Receive, in your hearts, My love, My peace and My reverence because today I revere you, Mothers and companions of Christ, spirits of love and abnegation, who, throughout your evolution, left printed on Earth the sweat of your effort for corresponding to God and for manifesting His Plan.

Today I revere you because, in spite of the human difficulties, you seek to serve and renounce until the last minute of your lives.

Today I revere you because in your consciousnesses a unique legacy is kept; in the mirror of your hearts is reflected the history of redemption of humanity, the manifestation of the Plan of God that, throughout time, has transformed you so that, as part of humanity, you would always correspond to the Divine Will.

Today I revere you, nuns, mothers, companions and spouses of Christ, because with your love you keep alive the legacy of the Hierarchy on Earth and, until the last minute, you will leave, for those who come after you, all the teachings you learned and lived throughout your lives.

Today I wanted to be here and, as an inner movement, gather you in My presence to give you thanks for your life and existence and to leave you the open door for a new time in which you will have new and eternal children and companions.

As I revered the most Holy Mary at each moment of our lives, today I revereyou and say that it does not matter if nobody sees you or if the service you do today is simple and many times silent; God contemplates your effort and knows about the eternal renouncement that you live in this time. May surrender be your eternal companion, may renouncement and humility be your service in this time.

Greater than any humanitarian mission, in the most miserable places of this world, is the service of a sincere soul who, with love, renders each moment of life to God, even if only the Creator knows about this surrender.

Today I come to renew your vows, perpetual vows of love to God, so that you understand that your mission now is between each one of you and God. By truly renouncing and being humble of heart, you will keep the doors open, which unite humanity to the Father, and this is what matters the most in this time.


When God calls you to serve, listen to His Voice and follow it.

Each day more, the need of service in this world will increase, and as time goes by and your hearts open, more apt and prepared you will be to serve because, in truth, you will be ready to love and give from yourselves those things that are the true treasure of the human heart, that you so often do not know.

You will not be known in this world for your service, but for the love that there is in it; love that arises from the Heart of God and flows, indistinctively, to the heart of all those who open themselves to respond with sincerity to His call.

Through this Work, God wants to teach you and to teach all humanity that when one responds to a divine call, there is no merit on a single soul, there is no Grace on a single being, but upon all those who open themselves to stop being what they are and become instruments of God.

A mission requested by the Divine Messengers is the announcement of the Love of God to humanity; Love that flows through the human heart and permeates entire nations in its silence; embraces souls and hearts with Its Grace, even if all of this is invisible to the human eyes.

A mission asked by the Divine Messengers is a sign of God that His Mercy is still acting in the world, both in the heart that is called to serve and that receives the Grace to redeem itself through service, and for those who are served and seemed to be forgotten by God and by the world, but are not.

Your Father and Creator would like to have many arms, many feet and, above all, many hearts to send to those places in most need in the world, as a sign of His Love and His Mercy for the hearts that have lost hope. But while not many hearts open to give themselves, those who already do it must multiply themselves in an extreme giving that, in the silence of their actions, generate merits for the redemption of those who do nothing for this planet.



Each mission will bring you a new learning and a new form of understanding life.

The real reason for the existence of the group of missionaries of peace is not so much the material service that you do, but rather the act of going towards the need of your neighbors to heal the roots of evil that placed them in this condition of needy.

The most important is acting with the heart, and the experience – that you place in the human consciousness – of this learning of service. With your indigenous brothers and sisters you have learned about meekness, a meekness that transcends the material reality in which they live.

These brothers and sisters of yours had everything – because they were united with all things, with the whole life, with the Creator – and everything was taken away from them, because they lost almost all their possibility to express themselves, and in many cases they no longer have a vehicle to unite themselves to God, that is, a natural environment, preserved and harmonious; they only have their own inner world.

The indigenous consciousness, in spite of everything, does not cease to teach something to the human heart, because at this time, children, even if they are not able to express themselves as a people, as a culture and as an essence, they are placing in the consciousness of humanity as a whole, the principles of perseverance, of strength, and of peace, independently of the state the world around them is.

I do not say with this that your brothers and sisters do not suffer with the state of degeneration of the planet, because the sorrow of these hearts and what they carry as pain in the indigenous essence are not understandable for the modern human being of nowadays.

What I tell you is that peace inside them – in spite of the suffering, misery and oppression – is something that remains. The fight for not being corrupted by the present forces is constant and hard for everyone, but they do not lose faith in remaining as a people on Earth, and even in being able one day to return to the origins and recover the purity they are losing.

Learn with this faith so that when time comes to rebuild the Earth you do not lose peace and the certainty of being able to keep standing and to recover the likeness with God that you have lost along so much waywardness.

I leave you My Peace and My wishes that new missions might arise.


To My missionary of peace children


As an inner synthesis of the mission in Paraguay, recognize everything that in the last days has been transforming within each one of you and offer it to God.

Offer to the Father your expectations, your aspirations of having done more than you did, of taking to your brothers and sisters a more concrete aid, that would bring them a more worthy and healthy life.

Offer to the Father the aspiration of having taught and of having learned with the original peoples, of giving them love and charity and of receiving a learning of simplicity and purity.

Offer to the Father everything that in the last days was healed and transmuted in the human consciousness as the mistakes from the past.

Offer to the Father your efforts of each day, for following what I had told you and also every time in which you forgot My words.

I would like that this mission would mark an inner deepening of the missionary of peace task, a greater disposition of the apprentices of the Christic charity in fulfilling a spiritual role and not only a material one. May the mission, that happens in spirit, be an increasingly priority in your lives.

