Tuesday, January 5 of 2016

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 30th Marathon of Divine Mercy, at the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

What do you fear? When I am present, Light reigns and darkness is dispelled from the deepest spaces of all beings.

Why do you fear? Is not the Power that God has given Me stronger than a thousand armies?

The Power that comes from God is invincible but cannot be tempted by anybody.

The fallen angel has not come out of his abyss yet because I still have to return to give you My Victory and My Peace.

I take you all through a long desert and some fear to die on the way due to so much thirst.

I Am that great Mirror of Water, I Am that Oasis that is halfway of your paths to save you and give you to drink from the last Water of Life that saves all, that redeems all and that heals all.

You are still at the doorways of this great desert that I invite you to cross through experiences and tests. Do you not trust that I might be there to help you?

Today lie prostrate as I once was at Gethsemane.

Solitude is part of the test of all initiates. If I, Who Am your Life suffered it, so will you, but not to the same degree that I suffered for you and for the whole world, up to nowadays.

There is nowhere to escape to, companions. Armageddon is the entryway to the Apocalypse, that many believe has not arrived yet but that is unfolding in a devastating way in this humanity.

I am that Sacred Heart that consoles you, that moves you, that unites you with the Heavenly Father.

The thorns in My Heart are a sample of the gravity of the world and of all its inhabitants.

The yoke is intense in these times, but there is nothing to fear; work for My Father and together with Me, to serve Me in the name of Love, of Infinite Love.

Today the great and first spiritual battle is unleashed in the world, which is not visible, nor in anybody's reach.

For this reason, I have come this evening to comfort you, to give you to drink from My Water, that will not cause you to die but to be reborn in spirit, in union with Me.

These are difficult times, and they will become even more difficult, but I need you to hold fast to My Heart so that you may be in the Heart of My Father.

I also suffer because of so many cruelties, so much discouragement, so many sins; but I died for you on the Cross and the Mercy of God was granted to Me.

The same God had Himself nailed to the Cross for you, so that you did not lose yourselves. But that experience seems not to be sufficient for today's humanity, which in its deep consciousness believes the Master failed.

The victory is in the strength of true and invincible Love that comes from the Fount of My Father and which regenerates all things, those most lost things.

If your paths ever deviate from Mine, know that you can return.

So much love have I to give to the souls and few avail themselves of it!

For so long have I My Arms open and stretched out to you to receive you and few embrace Me!

So much peace can I give to you and few seek it!

I gave you the Sacraments, the signs of salvation so that you could live them again and again; because the body can die, but the soul lives in eternity.

It is your souls you must not fail, it is your spirits you must not hurt with your actions, your doubts, your little faith.

I know that many do not dare to cross this very large and hard desert.

Whoever trusts in My Mercy will be saved and will not be lost.

Today I come as the Jesus of the Divine Justice for the world.

My Hands continue to be wounded because of the faults of the world, because of the pride, the arrogance, the lack of penance. But I give you the strength to rebuild you, to heal you, to renew you again and again.

I am at the doorway of this desert to accompany you, since many souls will not know how to walk it because they do not have the inner guidance. But I Am that path that will lead you to the Father, to the house of the Heavenly Father where there is no fear, there is no darkness, only Love reigns.

I offered Myself to the world so that you may reach My Father, so that you may ascend to the heighest. Many times your bodies do not want it, but do not feel intimidated, the universe is still dual and the experience is alive for all.

But if there is love among My own, nothing will happen, because where there is true and not proud love, I am present. Perhaps you will not see Me nor feel Me in the most critical moments, but when the battle is at its peak, I will be there to support you.

For you I lived the first war of Redemption through the Passion and the Cross. I showed you how to do it in silence, in surrender and trusting in God, but many do not want to do it because they are afraid of failing.

Non-resistance will be your cordial sister, the one that will give you the strength to go through the tests, just as they are written. If you do not purify yourselves, you cannot reach the Kingdom of God.

Adam and Eve left this project during the Genesis and from that moment, original sin was cultivated in the heart of the men and women of the Earth.

The Patriarchs came to straighten out the paths of humanity.

The Prophets came to announce the salvation of the world through Christ.

Mary, your Mother, came to accompany you in love and in faith; if that very simple woman decided to live the powers of Heaven, embracing them with fervor and devotion, accepting the Will of the Father, why do you not do it?

Everything that is shown on your paths is part of an experience.

Sanctity is the goal of the new christs, of the new lambs that will go to different slaughterhouses; but nobody will go to the slaughterhouse as I did, for each one of the essences that lacked peace and reconciliation.

My Blood was poured out upon the world and few adored it; it is the Blood of God made flesh that was surrendered for Redemption.

The light of the mysteries is for all without exception; the mysteries of the Blood poured out, the mysteries of the Cross, of the Passion, of the Agony, and of the Resurrection were and are so that the world may be able to take its steps towards the Lord.

While I talk to you, I contemplate the world that is in agony and others celebrate their own realization. What is more valuable? That a humanity saves or that a nation develops through its poor powers? Weapons were created to instigate hearts to create fear and persecution.

If you are united to Me, you may die, but your spirits will always rise. The victory is to be found in Love, in the Unity that is commended by My Father to the whole Universe.

While I speak to you, I walk in the desert together with you, just as I did with the twelve to show them where truth was to be found.

May your hearts become peaceful, calm, may they be meek and loving. Your peers may fail but your love cannot disappear.

How will I be present in you if the Power of Love that moves all and recreates all for souls to grow in the Love of God is not there?

Today I comfort those who have fallen, those who are not able to raise from the ground because of their own experiences.

Today I baptize you as John baptized Me in the Jordan and I entrust you the joy of living this experience that many do not understand because it is unknown.

Do not lose hope, let your faith not succumb, because today the King of God, the Son of Man, the Servant of the Most High steps with His Feet on what causes pain and bitterness in the hearts, delivering you from sins, from temptations and from deviations.

I give you My Faith which is what I can bequeath to you. Do not cease to seek Me, for many hearts need Me through My true disciples.

Today I bring serenity and calmness, for the battles will not end, and each time many more souls will have to join so that this Army of Light never falls away.

Your Mother runs to the desert to seek refuge, just as John said; you too should do it before the bad time comes. Many will be surprised for not having prepared.

The Sacraments will be the keys to enter that refuge, as well as prayer and vigil.

You must not persecute yourselves, you must not feel intimidated, but rather be at service for what God needs for humanity. Because in this Book that I hold today in My Hands, there are few who have committed themselves, although there could be many more if everybody walked in faith.

I love you, I bless you and I baptize you in the indulgence granted by My Divine Mercy.

Worship the Lord, worship Adonai.

Father, Who entrusted Your Son with the mystery of the sacrifice for the world, help them, Lord, so that they may rise again in Your Holy Name.
Just as you sent hundreds of angels to the Garden of Gethsemane so that they could help Me, thus, Lord, lift them up from the ground when they fall.
The flesh is weak but the soul is strong, created in likeness to You, created in the name of Your Love.
Adonai, nurture the spirits, lift up souls to your Kingdom, to Your Life, to Your Heart. Dissolve the pain of the world, rebuild Your Project for those who listen to You through Your Son. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Glorified Christ Jesus