Friday, March 18 of 2016

The Sacred Call

Contemplate My Glory. When I am present, everything is perfect and nothing wounds.

Today I again offer you the cross of the world, so that you may carry it with Me during this Sacred Week that is coming; because after so many Graces, everything is already different and nothing can be the same.

Today you are here for My Mercy, which is the Mercy of God; which has gathered you together through Me and around Me, to honor Me.

Today I am with you and I am with the world, with the needs of each heart and of each soul, without ceasing to attend to the requests of My Father, so that His Will may be done.

Today I show you the wounds of My Hands so that you may venerate them during this coming week, where I will give precise signs for these end of times, so that souls may continue on My path and in ascension to My Sacred Heart.

I know that it is difficult to live the chaos of the world, the chaos of souls and of consciousnesses that resist purifying. But I can't do anything else.

Your hearts and the heart of your brothers and sisters must be open so that I may work and thus help you until the end. Because it is the Will of My Father that you live in My Grace and it is the feeling of My Heart that you rejoice in Me all days of your life, so that you may know My Will, which is invisible to your eyes and perceptible to the intuition of the pure.

I need to reach in you holy humility, pacification, surrender and meekness. But I know that everything is by degrees. You must reach it through the effort and dedication you live for My Heart and for the Will of My Father who is in the Universe and who always looks upon you with a lot of compassion. Because if from Him did not flow compassion, there would be no humanity.

The tonic of these times is the intercession of the Sacred Hearts, of Mary, of Saint Joseph and of My Heart, otherwise nothing would be possible, companions.

I don't come here to bring you disappointments but the truth; truth that you must love every day to be able to reach it and so that your hearts are crystalline just like Mine, without pride, without denial, without indifference.

You must persist, as I persisted for you on the Cross.

You must mature in love, as I surrendered the Love of God for you at each stage of the Passion, just as My Mother surrendered Love for each of Her children who denied and rejected the King of the Universe.

I need that in this Sacred Week, your hearts live My Passion in humility. That you feel My Passion as the great victory and as the great promise for those who have not yet awakened and who separate themselves from God day by day.

I need, companions, that through this Sacred Week you live My Passion, so that your souls confirm that I am still here accompanying you, as well as I accompany those who need the most in this acute time of the world.

I need, companions, that in this Sacred Week you not only see My sacrifice, but the victory of the Archangel Michael through My Heart and My Consciousness, which at the most culminating moment left My Being so that I would Christify myself, as well as in these times I invite you to live the christification of the heart through dedication and perpetual prayer.

If there were no souls like yous in the world, just as there are other souls who love My unfathomable and merciful Heart, I would not be here anymore and this would not be a denial because I would have no place to pour out My Grace and My Mercy on those who truly claim it for their brothers and for all mankind, as for the minor Kingdoms created by God, your Lord, your Eternal Father.

So I need, companions, that in this Sacred Week you multiply My Mercy for all the places where you go and that it multiplies even more when you leave here, from this Sacred Center, after having received My spiritual impulse of love and of compassion.

I do not need you to be martyred with My Passion. There were holy women in the past who lived this for Me through the ages and abode all next to My Cross, together with Mary, My Mother.

I invite you, companions, in this Sacred Week to be holy consciousness that venerate My Sacred Heart through the Passion and the cross and every step that I took for you from the Last Supper until My resurrection.

In these steps that I entrust you to meditate day by day, you will find the strength for these times, the inner strength to overcome your problems, the dissipation of all doubts and the lack of confidence in the Heart of the Creator.

I need, companions, to revive My Passion for those who do not and especially for those who never did and who least know Me in different parts of the world, for living their own idolatry.

This weighs on My Heart, because I come with My Grace for all souls, for all those who nevertheless continue in My way, as it is today before My presence..

So you will see, companions, how is the Mercy of My Heart, how is the sustenance and support that I can give to your spirits when you trust in Me and decree it.

I not only bring you the revelation of My Grace but also the presence of My heavenly Glory reached after My ascension to the Universe, to the abodes of God.