Each time that you learn to value what happens in the invisible worlds and understand that it is there that the real mission has its results, as Divinity, We can open other paths in the human consciousness and liberate situations each time more profound and rooted, each time more ancient and unconscious for the present humanity.

Children, there are not many missionaries of the present days who serve in matter being conscious of spiritual reflections of their mission. It is therefore that the Creator is so attentive to your movements and follows you with so much love by means of Our Presence and Our Words.

May the missionary of peace spirit expand itself in the human consciousness and may your disposition in deepening the inner transformation – as a form to give a more crystalline service each day – be as a code for humanity that will impel it; an example that gives other servers a spiritual meaning to their own service.


The Heavens open themselves to receive the offers of humanity.

Being sincere of heart, Mercy descends again in lands that are already living in the Divine Justice. Merciful acts are those which unite you to the Consciousness of Christ, The One who is Mercy Itself.

A humanitarian mission, children, is more than a social act, because I am talking to you about a request of God, a renovation and an awakening of a commitment that His Creatures have towards Him. As much as you are before two missions in which you meet cultures extremely different from yours, the souls recognize unity and the spirits are touched by the love that permeates their acts.

When you serve from the heart, you balance many evils, not only of those who you are serving. The love that you radiate touches those who are around you and permeates the life of spirit; it replaces the mistakes and debts of the nations for divine merits of redemption, of salvation and of mercy. If, in truth, everyone opened themselves to the missionary spirit, you would understand what I tell you.

Today I want you to know that the missionaries in Turkey have already become an instrument in the Hands of God because their spirits recognize that the service they are providing is not for themselves. Experience and the years have taken them to the consecration of life to the acts of Mercy, and in this way they have become, as a group, a bridge for the Mercy of the Creator to descend to Earth. But they are only 14 and they cannot multiply themselves in all the nations that must consecrate themselves to God through service and through prayer. Therefore, when I call you to service, listen to My Voice.

None of the missionaries in Turkey is perfect; none of them knew how to serve from the beginning, but the resistances were broken by love, and today, when they are before a mission asked by God, they can transcend their individualities and miseries in order to be bearers of the Divine Mercy.

We do not expect that the different missions that we ask for, have the same success, but that you do open yourselves to the missionary spirit that the consciousness-group of this Work of Love have already achieved over the past few years.


My beloved companions and seekers of the celestial truth, today My Chaste Heart only comes to ask you to carry on deepening yourselves in the path of prayer and surrender.

I ask you to not forget of the campaign to which I invited you some time ago, and remember the sacred mission that the missionaries of Mary must carry out as soon as it is possible.

Know that the adversary of God will do everything in order that the missionaries are not able to reach the destination set by the Lord; for this, from now on, as praying soldiers of God who live to fulfill His Plans, place in your prayers and in your hearts this sacred mission, in order that, thus, the paths may be opened and the obstacles imposed by the evil may be dissolved.

For the Sacred Hearts, this mission is of vital importance as well as the campaign to sow the Love in humanity, because – if you fulfill these two purposes – humanity will be sending a sign to Heaven that it ardently aims that Light descends to the world and that evil be dissipated.

Today I tell you that, for all the evil that humanity causes to the planet, to God and to their own fellow humans be dissipated, it is not enough to want; you must pray, act and make many efforts and sacrifices.  You know that the greatest sacrifice of the human being is not the martyrdom of the body, but rather the living experience of humility.  It is for this reason that I send you in order that you will ask for forgiveness and will live the reconciliation, because in this way you will overcome what humanity has always nourished, which is pride and vanity, in favor of the fulfillment of a Superior Plan.

All the conflicts of the world are based on the pride ingrained in the human heart; for this, in order to establish Peace, be humble of heart.

I love you because I know about the greatness of your hearts once you express the truth that is latent in your own interior.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions,

It is very important, for the manifestation of the Mission in Turkey and in Hungary and in order that such a Mission has the correct repercussion in the planetary consciousness, that all of you, servants of God, give your adherence to the Campaign1 of My Chaste Heart.  Do not forget that this is a work that is being guided so that a Higher Plan may be fulfilled and, for this, we need true action from all.

In recent days, the planetary consciousness received a great impulse, thanks to the answer of all to the Call of God, but this impulse needs to keep growing and deepening within each one of you, manifesting in this way the transformation of your lives and, as a consequence, of all humanity.

You must trust in this: that each one of your acts are valued before the universe and that, with each one of your steps towards the light, we can change the destiny of humanity.

The Victory of God in a group of consciousnesses will dictate the course of evolution of all of Divine Creation.  It is for this that, amongst so many worlds and such a vast manifested universe, the Consciousness of God is so close to your lives, with all of His Attributes.

The Creator intends to send increasing impulses to the planetary consciousness and to deliver all that which is most precious that exists in the Cosmos, in such a way as to lead you to express your potential as a Divine Creation. 

In these definitive times, the Creator will deliver all to humanity in order so that you will also deliver all to God and so that you may be in accord with what He has thought for each one.

My beloved ones, I speak every day to those who, awake in the heart and in the spirit, will follow My Steps and, in the simplicity of My instructions, will find the greatness and the Perfection of God.

To know and understand what I tell you, it is necessary that you experiment by yourselves.  It is for this reason that I ask you for this Campaign1, which is so simple, but so great in the eyes of God.   If you truly follow it and offer your actions to God, they will have incalculable planetary repercussions.

I love you and guide you to a greater transformation.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.