Salvador hosts the 9th Edition of the Youth Festival for Peace

"In all things seek unity and balance" - this is the attribute that governs the 9th Edition of the Youth Festival for Peace, which will take place in Salvador on July 28th at 8:30 am and 8:00 pm. The event will be done at the Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health, and has music presentations, artistic expositions, yoga, a round table and vegan snacks.

The attribute is also present in the principles of the Festival, such as "Love the Kingdoms of Nature", that stimulates respect and responsibility for the care of animals and the environment; the "Culture of Peace", that fosters fraternal coexistence among people, respecting the cultural diversity of the peoples and each one's way of being; and "Ecumenism", in which a young person has the freedom and the legitimacy of reaffirming their faith in the sacred, according to their own beliefs and inner experience.

These principles guided the selection of the artists, among which there is the reggae band Nazirê, that created the song "Wake up to life" which went viral, achieving more than 10 million viewings on the social networks. Also chosen for this edition were the musicians Pedro Pondé, awarded the Caymmi trophy with the Scambo band in 2004 and Fe Lira, a young man who sings and plays his own music, based on folk, pop and popular Brazilian Music.

+ Awareness

All the activities of the Youth Festival for Peace are free and carried out by volunteers. Besides the various artistic activities, the event will have a free distribution of vegan snacks and non-genetically altered seeds never treated with pesticides.

The Festival takes place in an environment 'free of alcohol and smoking', which reveals the aspect of +Awareness of the Festival, demonstrating that it is possible for youths to express in a healthy, joyful and free manner.

The event will be transmitted live by Misericordia María TV, at 10:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Check out the schedule:

8:30 am | Opening

9 am | Yoga

9:40 am | Snacks for everybody

10:15 am | Sound attunement

10:30 am | Music presentations with worldwide live transmission

12h | Round table: Fraternity, in everything, look for unity and balance

12:30 pm | Music session

1:15 pm | Vegan lunch for everybody

2 pm | Music presentations (soloists, bands, live performance)

4 pm | Snacks for everybody

5 pm | Music presentations with worldwide live transmission

6:30 pm | Ecumenical communion

The Art Gallery will remain open during the entire festival.