I need you to be purified in My trust and to accept the task that I, with so much Love, have entrusted to you for these times from the beginning of your births.

Just as My Infinite Heart was grateful for the support of My Holy Mother during the Passion and from the beginning of My life in this world for each one of you, so I expect you, companions, to be grateful to your mothers for their existence and presence at this time so special with me. What would happen to you without your mothers?

Even if your mothers do not look like with what you desire, they are the perfect model of transformation for your hearts and lives. You will not be able to continue walking on My path without first reminding your mothers of everything they have given, even if it was errors, tests or conflicts.

God, through your mothers, wanted to break your hardened hearts so that you would feel the true love that is born of the motherhood of all the holy women who conceive before the Creation and give birth, as My Mother gave birth for each of you .

I need you to love the maternal strength and not reject it, because in the maternal strength is the way out of the possible difficulties of the path.

Between My Passion for this Sacred Week and the spirit of motherhood, you will find two great doors to also reach forgiveness and reconciliation among your loved ones.

I do not need you, companions, to judge but to love what God gave you through your mothers and also your spiritual mothers that I have placed on your way, to work the path of perfection and holiness in you.

Discover in the mystery of My Passion and motherhood the path to conversion and to take the steps in the simplicity of the spirit and the soul that is given to the heavenly Father, opening your heart and understanding all the things that come to the school of learning.

I leave you tonight, companions, the symbol of the sores of My Hands, of the Hands that were donated for you, of the Hands that were cured, that healed, that multiplied the loaves and fishes, of the Hands that poured out graces and prodigies, who raised the dead, of the Hands that raised the paralytics, who healed the blind and who redeemed hearts hardened by their own will.

I hope that in each of you and your brothers and sisters, I can make sprout what I come to take for so long and after so many times and many attempts.

Now, companions, that you know all these things, be encouraged to take the step and not back down, because My feet walk barefoot in front of your own, marking the path to peace and transformation

One more request for those who listen to My voice. I would like to see you arranged and clean every day to receive me. Just as I sent the sick to purify the wells of Bethsaida, of Samaria, I invite you to prepare every day for the encounter with Me at three o'clock in the afternoon, in harmony and order, interior and exterior. I do not need you to embellish for Me, but to understand and feel the importance of the ceremony in every detail, because that is part of the Law of the Hierarchy.

And now, companions, on this eve of preparation, let your hearts pulse and feel the Sacred Week beating within you like a living flame that is molded and prepared to receive me in trust.

And the synthesis of all this Sacred Week that we will live for a sick, separated and indifferent humanity; for those who can not live this with Me and who do not yet know it, I remind you of the infinite mystery of the sacrament of Communion, of the bread made flesh of Christ and of the Precious Blood of the Master as sources of salvation and conversion for the souls that commune in faith with the divinity of My Spirit before the Universal Father.

In glory to God for this grace granted to realize the Sacred Week here, and waiting for all Heaven, may your collaboration be efficient for the next meetings in this material order of the work of the Hierarchy.

I hope that My Graces will not fall in vain, but be the permanent multiplication of the service and the donation for this redeeming and co-redeeming work with My Mother and Saint Joseph.

I hope that your hearts, companions, awaken to the importance of collaboration in this project of the Divine Messengers in this material plane. That will define after this Sacred Week the continuity of that sacred project of conversion and peace for the world.

May each one accomplish your part so that the Will of God may be manifested.

My last request, companions: pray for the hearts that were closed. I want to see in these beads the persistence of the consecrated. Let each prayer bead represent the opportunity and grace for a new soul that must be rescued by the trinity of the sacred hearts.

In this sacrament, companions, I leave you the model for your conversion, so that you may be peacemakers, meek in heart and humble in spirit.

I thank you, companions, for sharing this moment with Me in the name of Light and Redemption.

And so to those present I bless you preparing you to live this sacred moment with Me, in this Holy Week that is approaching, where the Heavens will be open for seven days on this place so that souls rise in spirit through My Heart to the House of the Celestial Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

At the request of Christ, let us sing "Peacemakers".