The Program For Love of the Kingdoms will focus on the loving service to dogs

On October 19 (Monday), at 11 a.m., the program For Love of the Kingdoms will address the spiritual importance of the care, protection and rescue of dogs, in addition to dedicating prayers and music to the Kingdoms of Nature.

The broadcast will be live, on the Internet channel Misericordia María TV, with translation into English. Due to the world health situation, there will be no physical public presence in the auditorium of the Marian Center of Figueira.

The relationship between humans and dogs: mutual growth

Caring for dogs is an experience that can transform our hearts. Interacting with these beings means getting in touch with the purest attributes of dog nature: love, forgiveness, loyalty, joy and the ability to live in the present moment.

Furthermore, by serving dogs selflessly, we are collaborating with their evolution and helping to balance humanity's faults with the Animal Kingdom.

In the relationship between humans and dogs, some learn from others, some heal others. Thus, service to dogs is a spiritual task and a way to contribute to the fulfillment of the Plan of God on this planet, which foresees that all Creation evolves in unity and cooperation.

To find out true stories of love and mutual help between humans and dogs, watch the program For Love of the Kingdoms: Serving with Dogs. May this edition inspire souls to continue deepening their compassion and self-giving to the Animal Kingdom.