NEW REQUEST OF OUR LADY: Mystery of the Rosary for Peace in South America

"It would be a joy for your Heavenly Mother to hear, in each of the mysteries, My children of the different nations; and that they may represent, in each mystery, their nation, their culture and their people." Mary, Rose of Peace, November 3, 2019

The Virgin Mary always emphasizes the importance of praying for the nations and the continents, most especially those that need it the most. Now, with the worsening of the social crises, She has announced a new request: the weekly prayer of a Mystery of the Rosary for Peace in South America.

Our Lady has affirmed that the uniting of those who pray of the Southern Cone, including the Children of Mary and members of the Light-Network, a planetary network of prayer will assist in neutralizing the contrary currents that are generating the current wave of instability in the region. In this way, the project lovingly thought of by God for the future of the South American peoples and nations will be able to be safeguarded.

The Divine Messengers remind us that in spite of the humanitarian and political crises that South America is going through in these times, it is also destined to be a sacred land. Its natural landscapes serve as inner enclosures so that the Hierarchy may always be present, working to transform that space of the planet into the cradle of the New Humanity.

In this way, let us renew our commitment of praying with our Most Holy Lady, for She counts on each sincere prayer to create a pillar of light that may dissolve the situations of crisis and spiritually and inwardly support South America and all of the planet.

The Prayer for Peace in South America is carried out every Sunday, at 8 am (Brasilia time). For more information go to: