Friday, June 17 of 2022

The Sacred Call

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, I come to the Kingdom of Spain, because it belongs to Me, just as other Kingdoms in this world also belong to Me.

Just as the Virgin of Czestochowa, I want Spain to give its crown to the King of the Universe so that it may be governed by new principles and attributes, which have been held in My Heart for a long time, from the moment that I revealed to Saint Teresa of Jesus the great inner aspirations that I have for this nation.

Spain is a country of open doors, and this intensely relieves the spiritual debt it has had since the times of the colonization of the Americas and up to the preset times.

But today, we will talk, companions, about what is wonderful and spiritual in this nation, places which many of you internally know as Sacred Places.

Today, through the Spiritual Government, just as I did a few days ago in Poland, I come to reveal to you the sacred relics and the incalculable treasures that Spain holds within its spiritual counterpart, which are so necessary and fundamental for the Northern Hemisphere, in the trajectory of the end of times.

For this reason, your hearts, and, especially, the hearts of all Spaniards, of all those who live in the Iberian Peninsula, must be united at this moment to My Spirit and to My Merciful Heart, because in this way you will open the right door, which is so much needed in these times, so that souls can cross this door and thus free themselves, but also awaken to the supreme reality.

Since ancient times, Spain has held many treasures that are still unknown, which, unfortunately, the Church of this nation has not managed to manifest. But, at this moment, I invite you to position yourselves in that which is superior and eternal, to come out of this moment of traumas and sequels produced by the Church, even from the times of the Spanish Civil War, in which I personally know what the Church did in those times.

Today, as the Sacred and Unfathomable Heart of Jesus, I come to ask Spain for its re-consecration to My Heart and, especially, I come to ask all Spaniards, believers and non-believers, awakened and asleep, to give their kingdom to the Master of Love and Truth; because I want to keep leading you, I want to keep guiding you in the same way that I guided Spain in other times, through kind and helpful consciousnesses like those of many mystics and saints.

Today I want you to stay with the message and the experience of each one of the saints, of what truly happened in the life of these beings, who were like you and similar to you, imperfect and erring, but who surrendered their lives in My Hands so that I could consecrate and convert them into the true instrument that God needed in order to fulfill His Plan of conversion and redemption of Spain, as well as of other places of the world.

I invite each one of the Spaniards and each one of those who are listening to Me, to represent the different nations of the world in this time of Apocalypse and of Armageddon, to join the Angels of the Nations so that they, too, may fulfill the purpose they have to fulfill in these times, which, for different reasons, is being prevented by what the governments of the Earth carry out in these times.

I invite you to abandon the sensation of wrath or contempt. I invite you to place yourselves in the spiritual purpose of each nation of the world.

Because, in the face of the many uncertain doors that are open throughout the world, which keep abducting souls, day by day, minute by minute, your Master and Lord, the Redeemer, needs to have, on the surface, not only many redeemed stars and suns, but also consciousnesses that are open to feel, through intuition and their inner worlds, what must be shown to Spain and to the world in these times, and especially all that still must take place in the Northern Hemisphere.  

Your lives, through My Heart, your consciousnesses, through My Spirit, may be united to a great inner spiritual and unknown network that exists in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is this inner network, which unites many Hierarchies and evolutionary Consciousnesses, that has known each one of you from other times; this inner and luminous network, which emits impulses for these times and for all consciousnesses, wants to lead you to live the reality that is also held in your inner worlds.

These realities will open through three keys: gratitude, adherence and obedience.

Without these three keys, the inner doors of your hearts will not open and your souls will not know the wonderful things that God has placed in you since the beginning of your existences, from the moment that you emerged from the Source.

Do you now understand, companions, the distance that exists between what is real and what is unreal?

May all of your consciousnesses keep rising so that not only Spain but also other nations of the world may fulfill the purpose they have to fulfill in the end of these times, in spite of the chaos or the adversities that may exist in your nations of origin.

In simple words, I invite you, once again, to live in universality, so that you may, someday, live in Our Brotherhood.

The opportunities are being given at this moment, and they were also given in these recent meetings that we have had in Europe, through the impulses that the Hierarchy sowed in La Salette, Garabandal, Navarra, in the region of Madrid, as well as in Poland.

The doors to the opportunities are open and this is what My Heart needs you to conceive; and also to value so that not only you, but also your brothers and sisters throughout the world may receive the unique opportunity. Because, in this way, the Hierarchy will count on servers on the surface, available, adhered, obedient and grateful consciousnesses to respond to all that may be necessary.

It is still necessary to heal many debts of Spain, especially the spiritual debts. Only the Government of your Master and Lord, and the Government of the Divine Lady of Heaven, through Their Holy and Humble Hearts, will be able to grant Spain, in this way, the true Spiritual Government that this nation must experience in the end of times.

This event will not begin by what is big and unattainable, it will take place in what is small and anonymous, in the possibility that your hearts and lives may give to the Hierarchy. Understanding, once and for all, that it is important to achieve the Purpose.

Because the Iberian Peninsula not only still has many unknown treasures that could be revealed to the world so that consciousnesses will not only be healed but also be liberated. But the Iberian Peninsula, especially the Kingdom of Spain, also has promises to fulfill to Our Savior.

I thank you for having the courage to follow My Steps, although many times you do not understand what this means; regardless of all your life situations. I have a special predilection for each one of you, something that, at this moment, you could not even imagine.

For this reason, I have chosen holy consciousnesses from the Kingdom of Spain, throughout times, to carry My Message and transmit My Impulse, and this choice has a deep spiritual reason to which I give continuity today through your lives and the lives of your brothers and sisters.

Because the wish of your Master and Lord is not only that the crown of Spain may be of the Redeemer, but also that its diamonds, throughout the world, may be converted into precious crystals of redemption, which will be given by Heaven through new attributes, which many of you already know through the sacred prayer to the Universal Mother.

In this way, Spain, as an important nation of Europe, will be ready to receive Me in My Return, because it is one of the places through which I will return someday, to gather My companions, to be with My friends, to embrace My spiritual family, just as I once did with the apostles and the holy women.

Through Spain, also Africa will be benefitted. Keep this in mind for all that the Hierarchy must still generate and manifest in the African continent, through humanitarian service and the awakening of many Inner Places that this suffering continent holds as a spiritual treasure. Because it will be these inner treasures in Africa that, in My Return, will put an end to the misery and the spirit of discarding that many Africans experience in these times.

Europe, as a continent, as part of the Northern Hemisphere, must feel a deep warmth in its heart so that My Words may be sown within you and the fruits that I so much hope to see in these times may sprout.

Today, from the mystical city of Avila, in the company of Therese of Jesus, I bless all those present and all who are listening, because I can say to you that My task in these last forty days of mission has been fulfilled.

But this does not end here, this is just the beginning. It will begin when you fulfill the three keys: adherence, obedience and gratitude. This will materialize what Europe needs to go through the end of times, under the protection and support of the spiritual relics of this region of the planet.

Because if, in Europe, the Iberian Peninsula manages to rise toward the Kingdom of the Heaven and manifest its humble but simple Sacred Points of Light, you will open the right door also for the un-payable karma of England to be liberated through one cause alone: My Mercy.

In the solemnity and memory of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, which unites souls with God, from the mystical city of Avila, a source of impulses and spirituality for the souls that wish to drink of the Fount of God and, through Saint Teresa of Jesus, who preciously accompanies you today, I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.