Friday, June 21 of 2019

The Sacred Call

While the Son of the Father is present, the universes stop to receive the Light of the world, the Light that dispels darkness, the Light that defeats chaos, the Light that leads you to peace.

It is this Divine Light that comes from the Universe to meet the essences created by God, so that the essences may abandon the abysses of illusion, of lies, of indifference, of omission.

The Divine Light of God, through the Son, descends to the world to find you, to summon you and to call on you to remember the Will of the Father, and all of your inner existence since the origin.

It is this Divine Light of God, through the Beloved Son, that brings you into the sacred knowledge of the Universe and of all the manifestation of the Sources of Creation.

Through the consciousness of the Divine Light, I come to elevate you, I come to withdraw you from perversion, from spiritual blindness, from the lack of discernment and of wisdom.

I come to recover the values of your people and your nation, the origins of your origins, the hospitality of each one of your souls, the solidarity of each one of your spirits that once, united with the Source, brought a spiritual and material openness to receive other cultures and other peoples, just as Germany has done in recent years.

It is by living these principles of fraternity and of solidarity with your peers, and with your brothers and sisters,  regardless of nation or culture, opening the doors to acceptance and to love, that the nations of Europe will be able to be forgiven for all that they did throughout time, no matter the seriousness or the evil generated.

Because this Divine Light that comes to meet you from the Greater Universe is the Light that brings you Mercy, a Source of Grace and of expiation that you need so that your lives may completely transform according to the Will of the Father and the commitment that each one of you must experience in this time.

For this reason, companions, be glad, experience joy through the Divine Light of God, a Light that the Son of the Most High brings to change essences into the Love of God, so that essences may be bathed in Wisdom and be filled by the Grace that comes, in these difficult times, to open the eyes of humankind, so they may recover their filiation with the Universe and their existence.

This is why I come to recover one of the most important attributes of your nation, the attribute of hospitality and of solidarity that you once experienced with your sister nations and that today you experience with other nations of the world, so far from yours.

This, companions, spirit of solidarity and of hospitality, will awaken in you a love for service, not only for the human being, but also for the Kingdoms of Nature, which cry out for the help of humankind from the surface to be able to bear the end of these times, the most definitive times of the Earth.

To recover these values that allows for equality to live in each one, not only as a society but also as a people, sharing in fraternity all that you have, you will be able to prompt other nations of the world to also open their doors, not only of their homes but also of their hearts, to receive the refugee and the one that suffers, because in essence and in Divine Light, all are brothers and sisters, all are children of God, beyond faults or errors, beyond the successes and the facts committed.

Remember that you are children of God and that the Source of Divine Light is today drawing closer to you to bring Holland a spiritual opportunity that is today sown in the consciousnesses of many so that in the coming time it may bring about results, just as the Father hopes for and needs.

Today I come to lead your consciousnesses toward the universality of life, toward a broader understanding of the greater and higher reality, which in this time brings impulses of Light to consciousnesses, in order to make them participants in the truth, in all that will transform them and have them become aware of the planetary situation of these times.

The spirit of solidarity and of acceptance will take you out of yourselves in order to find, at each point in this city and beyond, the Love of God that is lacking in the hearts that have forgotten their inner commitment because of substituting the tendencies of these times for this commitment.

But today I open My Arms over Holland and the whole world, just as I open your hearts, so that you may feel the beauty of being in God and of participating in His Divine Love in communion, which makes you worthier children of God, more helpful, more humble, more available for carrying forward the Plan of the Father in this end cycle, which must be accomplished, companions, first within each one of you to then be accomplished in all of humanity.

It is for this reason that the time and the moment is coming for all nations and their inhabitants to consciously awaken to the Return of Christ. Thus, I come in this cycle in Divinity so that your souls can receive My subtle vibrations, so that then your whole consciousness can be a participant in the fulfilling of that promise that I once made, on the height of the Mount of Olives, when I said to the apostles and to all the people of Israel that, in the same way that the Son of God was raised by the clouds of light, so the Son of the Father would return for a second time among the clouds of the Cosmos, so that the Light of the Father may completely transform and redeem the entire human race.

The time is approaching, that event is drawing closer. For this reason, the voice of the Celestial Messengers resounds within the nations of the world so that the greatest number possible may overnight be participants in this moment of the Second Coming of your Redeemer.

While I contemplate a Holland that must renew itself in the Love of God, I contemplate many nations in the world that also need to receive the Mercy of God.

