The Celestial Church has descended to Earth

"The Celestial Church continues to expand over the world so that all souls, of all nations, peoples and races, may enter My Celestial Church, and may all understand one language, one feeling, which is the language of the heart, unmistakable and perfect." Christ Jesus, August 9, 2020

For many years the Three Sacred Hearts have mentioned in Their Messages about the Celestial Church of Christ, in which we have repeatedly been called to enter with our hearts and spirits. During this time, we have received valuable instructions about its profound and great meaning.

During the course of this Sacred Week, in which Christ Jesus has been with us daily, from August 9 - 16, the Celestial Church descended to Earth as an unparalleled blessing given to humankind.

In the first meeting with Christ, we received the welcome from the Divine Master into the Celestial Church of His Father and to the essence of all His Mysteries of Love.

"The doors of My Church are already open and souls are arriving at the Temple of My Heart." Christ Jesus, August 9, 2020

On that day and in those that followed, countless and divine Graces spread not only upon humankind, but also upon all the Kingdoms of the Earth, and our souls were filled by the impulses of the Creator Father and His Most Holy Son.

In Her Message, transmitted in the Apparition of August 8, the Virgin Mary revealed to us that this would be a great and profound spiritual moment for the world, being the most important during all the years that Her Son was amongst us. It would be the moment of the great step of consciousness.

The Gift of Fidelity

Preparing our inner worlds to join the Celestial Church, on May 8, 2018, Mary gave us the Gift of Fidelity:

 “... I want to give all of My children the Gift of Fidelity, an essential gift for these times, which will be a column of light upon which My Son is building His Celestial Church within your spirits.”

On August 3, 2019, in His Message through Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesus, Our Lord said: “I speak so much about fidelity, companions, because it is what will protect you from yourselves. … Evil does not know fidelity, the fidelity to God, to His Purpose, to His infinite Will and Wisdom. If you know fidelity, you will truly become free from the chains, from the ties, from the oppression of life and of the planetary chaos; because fidelity will always be able to bring you into peace, trust and the absolute certainty that God is in you and in everything.”


Reaffirming our commitment to Christ within us

Our Lord relied on the adhesion of each of His companions to help Him sustain and carry out His task during these sacred days that, as He said, represented a unique and unrepeatable opportunity for our souls. May the fidelity and unconditional "Yes" of all who have adhered to His Project of Love continue to be the answer to the countless blessings and Graces received from His Most Sacred Heart. 

Thus, we strengthen and reaffirm the irrevocable commitment of our souls with our Master and Lord, which is the main reason for being here, at this time and place, also reaffirming our adherence to His Project of redemption for humanity.

Recently, from August 2-6, The Most Holy Mary gave us daily messages about the Celestial Church that bring precious revelations and help to broaden our awareness of the importance and greatness of these moments we experienced with Christ Jesus which, by their meaning, represent a before and an after in the lives of all of us.

The messages of the Divine Mother can be accessed here:

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The meetings with Christ Jesus during The Sacred Week were broadcasted in Spanish, Portuguese and English by Misericordia María TV. The energy of the divine Words remain with us as an indelible legacy, nourishment for our spirits, sacred Instruction and guidance for the times to come.

“The most real work of these days will take place in the inner worlds. It is there where you will find My treasures to be able to avail yourselves of them in this end time. I thank you for having entered My Celestial Church." Christ Jesus, August 9, 2020

The messages of Christ Jesus, from 9 to 16 of August 2020, can be accessed here: