For Love of the Kingdoms

Saturday, September 19 of 2020

NEW PROGRAM OF SAINT JOSEPH - it will be based mainly on the teachings that Most Chaste Saint Joseph left us throughout more than seven years of Instructions. The program will show the importance of the Animal, Plant, Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms, which teach us about donation and unconditional surrender in their task of sustaining the planet. But above all, it will inspire us to do our part so that the Divine Project of the Earth may be concretized, spreading the principles of love, reverence and service to Creation.

Saturday, September 19 of 2020

Live transmission via internet through:
Broadcast time: 
(Brasilia | Brazil)
Time zones:
Brasilia 11:00
Buenos Aires 11:00
Montevideo 11:00
New York 10:00
London 15:00

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For Love of the Kingdoms will be presented by three nuns of the Grace Mercy Order and will include:

  1. prayer of the Rosary for the Salvation of the Kingdoms of Nature;
  2. prayer of the Devotional of Saint Joseph to Achieve the Divine Spirit of Unity;
  3. the presentation of a study containing instructions, interviews and stories about the Kingdoms of Nature.

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