Monday, September 5 of 2022

Marathon of Divine Mercy

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Be brave and do not lose heart. God forgives all faults because He is merciful in His Son. The one who believes in this knows how to persist. The one who believes in this learns how to love and go beyond their limitations, beyond their possibilities. This is why I am here, to remind you of this.

On this day, I also want you to contemplate the greatest testimonial of Love, the Sacred Treasure of the Father, through the Ark of the Holy Covenant. The Ark that has been open these days, the Ark that is open at this moment before all inner worlds so that you yourselves may deposit your experience of love, a striving love, a love that can expand, a code of redemption and light which through your offering you may place within this Ark. It is open before your Lord so that, just like Me, you may place the experience of love and redemption.

But these treasures of Heaven will not remain in the universe, these treasures must descend to the planet and humanity, through all Inner Centers that hold and protect this Sacred Ark on a spiritual and immaterial level.

When I return, the Sacred Ark will also return, that same Teraphim that guided the people of Israel and always allowed them to remember their commitment to God and the importance of fulfilling the purpose.

Now that you have expanded into tribes and cultures, the Ark must return to the planet so that the soul of nations and peoples may recover the Purpose of Creation. This purpose has been altered throughout recent times, a purpose that must not be dissolved within your essences because it was placed there, the moment you emerged in the origin.

Therefore, do not identify yourselves with all that which is material and exterior. Turn your gazes towards the inner worlds and remember, remember your sacred name, the one that is also living just as many other names in the Sacred Ark.

This is what Argentina needs to recover internally. Because you will not see the change with your own eyes. You will see the change within yourselves when you learn to change your vibration and plane so that your consciousnesses may expand and see this planetary reality with eyes of Compassion and Mercy. If the majority do not elevate their consciousnesses to this purpose, they will become lost in all that is superficial and material.

God has given you the great key of the word, the word that builds, the word that concretizes, the word that affirms the fulfillment of Divine Will.

If any of you have distanced yourselves from this Will, behold My Merciful Heart, which opens as a great door, so that those who have lost this Will may recover it and know that they have never ceased to be worthy Children of God.

Because to distance oneself from the Will of the Father is to distance oneself from the Purpose, and this is what you should never lose sight of, because if your souls distance themselves from the Purpose, they will wither like a flower that slowly dries and ceases to express the beauty that God placed in each heart.

The bridge to the spiritual reconciliation of souls is not only in My offering for you, but also in the Sacred Ark of the Father, who, in omnipresence and omnipotence, from these days on internally travels the nation of Argentina so that the bonds that have broken between Heaven and Earth may be re-built. Also so that the ties with evil may be undone and souls may see the coming times with eyes of hope, empty of themselves, filled with the Love and Presence of God, so that He may work through His Children. And so that, through My Heart united to the hearts of all of you, He may make all things new, as many times as necessary, because the Father knows that souls need it so.

Now, in the silence of My Spirit, I receive the offering of each heart that dares to take the step to be part of the Mystical Ark of God, so that you never forget that God loves His Creatures and that in His Eternal Heart all is already written.

Therefore, as I have told you, your choices change the events, because God will never distance Himself from His Children. It is His children who distance themselves from God, forgetting what is essential, losing what is true, leaving behind what is really important.

For this reason, so that Argentina may again rise in spirit, wisdom and discernment, I must first work with you, to unite you again to the Source and, in this way, I help the nation of Argentina and all of its people.

In all parts of this country, My Eyes contemplate the need, the need of souls and thirsty hearts. Therefore, I already know what each one needs at this moment.

Now, with Me, you will raise your voices toward the Heavens, toward the Source so that, through the Names of God, Argentina may be spiritually re-built and the groups of souls present here may receive what they need through Mercy.



Song: “Sacred Names of God – Canon no. 1.”


While the Codes of the Ark of the Holy Covenant are being radiated toward Argentina, important inner decisions are made by your Master and Lord, and not only for the Project that must be carried out here in South America, through the emergence of the New Humanity. These decisions also encompass many groups of souls that need to recover their filiation with the Source, a filiation that was removed by impunity and injustice. This profoundly spiritual filiation is recovered today for all who aspire to have it, through the impulses of the Ark of the Holy Covenant which is present here.

Thus, on this second day of meeting, one more step is taken by humanity. One more step is carried out by the Hierarchy, even though the scales of this world are out of balance.

Although impunity and the lack of discernment weighs more, the Hierarchy balances these scales so that the Law of Mercy may intercede, rather than the Law of Justice, as the door of My Heart is open once again to all those who dare to cross through it in trust.

You were anointed yesterday. Today, you are impelled by My Spirit so that you may always remember that you are brothers and sisters, that you are part of the same spiritual and universal family, and that for God there is nothing separate.

Thus, I invite you to return to the origin of the Purpose so that the Purpose may return to Argentina and, thus, return to all of the Americas. And this is possible through those who consecrate themselves according to their possibility and understanding, knowing that the degrees of spiritual consecration allow the Universe to come to Earth. They also allow the sacred bridges of Light to unite humanity with the Source, unite humanity with the Law, allowing everything to be corrected, everything to be redeemed and hearts to feel healed from their sorrows and anguishes, their uncertainties and tests.

But do not forget, as I told you yesterday, that I died on the Cross for you, and that if I had not surrendered in trust to the Father, nothing that has happened among you and with Me would have been possible. There would be no way to justify it and no way to grant it.

Thus, all this is the work of Grace, a state of Grace that you should recognize, value and take care of, because to be within Grace is to be within the Spiritual Government of God.

May souls no longer lose the Grace of God. Be worthy of being in that Grace, of not losing it, of not discarding it. Because I assure you, companions, that the life of each one of you would not be enough to understand what Grace means.

Receive My Words as a balm so that they may impel you toward transformation, a transformation that does not end in this life but rather continues after this life, under transcendence and ascension.

Now we will experience a special consecration of new adorers, those souls that have decided to place their eyes on My Eucharist, to place their hearts at service, to place their voices to pray for many, so many needs.

Therefore, after these last two years, Argentina, through this consecration of new adorers, receives the spirit of My Ascension so that not only souls may learn to elevate themselves, but also the most miserable and endemic conditions may be transformed.

And this, companions, begins first within you, looking with courage to al that there is to be transformed, without any fear. Because, if My Love is within you, why should you fear anything? If you fear, it is because My Love is not with you. Today, I come, before you, to reaffirm My Love, also through this consecration.

May the priests bring water to bless and incense to offer it to the Lord of Adoration so that the souls that are consecrated today may be part of My Great Mystical Body, they may be the Rays of God’s Eucharist.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

In reverence and devotion, we invite the postulants to be adorers to stand up and, at the request of Christ, we will sing a song so that it may always guide these souls and the souls of all our brothers and sisters.

We will sing “Breath of the Spirit,” so that the ship of the spirit of each being may be always guided toward Higher Life.


Celestial Father,
Who grants healing to who seeks it,
Who renews life for who needs it,
Who consecrates with Your Spirit and with Your Presence all that you touch,
encourage souls, through Your Ardent Devotion,
to find the path toward feeling Your Paternal Embrace.

O, God of the Universe!
Do not look at the miseries of this world or at impunity.
Believe in the faith of those who follow You
and who permanently seek to live in You.

Bless these elements
so that they may bless those who will be consecrated
as adorers of the Eucharistic Body of Christ.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

We will bless with the incense and then with the blessed water.

We may sing, sing with joy, because the Lord will hear us.


Song: “Breath of the Spirit” (in Portuguese).