Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity: The third Concert for Peace and Hope will continue to promote unity by means of the universal language of music

On July 23, at 8 pm, the Meeting of Music for Healing and Elevation of Humanity will hold the third edition of the Concert for Peace and Hope. This special project was a request of the Virgin Mary to gather Her children, regardless of distances and borders, through the spiritual power of music.

The Divine Mother Herself indicated the repertoire of the program, composed of popular classics from different genres, capable of inspiring elevated feelings and higher aspirations in the consciousness of humanity. Through the impulses of faith, hope and brotherhood, emanating from each song, Our Lady aspires to help the souls of the world to recognize themselves as one Universal Family and to reunite with God.

Academy of the Concert for Peace and Hope

To prepare the singers and instrumentalists, the Virgin Mary requested that the Academy of the Concert for Peace and Hope be created, which is in its second edition. For about a month, the artists participated in an immersion to study the repertoire and receive instructions about the art of music dedicated to God. This initiative aims to align the musicians technically and inwardly, to seal their adherence to the purpose of the event and generate the necessary group unity to emit the most evolutionary vibrations through the presentations.

Event by internet

As in previous months, the Concert for Peace and Hope will be broadcast live by the internet channel Misericordia María TV, and it will not have the physical presence of the audience in the auditorium. The program will also be translated live into English.

Transmission at three different times

In addition to the live broadcast on July 23, the program will be retransmitted the following day for the time zones of other continents:

  • Live broadcast
    July, 23, at 8 pm (Brasilia Time Zone, Brazil)
  • For Oceania
    July, 24, at 8 pm (Sydney Time Zone, Australia)
    *7 am, Brasilia Time Zone
  • For Europe and Africa
    July, 24, at 8 pm (Madrid Time Zone, Spain)
    *3 pm, Brasilia Time Zone

Planetary Task

Let us remember that all the details of this meeting of music were guided by The Most Holy Mary, who with Her immense love works tirelessly for the benefit of souls. Therefore, may we consciously participate in this planetary task with Her, offering ourselves as Her instruments so that the sublime codes of each melody may flow and multiply through our hearts.