Sunday, April 17 of 2022

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am making you contemplate the Light of Emmanuel, because you will need it in the coming times. Without this powerful Light of Emmanuel, you would not have the strength to overcome, nor strength during the battles.

In spite of the cross or what it may represent for you, in spite of the path of sacrifice that the universe offers to you in these times, in spite of all these circumstances, always keep in mind and above all in your heart that the Light of Emmanuel will not perish; and that you, His creatures, His children, are a part of this Great Consciousness of the Supreme and Cosmic Source.

Because towards this Source, you must return someday, with your experience lived, with all love learned, with all redemption experienced, so that your consciousnesses may be converted into a visible sign in the firmament, into a victory achieved through the Love and the Light of your Redeemer, the Christ of all times.

For this reason, may your banner of peace not fall from your hands. Hold on firmly to My Peace and you will achieve everything.

Never forget to have a peaceful and humble heart, a heart that is open to listen and dialogue, a heart that does not defend itself, a heart that loses its autonomy and all the control it believes it possesses. Because by having a clean heart, although imperfect, everything, absolutely everything, through the Light of Emmanuel, and through My Presence, can be Christified.

The time has come, after this Sacred Week, and in this last meeting with Me, to draw the final events that will be a part of in the coming times, great and enriching experiences that you will be able to live if you are attentively open and adhered to the events that will present themselves.

The central axis in the end of times will be this last Gift that we will invoke from the Holy Spirit, which will be the keynote of this moment: the Gift of Fraternity, which rules today the other Gifts present in the Menorah, because the heart of Fraternity is love for your neighbor, self-giving for the fellow being, all the relief that you can generate through your lives for a greater goal, for Peace.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We stand up so that, together, at the request of Christ, we may light this last candle of the Menorah, keeping in mind each one of the Gifts that, in this Sacred Week, were attracted by the Heart of our Redeemer.

Today, may this seventh candle that we will light synthesize an experience for each one of us and a new time that is approaching toward the aspiration of fulfilling a higher service.


“Adonai, may the world not forget
that all are brothers
in the Eternal Love of Your Heart
and that the axis that will unite all these Gifts
in these times will be Fraternity.
Fraternity will impel the awakening of the other Gifts
in the consciousnesses and hearts that,
at the end of this task and of this Sacred Week,
will offer, through the symbol of the Menorah
in this journey with Me, 
to consciously live, with all the effort of the human heart,
with all the momentum of soul and spirit,
with the aspiration of relieving Your Heart and of repairing it
of all that has happened in this world until the current times.

For this reason, I ask You, Emmanuel,
in the name of Your Most Beloved Son,
for souls to have the Grace, from this day on,
to replace capital energies for Divine Energies,
so that consciousnesses may recognize Your Presence within themselves
and rejoice for the joy of this re-encounter,
under the descent of Your Celestial Kingdom.


Here, in this Menorah, I also deposit My last seven aspirations, which are united to the aspirations of God the Father for all His creatures, not only of this planet, but also of all the universe. Aspirations that you will know and will be revealed when you simply live these Gifts that I Have offered to you during the last seven days.

In the same way, today your lives are initiated into a definitive path of consecration, in which your souls will have the opportunity to assume the government of themselves, so that the greater spirit of each being, that spirit, that consciousness that has its name written in the universe, may conclude this trajectory in the school of love and forgiveness, of service and fraternity toward its fellow beings.

For this reason, today it is not only seven Gifts that are lit before your eyes. In your hearts today are lit the seven aspirations of God and of His Divine Son, ruled by the Greater Law of Love, of Unity and the Good, thus allowing, in these planetary times and though this Menorah, for the door to the universe to remain open, a door through which all souls will have the last chance to return to God and to find again the path to the Love and Light they have lost.

You will now light your candles.

Thus, as I promised to My apostles and to the holy women, I promise to you again today. Receive the Light of My Spirit, so that the Light of My Spirit may be present in the world and in all the souls that need it.

Be strong through My Light, be humble through My Heart, be good servants through My Teachings; because My aspiration is to be able to meet you someday face to face, so that we may celebrate together with humanity the great Supper of Reconciliation, the new Easter of Peace.

Now, in the silence of your hearts, you will raise a request to the Father. I listen to you in silence.

Now take your hands to your heart, praying for this intention and for all intentions of the good souls, saying to My Heart:


Prayer: “Christ of Light.”


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

The priests may come here, please, for the blessing of the oils, which our Lord will use today, through the priests, on this last day of the Sacred Week, for the Anointment of the Sick and the special Anointment of those who are even more sick.


“Lord, just as you saw Your Son in the sepulcher
being anointed by the hands and hearts
that loved Him and love Him eternally,
in the same way I ask you today to bless these oils,
not only so that the sign of Your Powerful Cross
may infuse the consciousnesses,
but also so that You may open the definitive door
to the healing of hearts,
for them to also glorify You eternally,
until the one thousand years of Peace may be fulfilled.


Now, I will infuse My blessing upon you and the world, preparing you again to live with Me the perfect alliance, through My Body and My Blood, through the Sacred Celebration of the Eucharist.

Once again, I ask you to be attentive to the descent of Graces that will take place through the Eucharist and the Anointment of the Sick, because on this day you must celebrate the opportunity to be reborn.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Now, Our Lord is calling here some members of the Choir, so that we may sing together with Him the song “Hallelujah.”

Sister Faustina de Jesús, sister María Jerusalen, Patricia and sister María Verónica.

First, Our Lord will bless the sisters and then bless all of us. Then, we will sing “Hallelujah,” thanking God for this meeting, for this Sacred Week, for all the spiritual impulses received and for those unknown spiritual impulses that our beings received on this journey.

Let us stand up.


The voice that sings is a prayer that is elevated twice, because in the first impulse of the voice there is contact with God and with the second impulse of the voice there is the descent of His Grace, which fills the soul that sings, and especially blesses and glorifies the voices that act as instruments to glorify the Redeemer and the Father in the Heights.

For this reason, may this task be perpetuated, may voices never cease to sing, until peace may be established and they sing together with the King when He returns.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And now, I bless all those present and not present, all those who drank from the Fount of My Words during these eight days. I bless all who made this Sacred Week possible, one more treasure that is held in the memory of brave and available hearts, who, through degrees of love and service, offer themselves as apostles of Christ to prepare His Return.

I bless you and I thank you for this Meeting.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


FrIar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

The sisters may sing, and then we will all sing together.


Song: “Hallelujah.”


And now, with this praise to the Heart of the King, we will prepare for the Eucharistic Celebration, and then for the Anointment of the sick.