Tuesday, September 19 of 2023


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come with the Child Jesus in My Arms and from His Little Hands He radiates to the world the purity that comes from His Sacred Heart.

Today the Child Jesus contemplates the Earth so that, through His Gaze of purity, humanity may find again the possibility of receiving Peace and Mercy.

When the Child Jesus contemplates the world and the depths of each soul, He goes beyond its transgressions, and penetrates its divine essence with His Gaze.

The Child Jesus is not a memory, but rather a Divine Aspect of the Consciousness of the Son of God, an Aspect of purity and innocence that allows the Creator to grant undeserved Graces to humanity.

It is through the Eyes of the Child-King that the Creator contemplates the world so that His Heart may not be wounded by human transgressions, but rather that His purity may go beyond obscurity and penetrate corrupt cells, to find within beings the principle of Divine Thought, this perfect spiritual genetics that is hidden within beings.

Through the Child Jesus, the Creator experiences human fragility, and it is with this Little Heart, and through this Little Heart, that God intercedes for impossible causes, for those situations, children, that not even the Divine Mercy can touch because, although you do not know it, there are transgressions, both in this world and in the universe, that go against all Laws, because they transgress God’s Love.

But the Creator is tireless in His Love and Mercy. Therefore, through the Child Jesus, He experiences human fragility and, with a Little Heart and a Gaze of purity, penetrates the abysses of the world and the abysses of the interior of beings, to grant them a new opportunity.

The same Purpose that was manifested through Christ in Bethlehem continues to renew itself through the Child Jesus from time to time, because a part of the Consciousness of your Lord remained with this small and fragile, pure and true Aspect, so that humanity might also have the opportunity to find its inner child and might not lose the purity it had been given since the beginning.

When I come to the world with the Child Jesus in My Arms, it is not to demonstrate the greatness of My Chaste Heart. On the contrary, children, it is so that you may understand the mystery of the celestial humility of this God, the Creator of all things, who places Himself in the arms of a simple Consciousness, depositing His trust in a Heart that He Himself created.

The celestial mysteries are infinite and, to understand them, you need to want to go beyond the human condition.

The Child Jesus in My Arms intercedes for all children in the world. His Little Hands touch the hearts of children, of the most outraged ones, of those who have been subjected to the greatest sufferings, so that these hearts may not lose the possibility of loving and developing God’s Love.

The Child Jesus in My Arms intercedes for each human consciousness. Today His Little Hands touch the hearts of all beings. Feel His touch and how He awakens purity within you. Feel how He awakens within you the celestial mysteries that are hidden in your consciousness.

Going beyond the human condition to awaken this mystery will always be a great challenge. However, with the Grace of the Child God, you will be capable of going beyond it.

This is why I ask you to manifest this image that I show you today, in which My Chaste Heart and the Little Heart of Jesus are before your eyes, with white mantles, white tunics, golden cords and also golden embroidery in Our mantles, in which lilies are manifested, as a symbol of the Grace that God has granted for Me to express the purity of His Son.

With this image, I will intercede for children, with Christ, so that the little souls that come to the world may know purity and Mercy, and be protected from all transgressions of the end of times.

One of the greatest plans of the enemy, children, is to transgress the purity of children so that the souls that come to Earth in these times and will rebuild the planet - expressing new archetypes, expressing the purity that God has deposited within them - may not manifest this Plan and not even know it. This is the plan of the enemy.

For this reason, he stimulates irreverence in souls, as well as a lack of respect, the sense of independence and false freedom. This is why he makes the need for self-affirmation grow within the human condition, and increasingly distances hearts from their true Purpose.

More and more, souls do not know the true meaning of humility, purity, compassion and  mutual respect, not just as values of ethics and human morals, but also respect, children, as a door to reverence, which allows us to awaken the Divine Presence in one another. This is the true meaning of being respectful to others, so that souls may come out of superficiality and rediscover Divine Purpose.

Do you perceive how distracted hearts are?

Do you perceive the importance of prayer in families?

Because prayer, children, will allow you to discover this and so many other mysteries. Prayer will allow you to transmute and transform family karma into family mission.

This is the true task of a group of consciousnesses that decide to walk together. That through prayer, respect, reverence, through the possibility of knowing how to listen and understanding the other’s limitation, you may grow in unity and, little by little, through this unity, transmute family karma into family mission.

With so many things that happen in the world and so many mysteries to be revealed, I know that many wonder why I come to Earth to speak about family. Ask this first to your own hearts.

I do not come to the world only for families, but also for souls, for each and every soul of this Earth.

Each being represents a Perfect Will of God and, through group life, be it in community or in family, humanity learns to transform the human condition and mutually help awaken love, as long as they make this life an evolutionary life and prayer is the center of this experience, when dialog with God allows us to understand dialog with one another, and when love for God allows true love for one another to awaken in hearts.

It is in this way, children, by beginning with small groups of consciousnesses, that you will be able to expand into the human consciousness, in order to transform that which today seems impossible to you.

Therefore, if today you are incapable of revering your family or sacred life in community, I ask you, children, to reconsider your evolution and the way in which you can see yourselves and others, so that you do not allow human arrogance to separate you from divine simplicity, because it is in this simplicity that you will discover the celestial mysteries. Not in the complexity of the mind, but in the purity of the heart.

This is why I come with the Child Jesus in My Arms, for all those who have forgotten purity, so that they may remember it and it may awaken within them.

Let those come here who aspire to be consecrated as Children and Friends of Saint Joseph.

Contemplate in your Hearts the Presence of My Chaste Heart and of the Little Child God. Allow His purity to awaken what is purest in your souls.

May this water wash and purify you, may it awaken and consecrate you, so that you may mirror the Purity of God through your lives.

May this incense purify you and liberate you from all that which prevents you from finding and living Divine Will, so that your feet may no longer be on two paths, and your souls may not fear to enter the narrow door, through which you will find the Lord and Redeemer of all life.


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

At the request of Saint Joseph, we will carry out the Sacrament for a brother and a sister, Luís and Yarima. Please place two chairs here.

We are still in the Presence of Saint Joseph and that of the Child Jesus.

We will carry out all Sacraments.


With this blessing that I will grant you, I will intercede for the souls that need it the most.

Through the Sacraments, you will find liberation and redemption. And with your souls cleansed, children, simply serve those who need the most, simply pray from the heart and live the gifts that the Little Child God brings you today.

May the purity of Jesus awaken and dwell within all of you, may His infinite Grace bless you, may His Little Hands touch you, so that you may find peace again.

You have My blessing for this.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will continue to accompany this moment so that souls may receive the Sacraments and find God again.

I thank you.


Sister Lucía de Jesús:

While we prepare ourselves, we will sing  “Father of Souls.”