Friday, January 15 of 2016

The Sacred Call

In His deep and eternal Silence, God has already decided.

The world must begin again, but this will not yet happen until all of the blessed wake up in every corner of the Earth and until the second coming of the Son of God is proclaimed.

You and the world will decide what step to take for this new time.

The time is already past; the indicated moment is finished and the Fount of My Mercy will be preciously poured out over those that seek it and for those who cry out for it for their siblings.

There is no other way out, companions, than to resort to My Sacred Heart, wounded and injured by the events of the world that are being precipitated in the human consciousness day after day.

Today I am in the place where I preached and proclaimed the teaching of the Our Father, where I pronounced the blessings for all of you, for all souls throughout time.

At least please My Heart by living a blessing; let it be real, spiritual, and deep in your lives. Let it reflect on your countenances and be manifest the truth that many need.

But the world does not understand; it is blind, deaf, and closed to hearing.

You have the keys to open the last doors through which I will be able to enter the save the rest, on that never ending-journey of the Armageddon.

Today I wish you to place your heads on the ground to plead with Me for those who do not plead, that ask for nothing, and who boast about themselves all the time.

Drink from the Fount of My humility and open to recognize it, for it will be the foundation of the humility that will make you free, and you will walk with assurance toward the Kingdom of My Father.

Do not waste time, companions, the last ship is going by and you must announce this to humanity. My last ship of Mercy is wishing to receive those who must take refuge in My Spirit and in My Divinity.

At least fulfill the petition of having Me truly be known to the world through your examples and actions of charity, which gladden My hurting Heart.

From this mount, I again emit My petition to the world; be blessed and live the blessings.

They are the precious Laws of the intercession of My Divine Mercy for the times of today, which are still valid for everyone.

In your hearts build the real temple that you need in order to be able to receive Me in spirit during the most critical hour, in which hearts will become desperate for not having sought Me in time.

You must be that light for the world that many will need; there is no false light, but only a true light that shines from the heart for the souls most lacking.

In this way, I will be able to pour out My Rays upon those who have never found Me, and will perform wonders in the hearts that accept Me to experience their redemption.

The pain of God for the world and humanity is incalculable.

The pain of God cannot be measured because it is in His Heart, a Heart that has created all things for this world, for the whole Universe.

Have you not asked yourselves, what does God feel for this world, which has been so blessed and happy through the work of the Eternal Father?

You know, companions, that humanity deviated from the Law and does so more all the time, without conscience or wisdom.

But I come to seek the most precious fruits in the least prepared, which must be as an offering at the foot of My Altar, so that I may offer them to the Celestial Father as a last promise.

If your hearts do not change, the world will not change, because the world has already heard the Voice of the Messengers of God and few understand It, in humility.

I do not come to ask the impossible for anyone; you already know this and I have told you this many times.

I come to seek something unknown to you.

I come to seek something within you and that belongs to the Creation, for the manifestation of Its Work in all of the Cosmos.

This is why I show you My Sacred Heart as the Merciful Lord, so that you may follow My Steps toward the house of the Father, where all His Projects for this humanity reign.

Who would wish to be a depository of the true treasure of Heaven if hearts are still full of other things?

Your inner emptiness is essential for the times that will come.

The forms and the experiences must be at the foundation of My Mercy, so that all may be concretized, as I have foreseen it from the beginning.

I Am the Lord of Mercy; I Am your Shepherd.

Today I come to give My last word to the world, for hearts have already heard Me.

I have need of your purity and innocence to carry out My Works; thus, you will banish the old being, and the real spirit will emerge that has come to this world to serve Me within the Plan of God.

I cannot make this offer to everyone, for hearts have their degrees of love still to be offered to Heaven. But you, who have the Grace of receiving Me and hearing Me, what are you waiting for?

I said I would come to search for talents, not of your skills, but of your non-material spirits; the talents of your dwelling places, of your true task before the Celestial Father.

Adonai continues to entrust Me with the world, even more for these more difficult times.

But those who do not manage to love their siblings, let them reframe their paths, for there is no time to lose; the world is in need of a great deal of help rather than conflicts; these are already enough, and this too wounds the Heart of God.

Do not lose the inner strength for transformation, and open the doors to eternal life, where real things reside which will free you for the coming time.

Today I am on the Mount of Beatitudes, still waiting for the one hundred and forty-four thousand to awaken and reach Me to offer Me the results they have worked upon.

Mature your consciousnesses through determination and sacrifice for others; this will cause you to conquer Heaven and you will not be lost in superficial things.

Follow in My footsteps with care and attention; I do not want you to trip or fall to the ground; this may still happen until the next life.

But I come to lift you up from where you always place yourselves through your own decision. My treasures must not be wasted; My precious pearls must not be lost in the hands of the distracted.

The jewels that I give you are unique; they are the same that I received before coming and incarnating on Earth; they are the same jewels that My Mother and Saint Joseph received to concretize the Project of the Sacred Family.

The jewels are the virtues of sanctity, of consecration, and of an uplifted life; this is what the world has completely lost in this cycle. You must also not lose them, and if this occurs, what will come of My Project?

I do not want to cease to look at the world with My Eyes of Mercy; do not tempt God, do not try to intimidate Him; I do not want to look at you with eyes of justice.

This is why I came to the world and suffered in agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, in complete loneliness and abandonment.

This is why I was surrendered as a divine being for thirty-three coins.

You, will you surrender Me?

You, will you want to exchange Me for anything? I hope it will not be this way.

My Spirit fills you, but also corrects you. From you I need a life and an example that you have never experienced in any period of the world.

For this reason, I come at this moment to gather you together in My Cenacle of Love and of Compassion.

I was humiliated and punished by humanity; I was whipped and martyred by each one of you, today present in the world.

If I had not trustingly offered Myself, how would you have been able to know My Sacred Heart, that is the manifestation itself of My Divine Mercy and of My Glory?

I had you know My Mercy in the last century, but many did not truly search for It. Thus, in this year of Mercy, I open the door again to you so that many more may assemble and be rescued by the Merciful Light of My Heart, meek and peaceful.

Now I have you know My Glory so that you may be able to be uplifted a little more, for the Glory of My Heart was achieved with My Death on the Cross, when I spilled water and blood, Rays of Mercy to save the world.

My Heart was Glorified when the human heart ceased to beat. Feel and think for an instant on everything that My Heart experienced during the Passion in such a short time; and in spite of the assaults, of the indifference, and of the punishment directly aimed at God through His beloved Son, the Mercy of My Heart, the Glory of My Spirit, did not abandon you.

The Glory is what allowed My Ascension through My Mercy.

I had to ascend to the house of My Father because it was time, and you could not accompany Me. But now, in Glory, I come back from the house of My Father to remind you of the commitment to the Project that still is not finished and has not been accomplished.

Do not try to understand My Mysteries; hold them in your heart, where all things really reside, where the Truth of God and of His Origin lives.

Thus, I come for all those who reside in My Nuclei of Love and also for those who listen to Me with the love of their heart; so that you do not deviate from My Projects, but also so that you may accomplish them as they are written in the Heart of My Father. For I come to help you so that this may be concretized, and the whole world not be lost in the abyss of its darkness that is already embracing it.

I need the equality of your hearts, and not the indifference in the face of the things that happen in the world. You may become sensitized at this moment, but after leaving this meeting, where will My Words echo? Will you ask questions about what I tell you all? Will you ask within yourselves what the next step and path is?

The Laws are shown in the Works of the Light, which is where My adversary cannot be active. If you are in the Laws of the Light, you will be on the correct path.

I come to prepare you to help those who will most need it, for the world must be sheltered in the heart of the Sacred Centers for the coming time.

For this reason, with the infinite patience of My Heart and the Compassion of My Spirit, I wait for you to uplift yourselves, so that you may ascend, so that you may climb to the top of the Mount of Beatitudes, where everything is written.