beings, He counts on our souls.

In some way, He served Himself of our souls, of our openness of heart for who had an open heart, to enter that state of consciousness and we lived, as one says, several initiations, several purifications; we went through various processes during the whole Apparition and not only were we benefited spiritually, but also here, this region of the European continent, which so badly needs it.

And when the Master repeated that we should offer the Communion for all that He said, the sick, those who are ignorant, the blind, the deaf, etc., He went after each one of them because the channel of prayer that we opened during the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy He used for this purpose; in some way He found the hearts open and He could achieved that task.

So among so few of us, He did Great things, as He once promised, that we would do greater things than He did, even though at that moment He commanded and He brought them forward, that task, that mission, that He came to accomplish here, in Barcelona, He did it through our hearts.

What He came to accomplish; He was able to fulfill and that expanded for all of the planet, for all of the planetary consciousness with the help, thank God, of the angels that were very close to us; very winged angels were very close to us, and that also called my attention very much. The approach of those angels with a subtlety a kindness an inexplicable mercy. 

We wanted to leave this story with you so we can continue united in that task that the Divine Messengers have been carrying out not only in America, but now here, in Europe, in a very broad way.

Thank You Lord for all that you give us!