Pilgrimage for Peace to Africa: collaborate to accomplish this sacred mission

"The time and the moment have come for Your King to return to Africa, to close the last doors, bring down the Heavens and the universes, and put an end to human suffering." Christ Jesus, May 20, 2017

The Divine Messengers announced that Their beloved Africa would be the destination of the next Pilgrimage for Peace. Thus, the campaign to enable this important mission, to cover the cities of Luanda (Angola), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Maputo (Mozambique), was officially launched.

However, due to the global situation, the trip has been postponed until further notice. Therefore, let us raise our prayers and offerings to God so that, as soon as possible, the African continent may receive, through the Presence of the Sacred Hearts, the Graces it needs at this time.

May the devout and serving souls of Christ join the Divine Hierarchy to assist in accomplishing this sacred task, bringing love, healing and hope to the peoples of Africa. And that, at the same time, may we learn from these brothers and sisters, to live overcoming, joy and unconditional love for God, despite the evidence.

Let us remember that the Pilgrimage for Peace to Africa is vital for the manifestation of the Project of God on Earth.

Thus, let us do our best to help the Sacred Hearts transform all pain into love, opening new doors of redemption in this region of the planet.

We invite everyone to continue contributing to accomplish this sacred mission!

Your support is necessary and crucial!

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