Christ Jesus transmits a special message in Medjugorje

"Let us celebrate this moment and this opportunity for reflection and an expansion of consciousness, this grace of giving oneself even more to God in surrender and in trust." 
Christ Jesus, May 28, 2019

With the energy of Love-Wisdom poured into each word, Christ Jesus transmitted a special message to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus in the blessed Medjugorje. The Master synthesizes His instruction for these times, making humanity aware of what really matters at this moment, within and outside each one of us, so that His Work of redemption may be protected and continued.

With words that are nurturing for the soul, He gives beings the impulse to the change and the transformation of consciousness, alerting humanity so that it does not miss His signs and inner announcements, for "now the times have changed and the responsibility has also changed; there is still much to do, and the path of surrender deepens more each day."

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Christ Jesus wants His Words to reach the world, to His most distant and needy children, those who live in profound spiritual loneliness and those who do not have love, for the compassionate heart of the divine Shepherd aspires to give shelter to all under His Mantle of love and protection in the difficult times that will come.

For this, and so that His Work may be concretized, He needs the union of His children within Him and with the same purpose for, once again, He offers the world His Heart, as a fire of transforming love that can transfigure cells and atoms, inner worlds and souls.