Wednesday, May 25 of 2016


Let us pray:

Our Father… (x3)

Glory to the Father… (x3)

Dear children:

Prayer unifies and raises you to the Kingdom of God; and it will be in this state of consciousness that your hearts will understand all that I say to you, not only for your own good, but also for humanity, which needs to awaken to the Truth that has been sacredly kept hidden from all curious eyes and the ungrateful.

But today, and in this time, I bring you this Truth so your hearts may grow and definitely find the path to Christ, in this perfect communion with His Most Sacred Heart.

I open the doors for you to be elevated toward knowledge so you not only know it, but also practice it in your lives.

The Lord hopes to be present in your hearts and souls to express the sacred talents that will be of assistance to humanity in this time and at the most critical moment of the chaos of Earth.

The angels of the Universe, who accompany My Heart and all My Work, allowed this to happen; even though there are no merits for such a great revelation, I know that achieving christic life for most is no longer an impossible goal and is a close reality for everyone.

Who truly live the keys that I have given you on this day, and through the message for this Apparition, may achieve what My Son so greatly expects and He will find you prepared when He returns to Earth, with the power of His Glory and of His Majesty.

But while this is still to happen, the world will continue to be purified and will suffer.

Through my Motherhood, I try to establish the christic foundations for the new era, which has already begun; the foundations that will spiritually establish the New Humanity, in that hoped for Promised Land that the people of Israel always wanted to see.

Moses, as master and instructor, as an envoy of God to the world, was the first experience of this project of the New Humanity.

Throughout time and through the Sacred Family, these precious codes were kept, so they could be available in this cycle of humanity and the self-summoned would awaken to the truth of the knowledge.

This not only ennobles your spirits, dear children, but also the planetary consciousness that is day by day destroying itself.

I could spend the whole night telling you about what I see of the world through the purity of My eyes and of the imploring of My hands to God so that many more souls may be rescued in this last cycle.

But everything will depend, My children, on those who are self-summoned for this sacred task, who will cease to be children in order to become adults, in this great academy of redemption of humanity.

Cycles will change as from the last eighth of August.

For this next eighth of August  a new cycle will begin and it will be essential not only for you but for Aurora as well, that all be present for these dates, where a new revelation will be given as preparation of you hearts for the coming of Christ.

While My plans build the foundations of the true family, I still see many lost children in the world who not only do not want to listen, but also do not want to wake up to who they truly and essentially are as souls and human beings.

The ego of humanity has taken over authority for the entire Earth.

Through prayer, My children, you will be able to become aware of what is happening in this time and how much the Kingdoms of Nature suffer the consequences of all humankind.

While hearts do not repent and become humble before the Creator, Jesus will still not return and souls must suffer the consequences of their actions.

But if hearts perform an act of contrition before God the Creator, things could hastily change and Laws of Grace could act in the not yet redeemed hearts.

Dear children, there is still much to be done and I not only count on your hearts but also on your hands to be able to serve the Creator.

The times are difficult wherever one looks.

You know, dear children, that the readiness of your hearts could change events and I am not here, on this day, to awaken your spiritual pride, nor your arrogance.

The Lord needs you to be free of everything in order to wholly serve Him; and thus, your true beings will descend and will carry out the task that your spiritual beings, your beings of origin from the Universe, have waited for from the beginning.

While some things do not mature inside of you and are not promptly defined, many spiritual beings from the Universe will continue to wait for the time to be able to, with My Son, approach and perform this great co-redeeming work of this entire race, not yet redeemed.

Just as it was with Moses and the people in the past, dear children, so it will be with you; the project is in the mind of God, still to be carried out.

Part of it was accomplished by My Son when present amongst you in this decadent humanity, and He taught you that through Love and Mercy all is redeemed and all is achieved.

These are the foundations of your Faith, being able to live in Christ and to reciprocate.

I bring you the Sacred Knowledge of the Universe that is kept in the Books of God so that you may finally know it and grow by My side, just as I always have you in My arms and My Heart.

We know that all of humanity will not be consistent with what we are asking for in this cycle, but the majority could do it if only it were willing to experience it in simplicity and Love.

God requested the founding of Light-Communities to erect the foundations of the New Era, of the New Family, and the New Humanity.

This project should be expanded for those who want to unite with this great brotherhood that is being spiritually built since a long time ago.

Because you know that the Universe will not abandon you, but neither will it stop correcting you so that you may follow the only path that the Hierarchy proposes in this final time.

We are working spiritually for all of humanity, for this Universe where you are, for all of this Galaxy that expands with its Light, when seen from other spheres.

How great is the beauty that God created for you, My children, and few manage to perceive it!

To look into a star does not mean to lower yourself, nor be less, but rather with your mission and your vision, aim at the purpose that you hope to find in this life.

All who are present in this world are beings in redemption, some in rehabilitation, and most not yet redeemed.

After this life, souls become aware of what they had not done when standing before the Lords of the Law and experiencing their judgment.

But it is not necessary, My children, that you go through this test, and that you lose an entire life in the ordinariness and superficiality of things, of everything that this unfaithful world offers.

If We, as your Beloved Hearts, incarnate in this humanity, it was to testify to the Presence of the Love of God and of His Sacred Project that still must continue until the end of times and after the return of Christ.

But when My Son returns, things will be very different and the times will have changed.

Still many hearts, sleeping also in the spiritual life that they lead today, are being called to give a step in the truth and surrender to God.

Many have served this project of the Light-Communities throughout the times and the years, but the seed and the talent that My Son left must awaken in you.

I bring you the keys so you may experience it; in this perfect union with Christ, you will be able to accomplish the Project of God and you will feel worthy of entering the Kingdom of the Heavens, when He returns in His Glory, through Christ.

Through My prayer and imploring for all, I have asked the Archangel Michael to take charge of this humanity, because He is your Regent; He is the Commander of the Hosts of Light and of this Universal Project.

He is the One that thinks for you and Who works through the Love of God and through His power.

He is the one that banishes the spirits that impede the realization of the Project of the Creator and He is the same One Who rehabilitates those who are fallen.

The authority of the Archangel Michael is not known to humanity; it has always been a secret. In this lost place of the world and of Uruguay, He descended here on a past seventh of August, to begin to reveal what many are unaware of in His Consciousness.

He has been close to you for a long time and you have not perceived Him.

The Archangel Michael was who was with Jesus since the first years of His life to prepare Him for that great moment of surrender and of sacrifice for humanity.

He is now here with you, to lead you on the path of rehabilitation and of healing that Aurora offers.

If Aurora were really accepted and understood, souls would come here on their knees to give thanks for such an immense grace received, in a country that does not deserve it.

But God not only sees the nation, but also sees the potential of hearts who resign themselves to experience their redemption.

The fallen stars will be seen in the final judgment and contemplated by all, what you call “the chaff and the wheat”.

The cut-off time, dear children, is still to be attained and you are writing a story for this humanity.

A story that is being written in the Heart of God when souls reciprocate to His call and promptly and actively accept it.

You will see the results of everything we have done throughout the years when everything is about to happen.

Meanwhile, dear children, make the best use of the time for your preparation and union with Christ.

Because in My Son, fortitude will always be found, and even when you are unable to get up off the ground, He will pick you up, because whoever follows Him will not perish.

And in the armies of light and of prayer that I am founding, apparition after apparition, through the Children of Mary, I constitute a potent epicenter of Light that serves the needs of the planet and of humanity.

The prayers of all My children of the planet are used to perform the great operations of rescue, and you must know this, not so that your egos grow, but rather to serve in simplicity and humility for all that God needs in this Project of Love and of Redemption.

Through the Children of Mary that are being consecrated, I am forming new lives, I am forming pilgrims; afterwards as collaborators, and finally as servers, and who dares to follow Me, I form them as an instrument of the Plan of God.

Dear children, this is all that I want to share with you today, and I tell you that you can review My words; it will be pleasant for your spirits and God, because in the Universe nothing is lost.

Let My children who today, with Love, will be consecrated come here.

Ave Maria… (Hail Mary in Latin, x3)

Raising your souls as light to the Universe, dear children, contemplate this moment of consecration as a renewal of your hearts and lives, before the Plans of the Creator, and thus, while I speak to you, your lives are redeemed by the power of the divine Word and by the love of My Immaculate Heart.

Receive the balm of My Grace and the divine embrace of My motherhood, so that when you leave here, you form new lives and help other children of Mine to find again the path to Christ, at least to God, Who is much forgotten.

Pray with Me every day and build the foundations of this New Humanity that must be born first in your hearts, so that it may afterwards be expressed and manifested for the new time of humanity.

Today My angels bless your heads so that the Spirit of God and His Holy Blessing may enter.

