Messages of Love and Light - Revelations of Christ Jesus about the Pilgrimage in Argentina

"Through the meetings that will take place in the month of August, each Argentine will be faced with the opportunity of being in God, and besides all that, as a special victory, of celebrating the return of Divine Love to their consciousness." Christ Jesus, July 22, 2019

The time approaches in which the divine energy of the Sacred Hearts will be poured out upon the Nation of Argentina in the Pilgrimage for Peace that will take place in the coming month of August, lasting until the first week of September.

In a series of messages transmitted to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus, during this month of July, Christ Jesus makes significant revelations about the Nation of Argentina, informing us about the importance of the next mission of the Hierarchy in this country that, together with its people, has a special place in His Redemptive Work. He tells us that it is the ardent wish of God to pay special attention to Argentina during the whole month of August and that we are on our way to an important planetary event.

For this purpose, “everything that was lovingly prepared, diffused and mentioned about the next Pilgrimage for Peace, as well as all the efforts that the servers of Argentina made to be able to be present in some meetings, will represent an absolute adherence to the proposal and the intention of the Divine Hierarchy.”

Through the faith, devotion and love of each heart of Argentina, the bases to be used by the Lord are already being prepared for celebrating the victory of His Sacred Heart in the essences of light of His companions of that country, one of the regions destined for the New Earth, where He will gather together “all the celestial powers to pour them into the essences as divine inner light.”

August 5 & 6 | Buenos Aires
73rd Marathon of Divine Mercy

August 8 | Buenos Aires
Meeting with the Virgin Mary - Anniversary of Her Apparitions

August 13 | Buenos Aires
Meeting with the Virgin Mary

August 16 | Buenos Aires
The Sacred Call - A Meeting with Christ Jesus

August 18 | Buenos Aires
Meetings with the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph


August 25 | Marian Center of Holy Spirit, Cordoba
Meeting with the Virgin Mary

September 5 & 6 | Marian Center of Holy Spirit, Cordoba
74th Marathon of Divine Mercy