Feast of the Heart of Saint Joseph and Contemplation of the Reliquary - New Divine Legacies for these times of transition

The gifts of love and light from the Three Sacred Hearts continue to descend upon humanity. Perpetual, unlimited and unconditional love is felt in the zeal and care with which the Holy Beings bless us, day after day.


“Every 19th, every soul will be able to offer Saint Joseph, not only their imperfect hearts,
 but they will also be able to light a candle so that the Grace of conversion
 may transform the hearts of humankind and grant healing to humanity.“

The Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace (7.2.2020)

The Most Holy Mary, in Her message of July 2, announced that, on July 19, at 11 am, on the occasion of the 70th Meeting with the Chaste Heart, which will mark His last Apparition and will be broadcast live by MMTV, will institute the Monthly Feast of the Heart of Saint Joseph, where every 19th to come, the sacred Instructor will intercede from Heaven for the impossible causes and the most difficult purifications of the human heart.

Thus, the monthly celebration of the Feast of the Heart of Saint Joseph will be an opportunity to strengthen, within each being, the bond with the Venerable and Most Chaste Heart and with His Instruction, which is an invaluable guide for our lives and souls.

The Divine Mother said that, on this day, whoever stands before the Sacred Reliquary of Saint Joseph will have the happiness of being blessed by Him and will be able to begin to find the path of humility, as well as all souls that have been praying to Him, they will be able to renew their vows and missionary lives, and they will be supported by the light of the Chaste Heart.




“... in the face of the difficulties that seem impossible for you to transform,
pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart.
When the desert is greater than your faith, pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart.
When the energies of the world within you seem to battle
with your purest principles,
pray with Me, contemplating the Reliquary of My Heart.”
The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, (7.10.2020)

Although the current task of Saint Joseph with humanity is finalizing this July, His teachings and words will continue to resonate within our hearts and they will indelibly remain a sacred legacy for humankind.  As a Father and Teacher of all souls who walk toward the Heart of Christ, He will continue to follow our footsteps and sustain the hearts of the world.

The Reliquary of His Heart will be the protection for all the virtues achieved by souls and the guardian of the evolution of those who have said yes to God. The contemplation of this sacred spiritual relic, at the request of the Chaste Heart, will be extended to everybody.



In His Message of July 10, Saint Joseph asked that every 19th, on the day of the Feast of the Heart of Saint Joseph, at 5 pm, the Reliquary of His Heart be broadcast live, for one hour, so that all the souls of the world who want to be before him have this opportunity to do so. 

The transmission will take place on MMTV, so that those who today are not in the Marian Centers will also be able to receive the Graces and Gifts that arise from the Reliquary of the Chaste Heart.  United in prayer, we will intercede with Saint Joseph for the souls of the world that are most in need, so that they may find light and salvation in Christ.

Those who contemplate with love the Sacred Reliquary will receive within that which the Most Chaste Heart once achieved through humility and spiritual emptiness, and they will also be protected by Him, because Saint Joseph said:

“In this time of transition, I will be the guardian of your souls,
your father and companion who, in silence,
will follow your steps so that you not become lost,
sbut that you may be always in Christ.”

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph (7.10.2020)

At this closing moment of a cycle, after so many years of blessings and instructions given by the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, the spirit of gratitude for all that we receive from the sacred Messenger of God permeates our beings and dwells permanently within our hearts.



July 19, 2020

11 am | 70°. Meeting with the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and the institution of the Feast of The Heart of Saint Joseph, broadcast live by MMTV
From 5 pm to 6 pm | Live stream of the Reliquary of the Heart of Saint Joseph by MMTV