At this moment, companions, this hour that we are living together between Heaven and Earth, between Higher Will and inner will, which are fusing to be able to fulfill the Plan, it is through the joy for all that has occurred on this pilgrimage, for the real and sincere effort of each praying being and collaborator, for each gesture of love given even in the smallest details, after all the cities visited and all the purposes accomplished according to the Will of My Father, that Europe will be ready to receive the Redeemer in Body, Soul and Divinity, as will Africa someday.

My Heart beats also for that suffering continent, exploited by humankind, forgotten by the most powerful and taken advantage of by the most unjust.

But the prayers of the most innocent, of the souls of Angola and of all of Africa, through the mediation of Our Lady of Kibeho, have prepared the inner and spiritual path so that the Divine Messengers may someday arrive there.

We hear their hearts and their prayers, we hear the petitions of our children of Angola who have prayed, in their greatest misery, for those who have more so that they may be saved, as they have already been saved and are with Me in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

I want the world to know the truth. For the next cycle, My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy will descend in love, justice and compassion in France, and it will propagate with the Divine Mother on the Mauritius islands, from which Africa, Madagascar and the south of India will also spiritually benefit.

These are also the results of the generous and loving work of the men and women, the young people and the children who have truly worked, no matter how long, for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the victory of My Sacred Heart during this pilgrimage throughout Europe.

Here, at this hour and at this moment, before Heaven and Earth, before your souls and before all your brothers and sisters of the world, through the Mercy of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I come to close a cycle, proclaiming the victory of Love in the most lost essences of the world so that, elevated to the Celestial Kingdom by the Supreme Mother of the World and sheltered by the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, the advent of Christ in humanity may be accomplished.

And the Graces of God will not only reach France in an upcoming time, but also to the Mauritius islands, so that Madagascar, Africa and the south of India may also be contemplated by the immense ocean of the compassion of God.

Let it be so.

At the Doorways of Heaven, let us celebrate communion with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, offering these elements of the altar that will be lovingly transubstantiated by your Lord so that the values of faith and of solidarity may not only be reestablished in Holland, but also in France, in Africa and in the Mauritius Islands.

Let us celebrate, thank and rejoice in God because Love in humankind triumphs again.

Today are presented before the altar the fruits of the work of humankind through the wheat that converts into bread to give food to the children of God and through the wine, to quench the thirst of the hearts of the world.

We stand up.

"Bless this water, Lord, so that with Your Love and Your Light it may wash the hearts of Holland, so that they may find the true path of their spiritual union with You for the centuries to come. Amen."

"In the same way that the incense protected and sheltered the Son of God while He rested in the Holy Sepulcher, through this element, Lord, exorcise all that does not belong to Your Light so that the human consciousness may be elevated."

"By the Water that flowed from My side, may this water purify and sublimate everything so that souls may be freed of self and achieve Your Peace."

At the request of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, we invite all those who are able, to kneel for the consecration.

Remember My child, when the Lord took the bread, lifting it up to God, the Divine Light blessed it and I gave it to the apostles, saying to them: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body, which will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

Then I took the Chalice between My hands and giving thanks to God for this sacrifice, the Divine Light blessed it, I gave it to the apostles, saying to them: "Take and all drink from this Chalice, for it is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, which will be spilled by your Lord for the remission of faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise You, Lord, and we bless You (repeated three times).

And just as I taught Israel the prayer of the Our Father on the Mount of Beatitudes, today I ask you that as a new people and a new consciousness, you recite this prayer together with Me.

Prayer: Our Father.

The Body and the Divine Blood of Christ, happy and blessed may be those who avail themselves of this Sacrament because today they will receive a Grace that will endure for the rest of their lives, and will bring them an expiation because of the merits achieved by your Master and Lord on Mount Calvary up to His death on the Cross.


Prayer of offering to the Celestial Father.

May the unity among consciousnesses prevail so that the Plan of God may be accomplished in each human heart and the beauty of the Love of God may be expressed in hearts, as in all of Creation.

I bless Holland, just as I will bless France and Mauritius Islands with My visit.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In honor and glory to God, by the Mercy that emerges from My Heart so that also in Holland may always be present peace, and in gratitude for the whole pilgrimage carried out, in a miraculous and resounding way in My name, and for the thousand years of Peace, you will give each other the greeting of peace.

May the Celestial Father always bless you.

I thank you