Today My hand touches your hearts so they may be healed and cured and be reborn in forgiveness and reconciliation. Because love, dear children, is greater and stronger than sin; sin is illusion and perdition for souls.

May the Love of God renew you.

May the Love of My Son cure and redeem you.

My Immaculate Love raises you up to the Celestial Father.

Today I write in your souls a new story of Light that must be cared for by each one of you; thus, at the final judgment, dear children, you will testify to what you have received from My Most Holy Heart.

I love you and tell you things out of love and truth, so that you may grow in consciousness and adulthood, the adulthood of spirit.

I thank you, dear children, because of your having come here today to this Marian Center, not only to honor Me, but to find Me in your hearts, because who calls Me, finds Me; a Mother from Heaven never forgets Her children.

Carry the shield of the Archangel Michael imprinted on your chests and sustain the powerful sword of prayer for the critical times.

Know that your families must also be renewed and find the path to Christ, to redemption, and peace.

Do not expect similar results in your loved ones; just pray for each one of your sibling souls so that I may draw closer and help them at the indicated time.

My Rosary of Light prays for you.

The Universal Mother assembles you, in Adoration of Christ, our Lord.

While I rise to Heaven, dear children, I will listen to your voices singing to God, the Creator, and as from now and before time, I thank you for the support of all pilgrims and devotees so that My Plans of peace may be fulfilled not only in the Americas, but also in Europe.

Because you must know, dear children, that the Heart of Lys must continue beating in European hearts; they also must have the Grace and the opportunity for concretizing the Plan of God and the fraternal assistance and cooperation amongst siblings will achieve this.

In each request I make, simple or difficult as it seems, there is the Purpose of God that is finally understood, after it has been fulfilled.

Love the things of Heaven before knowing them; in this way, you will be humble in the truth and in the good.

I love you and thank you for responding to My Call.

I bless all those present and all those that accompanied this meeting during May.

My pilgrimage goes on to Argentina because My beloved children there will also receive from Christ the celestial blessing and the Grace of continuing forward, no matter what happens.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Let us sing:

“Somos hijos de María…” (We are children of Mary…)

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

Brothers and sisters, to finish this very special meeting with Mary tonight, we wanted to briefly tell you how the Apparition was, as well as the consecration of the Children of Mary, because we feel that each time a new child and a new soul takes up a vow of commitment to Mary, She will be deepening the spiritual task in these consciousnesses.

First, to give thanks for the adherence and the union that you all experienced, the concentration possible, for what Mary was revealing today, which was very important. She was saying that it was information, knowledge complementary to what we heard today in the beginning of the transmission and afterwards, during the work of the message, when She was transmitting the words.

For instance, when she spoke about Moses, She was citing passages of the life of Moses and of the people of the desert and all that they were experiencing when called by God to live that project of the Father in that time.

And as Mary was talking, She was showing something like a screen next to Her, which was like a display, a screen; She went showing everything that was happening in that time and all the positive christic codes of Love that were being achieved not only by Moses, but also by all those who followed him at that time.

And through this, Mary was making a bridge of Light, uniting this story with the story of today, with all that She has been talking about as instruction in the last eight years and all that She has been preparing within us, as well as through our prayer work, which we have already taken on for some years as a group consciousness.

At the end, She called up the Children of Mary to be consecrated, who She says also form part of this Project of God, of this One Thought which wishes to manifest His Love in humanity, in this critical time of the planet.

And as Mary was consecrating them, She was directing Her words to the brothers and sisters who were consecrated today. At a certain moment, She reveals, let’s say, the soul of each one of them; the soul of each one of those who were consecrated presents itself before Mary to experience this consecration. And consequently, the deep spirit of each one of these beings.

So Mary does the consecration, She asks the angels to first bless these brothers and sisters, and then descends a little where She had been appearing here today, in the House of Prayer, nice and close to them to bless them, placing Her most holy hand on the heart of each one of them.

And there She purifies, cleanses, cures, heals, restores, and illuminates, creating a new story in the life of each one of them.

We leave this for you, so that we may be united and understand that the task of Mary in this moment, in this cycle, is very deep and that the opportunity that each one of us receives in spite of the debts we have is unique, and She with all of Her Love and all of Her Grace, frees us from the past and renew us to walk in Christ.

Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

All these Graces that we receive from Our Lady is something that we must take care of with a great deal of effort, knowing that each day we are going to build a new life thanks to Her Most Pure Mercy.

And we thank you for having accompanied us; we send you a Healing embrace from Aurora for the whole planet.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You give us!