New request from the Virgin Mary: Send a message and photo celebrating the anniversary of Her Apparitions

The Virgin Mary announced a special request to celebrate, on August 8, the 13th anniversary of Her Apparitions to the visionary monastics of the Grace Mercy Order. Our Lady invited Her children of all nations to send audios expressing their gratitude for the significance of this blessed date, accompanied by photographs representing this moment in their lives.


These testimonials and photos will be made into a video that will be shown by Misericordia Maria TV on August 8, during the broadcast of the Annual Apparition of the Virgin Mary.

  1.  Each person must send an audio and a photo, attached in the same message.
  2.  The audio can be recorded on a cellphone and it must be a maximum of 20 seconds long.
  3.  The photo should be in the best possible quality and preferably in landscape format (taken with the phone or camera in the horizontal position).
  4. Send to the email:
  5. Deadline: July 20, 2020


Sacred Purpose

We know that love and gratitude open the doors of Heaven. We have also learned that in the simplest instructions of the Divine Messengers, sacred purposes are hidden. Thus, in making this request, the Blessed Virgin wishes to intercede for all humanity through the best feelings radiated from our hearts.

So let us reflect on how our lives have been transformed by the Love of our Heavenly Mother, the One who works tirelessly for the salvation of every soul on Earth, and may we offer Her a sincere tribute.

In this way, the Virgin Mary will be able to collect these impulses on August 8, and grant more souls the Grace to be touched by the Spirit of God.

Gratitude, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!