In Munich, the Most Holy Mary offers Her saving Heart to Germany

Munich was the first city in Germany to receive the Divine Messengers in this Pilgrimage for Peace. There, the Virgin Mary began to prepare, in the hearts, the fertile soil that will receive the seeds of light that She sows. These seeds will bear the fruits of redemption and conversion that Her Son will reap, cultivated through the conscious experience of the sacraments and the fervent path of prayer.

Now,  the city os Frankfurt prepares itself for the encounter with the Divine Mother on June 13, and on June 16, Berlin will receive Christ Jesus.

Our Lady invites Her children to accompany and follow all the projects, that the spiritual Hierarchy expects to carry out in Germany and its sister nations, which aim to prepare the European continent and the world to receive Christ Jesus in His Return.

Pilgrimage for Peace Europe 2019

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